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CONTEMPT of court proceedings have been filed against National Security Minister Peter Bunting with a first hearing scheduled for June 27 in Jamaica’s Supreme Court.
The action was filed by Shurendy Quant, who is contending that Bunting breached a High Court ruling in relation to his deportation to his home island of Curaçao in mid April..
Quant is asking for Bunting to be committed to prison for allegedly breaching the order for his deportation to be stayed pending the outcome of a Judicial Review into the decision to deport him. Quant is contending that Bunting was aware of the order as legal representation from the Attorney General’s Chambers consented to it.
According to documents filed with the court by attorneys Chukwuemeka and Carolyn-Reid Cameron, Quant is also asking for Bunting to be imprisoned for “unlawfully removing [him] from Jamaica and refusing to account to the court for the reasons for his detention or his whereabouts”.
This, the applicant argues, “constitutes an ‘enforced disappearance of persons’ as contemplated in [Part] 7(1)(I) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and thus a crime against humanity to which Statute Jamaica is a signatory”.
Another ground for which Quant wants the minister placed behind bars is the reported pronouncements on April 11 at the Norman Manley Lecture about the matter while it was under consideration by Justice Marjorie Cole-Smith.
Quant is charging that Bunting’s comments at the lecture “tended to and/or was calculated to interfere with the administration and/or course of justice”.
“The pronouncements formed part of a presentation about crime and corruption and identifies the judicial system, in particular the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, resident magistrates and judges as the weakest link in the law enforcement process,” stated the documents filed by Quant.
Quant had arrived in the island in March and was given a three-month stay, but his legal woes were set in train in early April after the police found a quarter-pound of ganja in a taxi in which he and three other men were travelling.
The driver of the vehicle reportedly took ownership of the ganja. He said the other men were released, but Quant was detained.
Cameron filed a habeas corpus application in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court asking that Quant be released or charged. But, a few days after the court was told that Bunting had signed the deportation order on April 5.
Cameron said that the Narcotics Police had told the court that his client was not being investigated by them. Cameron also said that Quant wasn’t wanted in his own country for any offence.
The attorney said that he was surprised to learn the following day that Quant had been deported.
On Friday, Cameron was granted leave to file an appeal for judicial review.


  • Cindy Royal says:

    Read this this morning. We only have one side, but if his story is true, it raises many questions & it seems like an injustice to him. But I see Jamaicans get treated in his country & other countries way worst than that, so I’ll wait to hear the full story.

    Him wah Bunting suffa inna jail like him, but dat naw guh happen, suh if a dat him need to heal, him have a long healing process ahead.

  • pmrm says:

    apparently this man is a known fugitive

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Thanks pmrm! Good to know both side. Mi nuh care now if him wanted in his country or did anything in Jamaica – MI NUH WANT HIM YAH – cuz sooner rather than later him would start commit crimes in Jamaica too, after all he is a criminal in the Netherlands.

    Good move on Buntings part. :thumbup

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Arthur Hall, Senior News Editor – The Gleaner

    The Curaçao national who was deported from Jamaica under controversial circumstances last week is now in custody in that country awaiting deportation to the Netherlands to answer several charges.

    The 30-year-old Shurandy Quant, otherwise called ‘Tyson’ and ‘Padmore’, was taken into custody immediately on arrival in Curaçao last Thursday.

    “He is wanted in Holland to answer charges so the authorities there asked Jamaica to arrest him, and they deported him back to the country from which he arrived, so they sent him here,” said Norman Serphos, public relations officer for the Public Prosecutor in Curaçao.

    “He is being held here while we await the green light from Jamaica, where the matter is to be settled,” added Serphos.

    The matter that has to be settled relates to efforts by lawyers representing Quant to prevent his deportation.

    Attorneys-at-law Carolyn Reid-Cameron and Chukwuemeka Cameron have argued that Quant was deported despite a Supreme Court order that he should be allowed to stay in the island until the case was settled.

    Due process not followed

    They contended that due process and the rule of law were not followed.

    But the police are claiming that while they were aware of an application in the Supreme Court, they received no instruction that impacted the deportation order signed by National Security Minister Peter Bunting.

    The lawyers have indicated that they have been instructed to initiate contempt of court charges against Bunting.

    Quant is described as a very violent, wealthy and sophisticated world drug trafficker who fled to Montego Bay, St James, to avoid capture.

    According to international law-enforcement agencies, members of his organisation are tattooed ‘NLS – No Limit Soldier’ on their hands and ‘TRU – The Real Underworld’ on their chest or head.

    They also wear chains with the associated insignia NLS/TRU.

    It is feared that Quant would use his considerable wealth earned through the illegal drugs trade to corrupt the local police.

    “I know that he is wanted for trial in connection with a drug case, but there are others,” Serphos told The Gleaner.

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