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76 Responses to NIKKI YUH FULL A TRIX

  • Anonymous says:

    No to rasscloth met that gyal deh psycho smfh

  • Met says:

    no psycho is har head she using

  • mz.B says:

    gm met and metters..ROTF”..suh frm 1:12am girlie pull out the knife and pills, and the man nuh si 7:52am shi come again wid different meds..and di man nuh si har..8:04am meds gone in a mouth ready fi swallow..and di man still nuh si har..she really come sey supmn again 8:34???…no sah..

  • What says:

    Ohhhh what the hell , Nicky no man is worth that shit taken pills and knife close by did u think of ur kids at least for a moment I know when a women or man is hurting u can get outrage sad and depress but when u are a mother that should boost up ur confident and say f….this nigga I have my kids to worry and care for I never can’t understand how a women can degrade theme selves for a man only man ill kill myself for or attempt to do tht shit is for my son wow ur really a sick individual for sure

  • Nuni says:

    Nooooooo……..this girl need to be admitted ASAP

  • Nikki crazy says:


    This gyal sick. No met done this todeh todeh. Mi nuh waan this crosses gyal fi seh jmg mek she kill herself. No mon deh gyal deh ah crosses. Sick man. Where her Pinckney did deh?? If she kill herself who ago look afta the Pickney dem while she dead pon grung. Ova one MAN. not even a man wah put her up inna house buy her cyar and further her education. Tun her inna sumbaddy. Mi shame and anuh mi. And ah gyal like dem deh see me n skin up dem face gwan like dem ah top ah di line. Dutty Nikki yuh nuh hear met tell yuh seh kitchen and bathroom fi Eva clean. A my two fave pawt ah di house dem deh. Cuz mi luv cook and mi love bathe. So nasty mad sick incense body shape gyal mi hope mi nuh see yuh inna dance ah hype pon ppl fi as long as U live.

  • Met says:

    mzb she full a trix not a pill she talking lol she is a manipulator lol

  • Irishgirlja says:

    She full a trix like cereal fi real

  • Anonymous says:

    @mzB __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ dis a nuh normal!!!! she na do a thing to herself a di man she wan frighten!! and all now him nuh look dwrcl!!!! me nuh wan laugh but dis mek me haffie laugh

  • Nikki crazy says:

    @met den the amount ah time she attempt suicide she still alive. She nuh stop send text. And picture. Suicidal ppl nuh have time fi all that. And di bwoy nuh even budge all the try she ah try. Poor Nikki yuh too young fi man done pon you

  • Anonymous says:

    tears so pose one did fly down her her throat??? bwoy she serious

  • Original Goodas says:

    a wah di bumbuppppybloodclaat dis

    unu run in and defend this

  • Sexy says:

    She did that for attention my kids father did the same shit he even call me and shoot a gun over the phone now I don’t allow my kids over there cause I don’t play like that if he can play threat to kill himself I believe one day he can hurt me for not bring with him and harm my kids I trust no one like that around kids

  • Anonymous says:

    if she is infact delusional, just posting this won’t probably send har over the wall? just saying.. some things we may take lithely but may actually put someone over the edge

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    of course shi a manipulator caz dem deh red n blu pill a tylenol *sideyeye* kmrt b4 shi guh learn self love n focus pon dem deh sweet baby boy shi a play rung wid pill an knife bwoy di gal deh nuh easy smrh :travel

  • Anonymous says:

    Evidence is good . Addi you did great . Only ting that might save her from taking dem pills..Is if sumbody say to her she ago miss the next party. Met please fix the glitches. mi try to pst 7 times .no cuss words was in the sentence.

  • Real Philly says:

    Ctfuuuuuuu omg lmao I know it’s not a joking matter but this bitch retarded. Pickney nor pity na hold man!! Unstable yooooooo met and addi UNO ah kill me dis here Friday….

  • Yep! says:

    Someone should just call 911 and let them handle it from there…point…blank…period!!!

  • Yep! says:

    Cause if ever, this is when taxpayers money should be out to good use to protect us from this looney bin, but more importantly…protect lil man

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Nicky tek har own mout a brag seh a str8 con shi use pan di man an him madda, suh she is as fake as ppl think she is. Di fastest way, I don’t know, but shi need fi guh to di nearest hardware store guh buy di strongest rope shi can find an heng harself wid it. Too damn devious.

