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Good morning met n metter,where I should start now Nicky aka nicole don’t kno shit the f– about me not even me f– name she can get right talkin about rep.what rep u have Nicole who knows u r respect u in philli last I check u have no friends,met this all start when I decide to stop baby shit her child when I ask about his birth paper so I can take him with me when I’m not in the states she refuse to give it to me so I let it go I haven’t seen r speak to my son since the 26 of feb that bitch abandon her child @ my mom house for over a month and a half no cloths no pampers no wipes n the nasty bitch block me from callin her to get her child I even treatn to drop him off at the police station n she still refuse to come get him,I suspected that her child wasn’t mine when she was 4 months pregnant n doctors took test n she was both positive with chlamidia n gonnorreha she came to me cryn claming I gave it to her I went n took my test pay for paper work just to prove to her she’s nasty bitch she took my results n went to lankenau hospital to ask y she has stds n I don’t the doctors then call me n told me to come immediately cause she was upstairs in labour n deliver n I have to get her other child cause she still don’t know a who a fi him father n ever body kno a me did a blay daddy long story short I ask the doctor why she has std n I don’t he said she had receive medication at the time when she got tested n he just check her shit n her systom is all cleared up this ano today me a talk this its been two time I’m f– this bitch n she calls me another nigga name n I been told her n my best friend this ano today talk r no 9 day talk welfare decide to cut her food stamp 25% so she decide to raffle for a baby daddy I went even tho I had no reason to but I been had doubts so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t minding another man child cause she f– like 15 niggas I kno n the baby looks nth like me I play my part I bought cribs strolla car seats bouncer bottles bottle warmer n baby cloths even the gal weh me use to chat to buy cloths fi him ask her weh her first baby father did nttn but tell her go find who breed her I receive paper for court I ignore it base on the info that was given I reconsider when they texts n call my phone I went I took the test n she was sopose to bring the child to take his DNA I told them I came here on a boat 3 years ago n I got no ducments they asks for I’m here illegal just like she but I’m not use no one papers she claim I will b deported by the AM as u can tell I’m still here Nicky need to chill n if her child mines I will pay what they order me to other than that I wish not to communicate with such evil she brought me to her sister house n told me that that was her mothers when all along Nama is her oldest sister n her daughter tameka was her cousin n I should have known because Nama got every one of her fam pic in the house on the wall but non of her so called daughter Nicky.Monica called from Jamaica which is her real mother n beg me n my mother to watch her daughter kids cause nicky was sick she has full blown sickle cell n i have the trait but yet the baby born n no have it or the trait no jacket that any way monica was cryn that’s when I kno the truth I called Nama then Nama said she Neva said that’s Nicole was her daughter she did n she just played along so how can I trust a woman who lie to me for almost 4 years about who is her own parents is .n it gets better she left my house for a week claiming she goin to a wedding which I found out that was a lie she was at NY workin in the restaurant till her sister got back she claim she born a Jamaica n her sister claim she born a kings county hospital I care zero cause I’m not in of no document seeking problem to b studding sum one status we broke up when she was 4 months n I kept it movin she try to terrorize every female I have Eva delt with I got the email from my girl she b sending b4 my son was 7 months when she made it here when she came to my girl house n slash her tires I got police report to prove it I been with at least 10 other female after Nicky n she still obsess with me bottom line u can’t get blood from a rock n if I needed papers when u callin me beggin me to forgive u n get back together I even got cards she sent me on v-day about I’m the best man n baby father that she Eva had just tell me how to send in the pic n shit even got pic with her n pills in her mouths says she gona kill her self cause I’m leavin her unkno how many police report I made because if her n she still harassing me she voxer me couple days ago says I’m just a one min man so a one min man got u drivin to the country with acid n knife to slash tires that must b the best 60 seconds of ur life Met she got in a car accident when my alleged son was 3month the next day she drop him @ tha steps n drove off in the freezing cold in December I got pic to prove instead of taken him to the hopital to get medical treatment but she choose to try spite me when all she did was hurting the child i even showed lawyers n her so called mother the pic how she abandon her child on the streets I even have recording n text she treating to kill me n her sons cause if she can’t have me no one will bottom line every body f000 Nicky tek them f000 n cut I stood around tryn to wife a f– box n like I said she took me to court n her son just one and her first son is almost 5 if not 6 n she still don’t take burgs her allegede other baby father what that tells y’all n to bitch which I kno is Nicky remember a my Mada come kick u out from my apartment at page street when u call ur fam says ur stayn with sum ppl n them hold on to yo cloths when good n well u was my side bitch livin there for 6months n u leave with nttn but duty cloths inna trash back memba when u move to north philli n them cut off yo gas n water n me use to catch water at me shop bring to yo house so u n yo son can bathe n u can wash yo duty pu– Nicky don’t dweet a month straight me haffi catch water give u n when it get too cold n u no have no heat me beg me Mada fi put u and ur son up how much time she haffi kick u out all 4 o’clock inna morning she a put u out come on Nicky u forget the two under pant a pant web u thief give me it can’t fit me no more so if u want them u can get them I need met fi tell me how fi send the video n pics them cause memba me video yo hose when u no clean n mash up the ppl them place wit duty plate n cloths every weh with all rat shit pon d microwave fi try sue yo landlord cause u no want pay no rent Nicky u is a f000in nobody all d try yah try fi me married yo it no work yo jacket tieing it no work d obeah weh yah try fi mek me go back a jail it still no work n if a jail a jail d bail Money right what bun u me have a MAdda weh ride n die for her kids no drop them pon road side a look hype n yea met I got the video of the car seat n bouncer weh me buy fi her son she throw it inna the middle of 56st is tru me no want shit to do with she n hers kids because me have all the evidence of all the child engagement n texts n recording I could have been let they take ur kids so keep push plus the video weh she beat him on the 16 of August because I made plans to take him out for his birthday she a call n beg me to take her n her son out n it wasn’t there bday then when I agree she run go try thief Pinckney cloths n it look like it wasnt successfully cause she brought him back when the place close with bruises all Ova him skin n me have deh video deh to with a lot more when she come a d shop a stalk me fi the 60 second f– weh she claim me give her the bitch mad I ask for a DNA n ago talk bout I only ask for one cause I want to b like burgs bitch pls me n u kno that child is not mine n u better pray he is cause me ago send met the result since u claim me deh pon pink wall n @ms rickman big up yo self yo kno exactly weh yah seh about this unwanted bitch who want judged judge who want chat chat she start this shit so me ago state fact and anything me seh I got prove of it ok this ano hear seh n met tell me how fi do the thing since she want a hype she ago get it like yo man nah give u no attention go saught out yo life the two man them weh u claim breed u them no have no papers but yet non a dem nava try married u like really does that make sence go kill yo f000ing self ,met sorry fi the books weh me give u but trust n believe this is just 10% weh Nicky a Gwaan with cause me no go in yet the f– pon ground part n the give lend out car fi the boy f000 her the works Nicky only front fi who don’t kno I’m just sorry that I didn’t kno weh me kno now inna November cause I would Neva f– her back fi she call me name seh me breed her

A lil voice uttered unto me don’t reply back all thou u want 2…. He uttered be still and know God Never fights a loosing battle. Mood: Humble! Gm world
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