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48 Responses to BLOWN THE F…….AWAY

  • Kammiecae says:

    GotDaym!!!!! WoW. i need to watch this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Met says:

    yeppers..I aint seen nothing like dis live no sah

  • Very disgusting… Disgusting enough for his fish friend to be appalled… If you are living like that, why would you seek to impregnate that girl–especially without full disclosure?

    What’s even more telling is the fact that he is sleeping around and entertaining so many seemingly married men. Dude had slip out through the back door when the “down-low” dude’s came home unannounced…

  • Anonymous says:

    mi gone find the full episode cuz dis sh-t nuh funny..a f–k married man weh claim dem str8 him a gwaan like him str8 wid baby pon de way…a wonda how tan tek it wen him do tell the truth sass crise.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  • Anonymous says:

    only 23?? wonda weh him madda tink bout him lifestyle dis worl we livin in smfh satan active

  • Met says:

    but him have such a need fi di escort that he pays at least twice a week to see him? Mi nuh like man wid no bag a piercing mi always ting dem a batteyman so tenk God…………

  • Met says:

    Dis whole heep a tattoo and piercing in stranger places…look pan di girl whey him breed how she plain she nuh mark up like him so why?

  • Too much says:

    Met ah so mi feel bout the piercing dem to….thats damn disgusting what mi just wach……but u know, when people love likes, no boundaries to what they will do

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Howdy everybody…these are the effin days.

  • INNAunnuBUMBO says:

    “Everybody will be famous for 15 minutes” -Andy Warhol.

  • Londoner says:

    Due to copyright this video can not be view in my country

  • Fi years now Mi nuh stop pon MTV because dem promote all kind a f..ry.This tolerance ting weh dem a promote is going to backfire sooner than later.It is going to affect women real bad.Stop forcing people to accept this lifestyle.

  • Met says:

    God a go show dem who him is…there is a new strain of meningitis among gaymen …there will be more illnesses coming soon

  • Sensational says:

    Very disgusting..

  • Yep! says:

    Hey mi good peoples; Metty from mi saw the beginning of the video and how him a clap clap him lip with every other word like mumma lashy I knew this had something to do with being on the Down Low

  • I just don’t know how to relate to this generation of people… It is all about ambiguity–it is all designed as such that it is no longer possible to know a person’s sexuality…

    Then all of a sudden, we are regarded as homophobic s and narrow minded if we don’t embrace their libertine and licentious ways…

    I don’t have a single tattoo or piercing and I intend to depart that way… Where are these people being employed? Outside of Starbucks and other similar capacity–definitely not in academia or corporate America…

  • Cc says:

    Dis is di type a shit dat is rapidly teking ova di tv, dem reward dese kinda behavior wit money an fame, di yute dem naa aspire to be doctors an lawyers nuh more be cuz being ratchet seems to be paying more Dan a college degree dese days, mi did tink MTV stand for music television! If dem nuh stand fa music nuh more why not change di name and label di channel according to di content of what is showing….PARENTS be wise dem a target our kids! Fire pon sodomy kmft.

  • MTV is all about making money–once they were no longer able to make money off music related programs, all such programs were shelved…

    There is a massive campaign going, having to do with a greater acceptance of the modern alternative lifestyle and who better to promote such better than us black folks…

    The hope is to permeate all faucets of society with that way of living until we are no longer opposed to their way of living…

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Ummmm…met, whats going on? Mi ah try comment and its telling me my words are undesirable but mi nuh have nuh curse words in di comment because u know mi nuh too inna di cussin ting.

  • Met says:

    maybe u a use g.a.y because it did the same thing to me too

  • @good girl gone bad, I ran into the same issue. Thank God for euphemisms like ‘fish’!!!

  • good girl gone bad says:

    lalibela sometimes mi feel dem jus trick black ppl and tun we inna clown. Everyting dem do we follow and end up lost while dem find dem way back and laugh afta we.

  • simplicity says:

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu cc

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Mi figure ah di g word ah mash mi up lol. Ah bwoi, mek mi clean it up. Never know the g word was undesirable lol.

    den tan nuh know him ah di g word?? from mi see him mi seh sumthin funny bout him. Whoever seh these are the days u are quite right! You try and protect your kids from this foolishness but every chance society and media get dem force it dung yuh troat. And dem do it so slick nowadays to. Mi ah watch one reality show bout newlyweds and dem haffi drop in a g word couple. Mi just turn di channel cah mi nuh inna weh dem inna.

