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WHAT A CRIME!Israel Admits Secretly Injecting Ethiopian Jews With Birth Control Drugs

Learning From the Nazis: Israel Admits Secretly Injecting Ethiopian Jews With Birth Control Drugs
January 29, 2013 | Filed under: Africa,Featured | Posted by: Editorial_Staff

Israel’s leaders have recently made hateful speeches against Africans
AFRICANGLOBE – The director of the Ministry of Health in Israel, Roni Gamzo, has issued a formal directive instructing that gynaecologists should stop injecting Ethiopian women with the contraceptiveDepo-Provera without their knowledge or consent.

The directive, issued last week, comes after around 30 Ethiopian Jews who had emigrated to Israel said they had been told that they would not be allowed into the country without receiving the contraceptive drug.

Within Israel, Ethiopian Jews make up the majority of those given the drug, according to a report published in 2010 by Isha le’Isha, a women’s rights organization; 57 percent of women who had received the drug in Israel are Ethiopian Jews, although they account for less than 2 percent of the overall population.

“We believe it is a method of reducing the number of births in a community that is Black,” Hedva Eyal, the author of the report, told Israeli media. “It is indeed the first time that the state actually acknowledged that this procedure of injecting immigrant women with this drug, when they do not know the side effects and are given no other choice, is wrong.”

The directive was issued less than two weeks after a group of organizations representing the Jewish Ethiopian community, along with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), sent a letter to Gamzo asking that this practice be stopped immediately and that an investigation be started into it both in Israel and in the transit camps in Ethiopia.

Israel’s Ministry of Health deputy spokesperson Smadar Shazo told reporters that while the directive was issued after the letter from the organizations, the ministry had begun investigating the matter a few months ago in an attempt to determine who was behind this policy in both Israel and the transit camps in Ethiopia.

“We started the research [for the 2010 report] after an article in one of the dailies reported a steep decline in the number of babies born in the Ethiopian community, which is a young, supposedly fertile community,” said Eyal.

Over 120,000 Jews of Ethiopian descent live in Israel today; 83,000 of them were born in Ethiopia.

Between 1985 and 1991, more than 30,000 were airlifted in three rescue operations after years of civil war and famine had driven hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians into the capital, Addis Ababa, and refugee camps in Sudan.

But their integration into Israeli society has not been easy; about 52 percent of Ethiopian-Israeli families live below the poverty line, compared to 16 percent among the general Jewish Israeli population, they are also forced to convert to Ashkenazi Jewish practices and encouraged to discontinue the Ethiopian Judaic traditions of their religion.

Depo-Provera was first used on Black populations in White apartheid South Africa, the drugs destroys a woman’s longterm ability to have children.

14 Responses to WHAT A CRIME!Israel Admits Secretly Injecting Ethiopian Jews With Birth Control Drugs

  • status says:

    What a wicked bunch of bitches!!!! God nah sleep, that’s why over Israel have ZERO peace. How in the world can you be giving the population of black Jews depo shots without their knowledge or consent, and forcing them to stop practicing their Jewish religion? It just goes to show these ppl will go to any lengths to deprive black ppl.

  • oh,well says:

    Now I know why despite political Jews claiming their minority status, my mother used to refer to them as “white people in drag”.

  • Hotstepper...formerly Peeper says:

    Black people cant get a break

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Not a damn break Hotstepper.

    But yuh know what I say still, ppl must know their priorities & beliefs & decide from there, bcuz if as the articles says they were “told that they would not be allowed into the country without receiving the contraceptive drug”, & it is in direct contravention to their beliefs y go to live in that country? May be it’s not even just a race thing, maybe Isreal feels they are getting stuck with taking care of ppl who emigrate there, ie welfare, social services etc & that’s y they r doing it, but I just can’t understand y they go into something they know is against their beliefs.

    On an off point, incidentally, I was just watching a news item yesterday that says there is now an economic boom in Ethiopia.

  • status says:

    What I would like to know is since they are so willing to give out depo are the rest of medical benefits given so freely? These ppl are coming from years of war and famine to another country to make a better life and look what the puxxyholes a do to them man.

  • Met says:

    not at all and the white jews are not the real jews so mi nuh know whey dema try fight we out of

  • ... says:

    This been going on for a while, a journalist had printed the story & they said it was propaganda. The US military advises female soldiers to use depo it isn’t forced but strongly recomended. I used it once & it took 4 years to completely come out of my system. I was trying to have a baby with my husband for soooo long I resorted to purging naturally. These things are poison

  • Original Goodas says:

    what a wicked act

  • Cindy Royal says:

    A suh it guh wen yuh guh inna ppl country Met, dem try tek all sawt a liberty. Dat’s y mi nuh big pan no migration enuh – visits yes, but naw live nuhweh else. At least inna mi owna country mi can write an highlight any issues mi have, inna anodda man country mi haffi tek it.

  • Met says:

    fi real cindy because dem fraid fi get deport dem nuh waa talk up …shame shame

  • Anonymous says:

    Pan a Real BLACK PEOPLE get a d worst treatment from every Race n a we mek d pussy dem deh yah. We all know Jews Black but d ting get Hijack. When we stop sleep we will b ok n Lead Again!!!

  • ThEXOnE says:

    If the NY Dept of Health & Human Services did this to them the welfare rolls would significantly decrease; who in NY gets more welfare than ultra-orthodox jews? And if America had done this when they were running from Hitler, can you imagine what the outcry wouldve been? smfh

  • The problem with Ethiopians as with our enslaved ancestors, they trust too much and there should be no trusting of the enemy… Without thought, they trust without questioning and this is why they are being exploited…

    Population control I tell ya…

  • Everald says:

    Remember people there was no where on Planet Earth called Israel until after World War 2, the State of Israel was created in what is Palestine. The Israel we read of in the Bible is all mythological stories. Now all of the White people in Israel who call themselves Jews are all Europeans or descendants of White Europeans who call themselves Jews. Hence the reason for their behaviour towards the Ethiopian Jews, which is racist at every turn. Keep in mind also that during the South African Aparthied era these same wicked jankro dawg shits were the ones who was supplying the racist regime in South Africa with weapons. Do some research people, and know for yourselves. When these Ethiopians were being taken to Israel a few years back, there was an undercover story done, about people who were donating blood, and they caught the filthy jankro dem a dash wey the blood wey dem draw from the African dem. So none a dis nuh surprise me. Now y’all go on YOUTUBE and listen a watch some of documentary by the IRRITATED GENIE, start with the ASHKENAZI JEW, and y’all will get an ovastanding of the kind of corrupt people wey wi a live mongs all over the WORLD.

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