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41 Responses to SAD.COM

  • Real Philly says:

    That is true tho…..

  • simplicity says:

    can smaddy translate dis ere’ plz cuz a doah knw how tuh read/interpret f–kery,tonx.

  • Original Goodas says:

    me see this last night as is a girl post it and she say its so tru cause when she did black di man dem weh look pon her now wouldnt give her the time of day

  • simplicity says:

    real philly mi disagree wid yuh..ppl lack a self esteem nd confidence is wat lower dem tuh b-lev wat most now do…it’s an ignorant and dark mentally dat.

  • Real Philly says:

    I’m talking about the point he made about how others look at u… Sad to Selah wen u are fare skin u tend to get treated differently, also wen u are of prettier looks I tend to get treated differently… Have u heard of the studies they did about cute babies vs not so cute babies… Even that should babies get different responses based on look… So does audits… Maybe that’s ur opinion but it is a fact ppl get treated differently based on looks and complexion…

  • Nuni says:

    Alot of people do judge you based on physical appearance but I believe if he had self-esteem it wouldn’t matter what those people think/thought. There are many dark skin people that are doing great in life and its because they believe in themselves and know their self worth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ppl do treat u based on appearance. . Very sad but also true… moslty in the us because we’re so hung ova on appearances.. who’s hot, fi who crawny.. ppl rate u on the most superficial shit… now as to y he bleached that’s his self confidence that he doesn’t have.. I am a dark skin female and do see the difference in treatment but I’m comfortable in my skin.. I see it and keep it movin… I’m also fat lol and def see the difference also but some ppl just can’t live qit that so they changes themselves to make them happy and if their happier than good for them

  • Anonymous says:

    naah lie him look better light sad but true lol

  • Anonymous says:

    how sad, the bwoy ded have a beautiful dark complexion before him guh bleach out him skin. him blackness did cool and nice. only idiot people bleach, because when white people look pan unno all dem a see is a black person who wanna be white. dem used to call liteskin blacks , quadroon, and all kinda a roon. be proud of your ancesterial heritage, it was one weh weh survive after the horrible and degrading treatment that was dealt to dem. this is why as black we don’t have respect of those that you are all trying to liken yourselves after, because dem see say we shame a we colour. What is there to be ashamed about? as far as I am concerned a white people feh shame of demselves , a dem ded commit the crime of black slavery all for the name of riches. Black people stand up with your heads held high and walk with dignity.

  • I’m sorry but I seriously think that this is a Big Huge Jamaican thing and it’s so SAD

  • Anonymous says:

    Him need fi apply likkle more rubbings around the mouth deh. It look like bare lip liner him a wear.

  • oh,well says:

    If you are a browning in the U.K or U.s who gets validation from a brotha or sista who puts down dark skinned black people or over praises you for your complexion in relation to your looks (because sensible people immediately know that complexion and looks are two different things), I feel sorry for you. I have five friends (female) who were with Jamaican men of this mentality (my friends and I are all Jamaican parentage). These men have shifted them one side for very ordinary British white women (you can make of that what you will, but British white women are not known to be that cute even amongst white people from the rest of the world). All the men are dark skinned, very confident , but lacking self esteem. One of the men has even stopped seeing his dark skinned son and is buy playing dolly house with his white lady and her mixed race pickney. The shadism in the Jamaican diaspora is real and to my experience it is the worst that I have experienced amongst black people. By “Jamaican”, I mean Jamaican and it’s descendants. It’s more real in a country where men have access (British women are nice that way) to loads of white women. The men soon won’t even make a pretence as to liking any shade of black women and go straight to their “Sharon and Traceys”.

  • Yep! says:

    Young man lemme reason wid yuh str888!!!! Me is as fine as wine, and I wouldn’t give you the time of day.. NOW that you’ve transformed yourself into a lighter skinned man…sweetie who lied to you and told you that light skinned brothas came back in style????? Now you answer me that one question.. And wham to yuh lips dem star?? You were fine THEN WHEN YOU WERE DARK SKINNED, but now … Smh..

  • Anonymous says:

    Mek im gwey! a Justify im a try fi justify im ridiculous transformation. Wot a confusion sah? Lack of confidence and self esteem is your answer sah. But in the end, its your body, your life. You can do as you please with it cause if u a suffa nobady will see u. So like how u a flourish now, keep doing u thing, that is working fi u!

  • Real Talk says:

    First of all, that pure unadulterated bull-SHITE! I don’t believe for one second BLEACH OUT people get more opportunity! Naturally brown people might, but no bleacher has EVER EVER EVER fooled anyone into believing he/she is naturally brown. As for the statement that more females notice him, I am willing to bet that those females are also bleachers and quite possibly of the duppy bat ilk. Dis bway only a look attention and a gwaan like society FORCED him to bleach.. :marah
    Real Talk :mad:

  • Truth says:

    This is a trend among Jamaicans and Africans…… Anyway the truth is the lighter you are the better!!!! In my country if you black you have to finesse your family…..

