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The Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites, says it is too early to intervene in the controversy over the graduation policy at the Glenmuir High School which bars students who do not pass CSEC maths and English while in fifth form.

On Saturday, The Gleaner reported the plight of one student who could be left out of the 2014 graduating class because she sat CSEC maths and English way before she reached fifth form.

READ: Despite achieving seven CSEC subjects …

At age 12, Leann Lewis passed English Language with grade one at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC).

Leann who is now in fourth form later passed mathematics at grade three and now has seven CSEC subjects.

However, she might not be among Glenmuir’s graduates next year because the policy of the school is that graduates must pass maths and English in fifth form.

The principal Monacia Williams says the school is not instructing that Leann should re-sit Maths and English when she reaches fifth form, it is only insisting that she must abide by the graduation policy.

Contacted last night, the Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites, said it is a matter for the board of the Glenmuir High School to deal with.


  • Beverley says:

    my son pointed out to me last night that some policies in school are there to hurt students. After thinking about it I agreed with him. Why should a school prevents a student from graduating because he parent was smart enough to allow their child to do the exams. I did that when my son was in 3rd form just to give him a feel of what examination condition was like and he got the English. However, i foolishly paid for the subject again when he was in 5th Form. Rules of this type should be re-examined and not punish the child for his or her achievement.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    What a dumb policy. I could understand if the policy deals with students who do not do math & english at all, ie before grade 11 or by the time they reach grade 11, but this foolish policy extends to punishing students who r excelling both in the school setting & on their own. Ridiculousness & stupidity is just too rife these days.

    As for Ronald Thwaites, he really can’t say anything or deal with it because, as much as he runs his mouth, he doesn’t have an original thought for himself or if he needed 1 to save his life. Until the public, or some1 else speaks about it, he won’t be able to say anything because he REALLY is a blank slate who is just passing off ppl’s ideas as his own. kmt

  • RUDENESS says:

    I went to this school…best high school in Clarendon , but this little girl should not be punished for being an over achiever…she should be honored instead…hopefully being that this situation is out in the open it will result in a positive outcome for her and her family…

  • ... says:

    This is not only the policy at Glenmuir you would think common sense but I guess it aint common at all

  • my2cents says:

    What a stupid rule. Sometimes I wonder if this education system is really there to help or discourage. smh

  • Such a rigid and stupid policy…

  • Anonymous says:

    On the surface the rule appears to be abritary. So, I think what needs to be done is to get rid of the rule all together. However, if the rule is in place, then ALL students must abide by the rule; no exception.

    The question is what is the reason behind this rule? Was the rule in place when Leann Lewis passed English Language with grade one? I might be wrong, but I think the School is trying to discourage “bright” students from taking CXCs before 5th Form so that the students can sit exams in their final year and buttress the pass-rate for 5th-formers (total Cohort population). In other words, if all eligible 5th Formers sit Math and English in the Final Year, the chances are they will do much better (higher Pass rate) thereby making the school performance index higher, when compared to other schools. We have to realize that a number of students sit these exams at lower forms with poor results, which impact the overall schools pass rates per subject area. Some students might decide not to resit the exam in 5th Form if the gain a grade 3 in an earlier sitting of the exam.

    What do you think Cindy Royal…makes sense? :2thumbup

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe this article will help to shed some light as to why Glenmuir High School have this policy in place. Dumb policy? You be the judge……………………….

    Campion Still Rules In Math

    Campion College has shrugged off attempts by Glenmuir High to seize the position of math champion in the recent Gleaner Quality Scores ranking. A recalculation of the scores, due to the discovery of a statistical glitch, has resulted in Glenmuir and Campion switching places.

    Other Links:

  • ThEXOnE says:

    I think this rule is retarded. And while it is “policy” it seems draconian and should be revisited. I think school is the last place that children’s academic ambitions should be curbed

  • ThEXOnE says:

    If the policy stands then they should not allow students to take those exams prior to 5th form. And if the policy came into effect whilst students who were already attending the institution already took these exams prior to 5th form then there should be exceptions stipulated for those students…. Another regrettable example of the bureaucratic bungling of straightforward issues that JA is becoming known for

  • Yawdie says:

    This is the heights of foolishness… as dumb as it gets!! Cindy everything u said is soooo on point … esp abt the dumb politicians in Jamaica. U wudda dead n joncrow nyam yuh before dem use dem brain to make a decision dat show leadershpi and/ or common sense. Its equally disturbing to think that the people at the school are so linear n rigid in their thinking that they can’t see how ridiculous enforcing that policy wud b. Then again, shud b no surprise cuz some o the dumbest stuff come from the “educated” amongst us.

    Annonymous, I went thru that in high skool in Ja (did Maths n English in fourth form) and, unless the policy has since changed, the skool ( more specifically the dept head) has to give permission for the the student to sit these exams before 5th form. Matter of fact, doing these exams early usually come abt primarily based on the recommendation of teachers who have observed that the student is competent enuff.

  • Concern Jamaican says:

    This is as dumb as it gets. And you call these people educators and leaders.
    What if all the students decides to take a chance and do Maths or English before 5th Form and God forbid they all pass either Maths, English or both subjects, does that means that no one would graduate. I did pass maths and English in GCE before 5th form, guess I wouldn’t graduate either.

  • Anonymous says:

    Met i heard that ronnie thwaites nephew shoots after a prostitute who was on his complex who tried to get in his car
    Something dont sound right met but he his a very nice young man
    I think some of it was in the gleaner last week

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