  • Real Philly says:

    UNO mussi Neva listen to the vc mail dem met posted 2days ago from nicki pon addi phone saying she con d boy from d beginning .. How u fi lie bout where u born, who ur mudda is, ur fada, ur sister.. Se even lie bout being in ja wen all d time she was in my.. Of course he’s hurt.. Nikki started this bs from jump… She went into the relationship with lies smh.. UNO can Hewan believe she was gonna kill herself but mek me till UNO dis ah pity she did ah look fun fi mek him stay but eat Neva work…

  • Original Goodas says:

    him should a go ova deh and hand her a class a nice cold water and say swallow bitch…damn sick

  • Yep! says:

    And besides…why she neva submit a picture of the snotty nose weh a drip drip wholeap a nose nawt cause that right there is solid proof that you’ve been crying…girl bye :travel

  • Irishgirlja says:

    No San a weh them gal yah come me tell me now is those the gonnerrihea n chlamydia pills

  • Knows it all says:

    Maybe I’m reading wrong, but aren’t the msgs dated 2011? So this no really new is it

  • Irishgirlja says:

    Or these ur herpes medication weh one young gal a do with so much pills it look like u sick baddddddddddddd

  • Real Philly says:

    Lmao @ 11:23 irishgirlja

  • Anonymous says:

    Met, just watching Wendy Williams show for today, guess who deh pon celebrity fan off:? no Tami wid di Rhianna story.. a she seh milk it till she famous..lmao

  • MNL says:

    lmfaooooooo she tek a picture a di eye, dem people love hype too much! and weh she do with di pills dem tek dem out and put dem back in? not a pill a tek

  • front row seat says:


  • Noisy says:

    @ Nikki Crazy; I agree with you when you say she better neva come hype up herself inna dance again!!! She fi go hide now

  • Anonymous says:

    where is the video of her saying she is a scam artist? where is the pics of the stove and kitchen.. Met post all of it on one topic. cus mi is so tired of clickng on new topics to catch up.

  • depression or rejection says:

    No man on a serious note it look like Nikki have real issue that no man can solve.
    Nikki look how you come war dis man and now you future look bleekie. With all these pics and evidence against you DHS will surely be involved and yhou will possible loose the kids them that you profess your love for. You do not appear to be a fit mother and they wlil surely refer you to a shrink to gain back custody.

    Addi you can dunn now man it doh look good fi you a do the mother of your child soo. This is the internet and nothing is left to the imagination so there goes yall life. I’m sure the judge is going to think you unfit too fi a put it all out here like this, so thread lite my yute. Every boddie a screenshot (history in the making)and a read now. Sad.

    Metters unuh teck time wid har now after all it seems she is crying out for help but don’t know how. Nikki does not handle rejection well as you can see.

    Mi fass and love pple bizness but this is a case of ppl that need medical help asap.

  • Ms rickman says:

    Wow the saga continues the truth have a way of surfacing still in this belief! So if a them things yah yo gwaan with when addi left u,weh u did do when burgs left yo Hun! So sad for her kids!!!

  • pmrm says:

    Hey, this has never been funny and we are enabling this madness. I don’t know any of these people and would not wish to know them. They have 15 minutes here. but this is getting sad and played out.

    What kind of family comes on social media and do these things ( unfortunately too many).

  • LUNDUN says:

    so she need both pills and knife???

    a so she hard fi dead???

  • 187 Dem says:

    @ Lundun yuh know u a comedian doh :ngakak

    Nicky, Nicky Nicky yuh lost my girl & yuh need God inna yuh life!!! I wonda if Nicky nuh have parents, dem nuh see di madness weh she a duh??? Poopa Jezuz

  • Little Willie says:

    Tricky……dem tablix aguh tek too long fi rerk.
    Find di nearest hi-rise and chuck off head first.

  • REAL T.O. says:

    no sah, dis embarassing… she expose harself too much… mi tell yuh, she need fi move a germany or something and start a new life!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Anonymous says:

    The vc mails are on a topic from earlier this week.. she admitted dhe con d baby fathers from start and d boy family

  • GoldRush_ says:

    Thats why I always tell men KNOW WHO YOU ARE MESSING WITH. Because u could be looking a cayliss f*ck, or you could be looking for a girl to spend your life with…. But when u see certain ings happening RUN dont walk. Some women are very troubled, she is sick in har head and desperately looking attention, why the pick of the pills in her mouth though? Mek haste and bring her to the psychiatric ward. She need somethinggggg. Maybe a lobotomy. Someone get her crazyy ass some help!!!!

  • GoldRush_ says:

    And it look like she tek di pic on the baby bed oh god man.