  • @good girl gone bad, the sad reality is that they don’t have to always trick us… Some will do anything for a dollar and they are those who are curious enough to try anything…

    “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything…” It is all about knowing and embracing one’s moral boundaries…

  • status says:

    Imagine the wife working the night shift and this is what her sick husband a do? She must suspect something to just come home so unexpected, these things will make you go crazy, then the next one have a baby girl on the way smh

  • At the risk of sounding stupid, I would prefer to see some hardcore thugs on TV instead of these “other” references…

  • status says:

    Lord met all the wrd n-a-st-y mi can’t use?

  • Met says:

    3gb all sex-uality undesirable because mi jus try use it lol

  • Met says:

    Well mi nah stand fi it…and mi know enough bout reality tv fi know seh everybaddie whey get shown know dem a go pan tv and dem cannot twist the contract fi be what it is not so reality tv…… not no reality more dan one big stage of hefreie…a doe watch

  • Met says:

    status talk ina our language di ting cannot block that but it save me a lot of work than me having to have to go over and clean up the words

  • good girl gone bad says:

    u know what lalibela u r right on that one and that is even sadder that being tricked smh. btw that kid in ur icon is two cute, mi waan pinch him cheeks thru the computer lol.

    Met who is responsible for the censorship? Mi wonda If dem sensor patwa too…mek mi test it…Battyman lol…Honestly met I find myself drifting away from these reality shows and watching more uplifting television and a big part of the reason are these “alternative lifestyles” dem ah try promote.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Look like ah bare patwa mi haffi write now lol

  • Met says:

    I am responsible 3gb but with this softeware a nuh me choose the words it monitor

  • @Met, that my daughter at around 7 months–not a boy!!!

  • Cc says:

    Dem a du to tv di same wah dem du to radio, dem shelf di positive songs an di ones weh a demonize women an glorify drugs alcohol an sodomy dem mek sure yuh a hear dat every weh yuh tun, yuh hear it suh til if yuh tan strong yuh find yuh self a sing it to, tink dem easy dese tings are plan an carefully calculated.

  • The first thing they did was to take the word G.A.Y. (Which by now everybody knows the right meaning is Happy).Men of today cannot get a job in certain occupation if they do not accept this lifestyle.A million church and maybe 2 a talk out.

  • Met says:

    Lali mi know is a little girl of course :nohope:
    Balance when u si dem all a force church people fi accept it u know it is really bad

  • Anonymous says:

    but if u read book of Timothy it tell all ah dis in da last days nutten doh shock me again God ah plan fi come fi him worl even weather n climate changin

  • When I was younger, my grand mother would always pray to depart this world… It is not that I know why…. Imagine if she were to see these kind of things? Straight disbelief and heart attack… Those who are in the know are well aware of what’s going on–these are signs of the times…

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn video not available in Canada

  • EbonyLolita says:

    From me see di battyfish I knew he was GAY! The prostitution is WORSE!! Women this is why when certain men approach you you should be CAUTIOUS!! Now she’s stuck w/a batty for a baby father!!! PupaJesus save us all b/c he KNOWS she’s not smart enough to figure it out. But you gone tell me NONE of this girl’s friends and/or family neva seh NOTHING to her?!?
    MTV ain’t s.h.i.t. but this is the agenda they are pushing. :cd

  • YaadMan says:

    blodclaat bway mi a tell yuh eh si…


    This does NOT shock me one bit…But it makes me less trustworthy of any man at all. The only person u can swear for is ur self…Dem behavia yah contribute to di rapid spreading of Hiv and other un-named stds thats plagued the black community… God help us..

  • Fake Name says:

    A same way addi the bleacher, tommy lee and company wid them one bag a tattoo and piercing like likkle wayne weh nuh stop french kiss Baby done spread the battyman thing a jamaica.
    them have diana king and disciples pon the frontline. from me click the video wid him and the breeding gyal me see seh the bwoy a fish. so how she nuh know the bwoy straight like the road thru fern gully.

  • Anonymous says:

    from me see di video me know him a battyman di body language mek me know everything.. me all do me research pan battyman how dem act.. cause none a dem na go fool me, ten ways to find out he is a downlow battyman… me know weh fi ask dem me glad fi google! but dis bwoy wicked him shudden breed di girl oh gawd, me a pray the girl stay strong and me a pray that the baby have a firm mind and grow up to be a strong woman… because with parents like deh battybowy deh me know deh baby deh goodly become confused

  • Dwrl says:


  • Dwrl says:

    But you know him gay from the way he speak, a deaf she deaf. All the tats a things of the devil. God speak about it in the bible.

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