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10 Responses to YES WENDY

  • Mrs Ambitious says:

    I say live your life and make your choice, but if a man know seh him attracted to other man why waste a woman’s time knowing you are not where you want to be….. go find a stick fi play wid on the low..

  • Dude say that he is a full fledged fish and not so-called bi and I don’t know how this man’s choice to be so-called full fledged fish is not a choice if he was able to be intimate with his woman for 8 years…

  • Met says:

    and dem a act like a di noble prize him win mi nuh get dem

  • All getting praises from Obama–when he is just another man who uses and abuses women… His girl might have been blind, but who deserves to be played like that and will she ever recover?

  • Anonymous says:

    The whole thing shows what the objective of the powers that may be is. The fact that they ignored the cruel deception and lies of this man, who now is being lauded as a hero and champion for the freedom of a vilified and persecuted community, speaks volumes to the heights of hypocrisy in our, so called mosses and leaders, who seem to be giving paybacks to a community that is well organized and as strong as ever. Funny how some in high places started with different opinions and flipped in the heat of the political fray. I wonder what their prayers are like at nights, the ones who say they are Christians but are followers of philosophies and how the winds blow? We are victims of the Almighty dollar now. Nobody genuinely have any core values anymore it seem. God seem to be a word of convenience that carries no fear. The whole picture is being painted right before our eyes, and its time for the people to wake up and understand what is the meaning of true democracy. Elect genuine people who have strong backbones; people who will live and die for what is really right and not wilt in the pressure of change that is laden with dollars. But then again, are there anybody out there who is left that is genuine to the core? Are we really living in the last days and are a people that is bound for ultimate perdition?

  • Met says:

    Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But dem seh the fool believes there is no God ..people think we can rely on human beings to set in place real core values and what is real right and wrong..They are incapable ! So that is where God comes in but mek dem gwaan

  • Met says:

    The whole world figet bout the woman that he was with 8 years and a congratulate him as if he really achieved something when all he did was to con and deceive

  • Met says:

    From mi si Obama whey seh him is a one term president..claim to seh church man…jump and go approve gay marriage I jumped ship

  • JAHkno says:

    I don agree wid wa him do nor him lifestyle but people have a right fi live dem life and live it freely….even if dem a sin but don bring no woman in u ways!

    Met is chute dem a congratulate dis man fi him bravery but how dis woman mus feel?

    one ting mi notice nowadays, and I talkin from within d black community, is we av a lot of closeted men who chase after women n deh wid dem fi hide dem REAL ways… and if u pay close attention u can see it!! dis evil country jus a lego d unrighteousness ina society n a corrupt it su…u nufi talk bout God but u can talk bout Susan loving Sally and Tom loving Brady….I sah

    words of advice Met, and Metters stay prayed up ina dem last days ya and God will reveal tings to u…all a d corruption him will show u! Mi did get ina one dollar cab wey day n one yute a sit beside mi and mi leg a touch fi him own nd him jus start hitch wey from mi….mi spirit nay tek him from dat anywho wen him a come off now one yute wey a sit up front come out n pay fi d both a dem n come open up di back door fi d one mi a sit next to! so hear d oman next to me, “so him affi open d door fi him friend?” So I know ano judge mi a judge him cuz ano mi alone pick it up. Mind you they looked like the average straight young men in NY! A Flatbush me live so here majority are Caribbean n it reach yaso same way!

    with all that being said most importantly love one another no matter what sexual preference and ladies plz take caution and be alert!

  • oletrubblemekka says:

    Wendy needs to come out the closet.

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