  • GoldRush_ says:

    What u reap is what u sow. The kids are what i feel real sorry for. Geezam.

  • Real says:

    da girl yah …………pass mad dung di road …….pill and knife?????????????? shi crus so she nuh know seh dem can lock ar up fidat?

  • PPL busineSS says:


  • Observer says:

    nicky yu is a wikkid bloodclaat gyal…yu noe how much % of the population commit suicide daily??? an yuh deh yah a fuk yuhself bout “taking pills” fi attention…yuh gwaa suffa yuh likkle devil yuh. The devil is in you and you need repentance. A SUH SUM A UNNUH DUTTY GYAL WALK N TEK MAN AN WEN UNNUH FINE A GUD MAN UNNUH TEK ADVANTAGE UNTIL EM LEF UNNUH DEN YUH STAWT GWAAN LIKE YUH MAD….ADDI FI GI DIS TO OFFICIALS MEK DEM INSTITUTIONALIZE YUH RAAS….DEN YUH WI C WAT’S A JOKE N WAT’S NOT…ooman like yuh shudnt bawn:nohope

    Addi, mi a beg stay by dat likkle girl side n duh wat u can for her. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING, RECEIPTS, VIDEO, PIC every kine a raas evidence yuh can. Please mi also a beg yuh….F%$#K WID CAUTION NEXX TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @Londun, gunshat fi u comment.. While i do believe Nikki is Bipolar and also Borderline, i strongly believe she has sociopathic tendencies as well, which MEDICATION NOR THERAPY CAAN FIX. The lying, creating drama, very manipulative behavior for personal gain, over reaction to rejection, selfishness and seems to care abt no-one but herself and seeking self-pity while attempting to play THE VICTIM AT ALL TIMES is classic. Nikki u r twisted and u need GOD. I really feel sorry for ur children and i hope the adults or relatives in ur life will keep an eye out for ur children’s safety.. :(

  • Mello says:


  • ... says:

    if she wanted to do it she wouldn’t be taking pics of pills & staging knife & pills…”ain’t nobody got time fa dat” she need to use all this energy to find herself & move on…when you have kids you cannot be selfish & live for just you, you haffi live for your kids & it is clear she is selfish & is in need of help or a good beating cause she violate when she disregard di yute dem & put them in harms way. I really hope she hasn’t permanently scarred these kids with her eediat antics dem..smh

  • ... says:

    Also the two of them need to stop because these kids may end up in the system with them antics.. if she want to kill herself she is selfish, when ever I have felt to give up mi pickney just haffi seh “mummy…” or I look at them & I snap back to reality but it is clear she was jus a vessel cause I don’t know what kinda mother woulda be so selfish. PRAYING FOR THE KIDS

  • Sasha says:

    Trembling and cant move yet she a type one bagga essay and take pics fi accompany di writing… just looking attention

  • AweyDiBl**[email protected]@tDis? says:

    SMH…. the things people do for attention. I always say, whenever someone wants to do something, they don’t announce it. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER YOUNG LADY, IT’S LIFE. SEVEN TIMES RISE SEVEN TIMES FALL. In life you have to prioritize, once you have that game plan clearly structured, with the help of GOD nothing can hinder you from achieving your life long goals.

    Here’s a brief synopsis of what I’ve endured and not for once did I thought of harming myself or anyone for that matter. I was in a relationship for over four years, I was living in JA then, while Mr mention was travelling back and forth to the USA doing his 6 months rounds and back. There were times when he was away and would call me non-stop asking, “if I was giving his pu$$y away??????” Every week he wanted new pictures, I didn’t mind, because I was thinking, wow, “it’s all about me…..” Yeah right!!!!

    I ended up coming here (USA) for school, within a month of being here, I found out baby was on the way and he was married as well. He lived a perfect double life. To say how I found out is another story but, when I have my suspicion, I always learn to trust my intuition and follow my lead. It was shocking to the wife/expected baby mother but, it sure as hell didn’t shock me. I was in the picture first, she knew about me but, of course he saw an opportunity, fabricated a story and lured her into his devious act.