  • WTF!AGAIN says:

    who said we outta slavery again?,,i feel sorry for my ppls but who give a shit bout dem,, white ppl go tan even when they know they could get cancer and other stuff,,so why bother with dem ppl that don;t have self asteem and want to look white or more on the pale dead looking side

    don’t you see dem all look alike man and woman look alike,,

  • Anonymous says:

    Di black him look like a yute wid great potential, a strong blackman in di making, di bleach him look gay

  • 3SidesToDStory says:

    It might seems they get more attention, but was is it doing to their bodies in the end? I buried a family member a couple months ago who thought this was the answer until they developed medical issuses caused by the depletion of the skin pigmentation. The skin became so thin from the mixture of chemical they used in these bleaching products. The person developed what was a juvenile form of Luekemia and died three years to the date after being diagnosed. Curry is said to be good for the body if eaten moderately. Peroxide is used as a bleaching agent in hair, also as an antiseptic these Were 2 of the main ingredients that were used in the Rubbings the person used. The people who make these mixtures only care about the money. One will look lighter for awhile but what will the circumstances be in the end. If you have headache when using these products STOP using it. The mucus membrane is a very delicate place.

  • I believe what he’s saying coming from a dark skin woman. I am very confident in my skin or should I say comfortable. I often get ppl saying I am pretty for a dark skin girl. So that comment in its self speaks volume! It’s just the way society is they favour the lighter skin tone.

  • Anonymous says:

    him llok betta brown

  • Anonymous says:

    ah nuff bleachers me see out deh ah walk roun wid black pikney smh now u haffi ask fi see dem baby pic first too many bleachers deh ah road man n ooman

  • Cc says:

    @Real Talk…dats real talk.

  • Toni Ann says:

    Good evening Met. Good evening metters.

    Am not sure if he’s doing this for attention, lying, or have low self esteem, but what i do know that A LOT OF BLACK PEOPLE HATE OTHER BLACKS, 99% of the racism i faced was from other blacks (self hate), god bless how i was treated when i was in jamaica.

    I have a friend that all he dates is brown girl, an trus mi, some a di gal dem look like zootopek but dem a “browning” so thats all matta.

  • Toni Ann says:

    One thing mi learn from visiting jamaica, jamaicans are prejudice! It doesnt matter how beatiful you are or how good yuh shape, if you’re dark skinned some jamaicans will treat you differently. I could be wrong, but if i am, you affi tell me why im wrong.

  • Oh Dear says:

    All me know say a whole heap a rhatid money him spend di get to this complexion. me need him number cause mi have couple spot well inna my face weh me get since mi come inna dis yah country and mi a move heaven and earth fi get rid a dem and dem tan up pon mi, jah know!

  • Too much says:

    Ugly dark, ugly light. That people really have tricked themselves into this idea that a lighter version of themself would look better is just sad, dumb and backward. praise The Lord for lots of melanin. my black is beautiful. we haggis really sop make people think something wrong with dark skin

  • Anonymous says:

    him fava a fish now

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    40 shades of color lol how many jars did this

  • Freeza says:

    u can have all the self esteem in the world…that just what it is. SELF u feel about yourself…it doesnt change how people view/treat u….i am not justifying his bleaching because in essence its a form of self hatred…but none of us know what has pushed him to this extreme.

    You can think highly of yourself but if ppl put u down about a feature for years…one day u may start to believe it. it is sad…and u can perceive yourself one way but society perceives u another.

    I am considered brown but i believe that this young man is probably being treated differently and probably better with his newly acquired brown skin.

    Sad indeed

  • Dwrl says:

    Wow sad to the bones. Why people do these things to themselves then blame society?? You know is only poor uneducated people society influence though?? Very very sad. You may can change the color of your skin but you can never change who you are as a person.

  • Dwrl says:

    Maybe it’s not yourself you need to change is your surroundings @freeza

  • Little Willie says:

    Ms. Fine like Wine……nuh choo you a brownin…ok. Di man seh more upperchoonyties have opened up for him since him lighten. Battyman mussy love him more.
    Him soon learn, in life, the best opportunities are the ones you create.

  • Met says:


  • Met says:

    him feva roast mongoose ina one picture and bleach mongoose ina di next pic..


    Mad that boy mad. D blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. He looks totally different in the two pictures, but doesn’t look better in either (sorry to say). Ppl need to be confident with their colour, as somebody pointed out, white ppl goin to get tan tryin to look darker so what couldda really tht nice inna white skin. Self esteem has a lot to do with things ppl do to them body still, it’s such a shame to think tht he felt the need to bleech fi acceptance

  • goodas says:

    Passport office fi charge him extra when him go fi renew fi him passport…cause that’s a completely different dude

  • Anonymous says:

    Image is everything!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @met, u comment above ave me a way. If he really believes this, den him mind is warped. i pity him. what an ass?

  • goodas says:

    PPl accept yuh more because yuh a show more confidence daffy duck….

  • Mattaznot1 says:

    but him look betta black. and pls say what opportunities yuh getting now

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