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  • BIPOLAR says:

    that was stupid better him leave dem up fi show how close dem was….smh

  • Him tell Samantha Pretty fi delete dem..LOoOL

  • MIMI says:

    de ole a dem a run an a tek down IG dat nah stop dem fr guh a prison all nasty salt pussy KEISHA TAPPER IG NAME KEISHALOVEBUG BUBA LEE IG NAME BRITISHFLY4FUN KEISHA YU A TALK BOUT MI KNOW 75% OF THE STORY YOUR WRONG IDIOT GAL MI 175% OF THE TRUTH!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Keisha with the curse in a her hole, a u di police a come for next cause it look like buba tell u everything, a you same one ago be witness against 100% sure sey him know what the plan was before him get up outta him bed to go to the victims apt. Y we must believe sey a him a di good one if u did tell me a week ago that buba and Q british would set up and kill off pioneer and dwayne I woulda sey a lie. A fi dem name alone a call up so if it don’t go so it near fi go soooooo. I hope them rot in jail for the mare fact a dem owna fren dem kill

  • anonymous says:

    SUNG PEOPLE SCHUPID YUH f000!…an tek Met fi fool. Di man created dis page 2010 an neva use it no time; not even profile pic. Name him real page, BITCH!

    Side note: wat a way unnu hot fi Keisha. Unnu a carry long-time feelings fi Keisha. LONG TIME UNNU WAAH BE KEISHA. It’s evident inna all unnu ramblings (post to bumboclaat post)…unnu bitta bad, bad, bad! Ah nuh Keisha fault shi nice n proppa. a jus suh shi bawn n grow. Unnu fi get fi unnu owna life, man…an low di girl!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    The question is does and did Kiesha her man was going to kills of his friend dem and if she did she needs to go down has a accessory… These f000ers plot to kill the men they par with up.and down and call them brothers… Dem two need to rot in jail both pussies… I hope all three men hunt them in their sleep…. U never can get away from commiting a murder… Buba was never all that and didn’t even had a name until these,men start to par.. their family should be ashamed of them… They are not about that jail life Buba is going to be someone’s bitvh!!!

  • Why is it everyone casting stones does anyone even know what happen,only god and the men knows what happened so come on people stop blaming people and pointing fingers. The truth will be told in due time so yall need to stop been so hertlesskeep calm and shut the f000 up..

  • Anonymous says:

    Q is not a Killer he wood not do it

  • miamiyouth says:

    …di whole ah south florida ah buzz bout dah one yah……

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