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Title: yyyyyy

Message Body:
Why da gyal ya do her head suh??

nata bay hat gyal…more fi come


18 Responses to ANNOTTO BAY PART II

  • askel says:

    nice looking body :hope

  • Met says:

    is like dem have old zinc and dye a dash whey a annotto bay

  • stinkin link says:

    she looks good to me, just too much bigen in the wrong spot, forehead instead of hairline

  • Miss-$tullesha says:

    Goood morning everyone….
    She. Nuh look three bad, just the dye.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Shi look alright from di neck down. Y dem mus duh dem head suh doe God?

  • Anonymous says:

    The woman looks dam good! She more dan ready!

  • english rose says:

    mi say mi almost faint the other day mi go a ja and see them finish do them hair and the hairdresser a use the die put in it as a finishing product mi nearly faint because mi know how harmful hair dye can be i was really thinking wtf

  • Met says:

    english rose di more dye dem use a di more di hair pick out

  • notrite says:


  • Anonymous says:

    pretty black girl cool color

  • Anonymous says:

    hope she doh fuk up har skin wid da bleachin

  • AweyDiBl**[email protected]@tDis? says:

    pupa jeezas…. di way how natta bay ppl dem love war, dis naw done as long as dem have internet access…… a wonder whose idea this was to start this crap? every minute dem kill ppl a dat place, survival of the fittest…..

  • Met says:

    not rite mi love mi people dem bad because mi nuh tink no adda nation cudda pap style pan rusty zinc suh

  • AweyDiBl**[email protected]@tDis? says:

    Met yuh know sey har father and brother loaded though…..????? smh! mi hear sey shi nuh tek talk from shi a grow suh shi get put out early. Mek a link last night, know a few ppl from that area but, when I heard who she was related to, my mouth dropped….. bad shi bad suh now shi a bounce around a kotch a ppl yawd, a dash out har hole and bare tingz fi get a night’s rest……

  • Met says:

    den it sad oooo

  • AweyDiBl**[email protected]@tDis? says:

    LOL…. Can I tell you? While I agree that, “young girls must have things,” no disrespect to the elderly… I think a lot of them misconstrue that statement. They spend more time claiming they are looking good to see which man they can catch, if they would just put that same amount of energy into something constructive, we would have so many, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Seamstress, Tailor…. etc.

    No decent man nuh want nuh woman wey carry demself suh “girl in blue…”

  • WOW says:

    met tell AweyDiBl**[email protected]@tDis fi get the story good..she may be more free than the average wen it come on to dance an dem stuff yes….father and brother loaded weh … dat pickney live wid r father and grandmother and uncles fr she likkle bit…not a put out no weh…met u know weh a girl breed early and cant to manage the responsibility thats her mother she go live wid r father fam…all dem want a some positive guidance knock inna dem head…..but me sure she no live no weh but r puppa yard and she nah bax fr no yard to yard .. so wen u call bay again mek dem gi u d story good…mi not even know if a so dem yah patois spell…

  • WOW says:

    if she a dash out a mus she wah dash out but mi know anuh fi get a nights rest

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