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26 Responses to MAN SCORNED?

  • Yep! says:

    Ladies and genklemen… Introducing our future dancehall skettel, clutcha, dutty mout come suck out mi batty… Likkle girl right here, live and in living color; and oh yea… Proud mom and granny too…where is the Dettol when you need it most?

  • ... says:

    smh…these battty guys an the spandex. LOL a weh Vegas a do a him yaad doe Metty? Still watching :nerd

  • Observer says:

    wen man scorned dem wors dan a bitch smh

  • Yep! says:

    Sorry wrong thread; my iPhone is buggin out

  • ... says:

    I don’t get him…so him waaan when people mek dem money dem fi give it away to the people dem? Spose di man seh him dun wid him batty a tear out & feaces inna him mout more time an him want a change? I just can’t with people, go & get what you want don’t wait for people to hand it to you. Don’t worry bout a nex person karma worry about your own. I think him bex cause a jealousy cause from the jump him basically seh him neva inna him.

  • LUNDUN says:

    it deh pon mediatakeout seh afta diss man mek diss video, she got sliced in the face an chopped on the arm.

  • who did not know that,,dem blind!,,talk the tings dem scorned or not

  • ... says:

    Lundun di Battyman Mafia got him?

  • Riches says:

    d man dont owe oonuh one f000 (no pun intended) even if him damn gay! him sound like the man must tek him hard earned money dash it pon d “gay black community” kmt waste of time

  • Met says:

    him dedicate the whole a him youtube life to tyler perry

  • Dwrl says:

    Poor thing a sorry him sorry him never become Tyler yes gal, based on his last comment

  • Anonymous says:

    WoW!!!! So really him tinks we just now find out TP is gay? Next ting dem gonna seh Shebada is a fish. If TP nah wha nuttn with yuh den so it go. Sounds very gay to mek video and chat up de man deh.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    This big thick neck batty bwoy a hate him a hate on the man why him must give unnu him money whey unnu do more than buss up him batty kmt
    I hope u is a bottom n not a top cause me sorry fi anybody whey meck ur pug nose steroid neck ass go on top a dem biotchhhhhhhhh pleaseeeee

  • Addicted says:

    Its funny he had the decent Gay friends that could help Tyler and Tyler friends were the low class but Tyler is the one who made it big.
    He is just so envious and malicious. He is not throwing any surprise at anyone about Tyler sexuality.
    He did not support the man plays but he wants support from the man now.
    Blessed good evening Met and all others.

  • Addicted says:

    He is a bad minded attention seeking money hungry Mutha.This is what he wrote on his wall.

    Walter Lee Hampton II

    22 minutes ago near Atlanta, GA.

    you want to pay me 100,000 to discuss me being ATTACKED by a PACK OF DRAG QUEENS?….for OUTING Tyler Perry?……Ok..that sounds like a GOOD DEAL!!!>>>>.when can we meet?…and do i need to bring the Pack of Drag Queens also?….*rounds up pack of drag queens*…….hehehehehehehehe…..WOW!!!!!…. Walter Hampton II.

  • JohnnyBeGood says:

    Long time metz (formely JohnnyBigHood), big up caz u thing still tall.

    Long time me also a tell people bout Tyler Perry movie dem. I know its a favourite among Black sisters, and i can also get the laughs and stuff. But personally I’ve never watched one of his movies to the end and probably never will.

    Hate to see black men dressed up in women’s clothes for the entire duration of a movie. If it’s to achieve a task/objective, then good, but otherwise, its not a good look for us.

    Dave Chapelle said it best – it’s a reason why he left the fame (check youtube Oprah interview). Producers know that our people love seeing that, especially black women, who tend to patronize Tyler a LOT. Di MAN GHEEEY!

    LAST – FIRE BUNN FI A BOMBOHOLE WHO DRESS LIKE MERL AND HIM NAME EARL. Same goes for Shebaad (local actor) or watever dem call him (i refuse to type that name in full).

  • Met says:

    bighood how u doin?

  • honeybee says:

    @Chute….ah botton dat it is very obvious, him spicy bad.

    Why is it blk folks think those who made it and leave the hood should return and throw dollars and gift bags to the blk community? What is the [email protected] doing for the gay community? I guess noting because he spend so much time slandering and being jealous of Taylor Perry success.

    I don’t expect noting from anyone, I get up and make things happen for myself. I’m not a fan of Taylor’s movies, but dude right her is real salty and jealous. Everybody knows Taylor is gay, so he could have kept all that rambling to himself.

  • Knows it all says:

    The amount a bumboclaat time him say “black gay community” sick me. Ole shit-house

  • Anonymous says: learned that a popular internet celebrity named WALTER HAMPTON made BIG news in the BLACK GAY COMMUNITY last week when he OUTED Tyler Perry – who he claimed has been a friend for years. He claims that when he FIRST met Tyler – Mr Madea was a FLAMBOYANT GAY MAN. And that once Tyler started getting famous he began living in the closet because Tyler’s scared of losing his Black Church following.

    Big news right. Well then . . . mysteriously . . . he was BRUTALLY ATTACKED. His face was SLASHED and so was his arm. It’s not clear what happened to Walter . . . but we wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Real says:

    watch him face like him a tell wi sitten weh a go shock wi….Tyla perry mouth cah hide di mouth set fishy erry body done know ….mi fraid fi look pon him mouth ………

  • 187 Dem says:

    Him really have a nerve a say God don’t like what TP duh a wah dis doh? Where & when does it say di man owe and haffi give bak tuh di gay comm, kmft!! Mr. Hampton need Fi guh goggle some hairy balls & lef di man. Ppl dun know TP a fish this is not breaking news.

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Typical bitch scorn syndrome, they have pill for that…Hating ass gay……..

  • Miss-$tullesha says:

    I couldn’t watch the whole video ….even him dog a seh ” STFU HATER” unnu listen good lol

  • Talk_Di_Tings says:

    Mi couldnt listen one more minute of this fart mouth. Mi cut it off after 30 seconds. Imagine Tyler teach him how to suckkk cack and a so him a repay the man. I hate people like this. Mi no care weh my friend a deal with in life. Whether or not me condone it ….. people must reveal them own secret in them own time. I have seen Tyler Perry movies and plays and to be honest the man is a genious at what he does. Not really my cup of tea, but him a do him thing. Mi busy a try get rich or die trying so me naw no time a worry bout which cack or who Tyler a give him money.

    “Dem seh badmind a the wosest disease.”
    Elephant Man

  • Anonymous says:


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