    I brushed myself off, TOLD MYSELF IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, focused on my school and graduated with a GPA of 4.0….. I will not judge you, the least you can do, is admit your mistakes, pray for your sins and make the most of your borrowed time you have here on earth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Addi u still at mnl addi ah batty man shit u deh pon y u nuh tekl met di God honest truth stop fix up and mek up. Addi u forget seh u sit down outside ah bada bada house 3 hrs ah wait ponnickki so how u and her lef. The results r in weh all this fah and if u gonna send in send in truthful things

  • Londoner says:

    met where the heck you find this? This gal is a mad gal. Life is a precious gift Nuff people on them dying bed wishing they had some more time to spend with their family and love once. She needs to be section under the mental health act

  • Anonymous says:

    Unu ah idiot unnu think Nicky really do that fi true kmrt nicky nicky neva hurt at alk addi she sh try mek feel sorry fi har. And he mayb did

  • goodas says:

    me tell yuh unno say this gal nuh want her pickney…so when she kill herslef who ago look after her child…all this over a man….i him cocky mussi line with gold

  • Met says:

    You know mi nuh waa get upset or seem harsh…Addi come yah come respond to nikki because someone here was calling out him and him mother name

  • Met says:

    why unno still a seh it was about child support? didnt she jus file di case di 15? mi sure him may not even get him notice yet for it a wha do unno man

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Him seh shi call him 1-minute man Goodas, an a mussi gi him gi har di bes 60 seconds a har life mek shi a mad ova him suh :ngakak

  • Met says:

    She nuh mad nothing ……………she know what she doing lmaoo

  • Anonymous says:

    If a me like nicki mi post all them pic. She show me. Addi stop act like u nuh send har things too what about the I can eat can’t sleep text u wanna die text I saw that with my 2 eye. Met stop mek addi fool u ah nuff behond dah story yah ah tru nicky nuh wag post fi f3ck wat she doing

  • Anonymous says:

    Its simple to see thst him mad bout something y he continue with the foolishness

  • Anonymous says:

    She nuh dead yet? rotfl j/k Seek Jesus and then therapy. Let no man stress you to thsi point.

  • Original Goodas says:

    nicky dont have no pics to show or SHE WOULD A DASH IT OUT LIKE HOW HER SISTER DASH OUT DI RESULT,,

  • Original Goodas says:

    unu lef di man, is not di man a continuem, it was too much for met to dash out one time she she giving it in pieces.

  • Anonymous says:

    R u guys reading the texts. Addi ah tal too. Read di last text. I will never mek a next man hurt u . Read it. Two ah dem mad nuh bloodclat. They both seem hurt to me but we only got the prove fi di ooman

  • Anonymous says:

    Mad raass

  • KARMA says:

    wait dis bi**h really mad? this is on so many level pathetic,desperate and just foolish all over a man girl u need help and the sick thing about it she know what the hell she doing she have sense and she doing this for his attention @met where is the video of the dirty house? i dont see it omg @addi yuh betta run like a thief in the night cause she is that kinda girl who will invite you over to talk things out and when it doesnt happen she will beat her self up and say you did it and raped her dont go know where near her make sure you always have a witness with you!!!

  • Addicted says:

    @Anon 5:12 Please take the time to read and comprehend. Her posts are a bit gibberish but that last post is her telling him,he put another woman before her and she would have never let another man cause her to hurt his feelings.
    All who worrying about Nikky can stop as people who wants to commit suicide just go ahead and do it as they do not want anyone to stop them.
    Nikki is not going to kill her self no time soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Early mawning before dis gal go bade har pickney dem and mek dem some porridge she a form fool a harself. Den she suh damn chupid she nat even see sey di pill dem change color by di time dem reach har mouth??

  • deja vu says:

    mi ago pray fe nicky caw sumn nuh tuh brite wid har babyfada feem save all dese tings fe a yr r so wen clearly d wastemon vedo fe dun har instead a help feem babymuda
    him come like wait fe perfect timung tuh unleash more mental distress pon har.first it bex mi tuh see har galong suh
    pon furda review mi tink seh him provoke d gyal.
    weh mek ppl suh wicked oooo.d gyal neva say sorry she all bawl out how cud unnu duh dis
    it come like he hurt har suh bad only death mussi save har

  • Kammiecae says:

    This is no flipping Joke, smaddy need to save these kids from this woman!!!!!! if this not some psycopathical isht i dont know what is.

    we laugh now but is women like these we read bout who harm themselves and their kids, sometimes fatally, trying to get a man’s sympathy and attention.


  • dark n lovely says:

    Man and woman have dem problem,him never did affi blast har so.but unfair games play twice cause he aint no saint.everything weh ina skirt him waan and a same ting him a go put di new gyal thru….mark my words.

  • Met says:

    stop it! and do not be unfair they were blasting him first and him come ansa ..wha di problem?

  • ! says:

    him come answer bur nuh know who ah blast him plus which man u know cuss nuh b–tch do dem things deh

  • Met says:


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