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Title: Mikey Blacks a dip u get dip?

Message Body:
met mi go one popular salon ova di weekend and hear a likkle suss. di ppl dem did a talk bout latty buckazz christening some a seh it did nice while sum a seh it did lame. dem seh di highlight a di christening a when one girl throw sum rice and peas inna latty madda face inna di big big christening.

anyways, mi hear when dem seh how ritchie indian, latty baby fadda, go up fi thank everybody weh cum out an a big up who him fi big up, den him big up mikey blacks and how ppl not to rejoice in odda ppl downfall. so me start string up mi antenna dem right away cuz mi want hear a wah happen to mikey.

dem seh mikey blacks go jamaica fi di easter wid di intention fi carry him superstar sundayz dance pon tour dung deh. sum seh while him a check in a di airport ova ya, him get grip an dip, while sum seh a when him a cum back him get sent back. mi do sum investigation an hear two story, sum seh him did have a fake red book (british passport) back inna di days but him sort out now, but sumbody go inform pon him bout di fake book so him get grab. while sum a seh a dip him did get dip from england back inna di day, cum back inna different name, married and get sort out inna di fake name and sumbody go inform.

mi hear seh a him baby madda inform, while others a seh a ritchie indian. di ppl dem terrible bad cuz dem seh ritchie inform pon di man an a gwaan like anno him. london town cum talk di tings dem!


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