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  • simplicity says:

    thing is she mek up har mind to go to jail yuh c how many times she stab har own cuz’n nd de rest a dem stand up jus deh pon imani imani b4 dem haul weh de gal weh a bleed out..smh

  • Beautifully Made says:

    Disturbing!!!!! SMDH

  • MiNuhCare says:

    alright…kmt…so she juss prove seh she bad gyal wid no f000ing sense…as usual.

  • Toni Ann says:

    Eveining Met and Metters………..

    Couldnt watch the rest, too disturbing…………. how many times did she stab her? and why pull out a knife instead of fighting face to face?
    Why are the egging it on then not do anything?

  • Toni Ann says:

    Correction: fist to fist.

  • Curious says:

    was dat her own cuzin she was stabbing up?

  • agree to disagree says:

    Evening Met and Metters, these tings just mek me so sad for so many reasons, what a lesson she is now going to learn, no second chances straight to jail.

  • sexyteeready says:

    The stabber already said she has charges…She will be in jail for a longtime.

  • EbonyLolita says:

    OMG this is Gunhill Rd on teh corner of the street going into Co Op City by that Damn Public School. The girl stabbed her SEVERAL times! Lawd Jesus she’s a Sociopath & the girl weh get stabbed must have had A LOT of adrenaline pumping to not realize that she was stabbed. I hope she does YEARS in jail.

  • Okay says:

    Pure stupidity.

  • bye bye summer sun says:

    nuh the girl weh get stab knife and the stabber tek it from har and use it ??? smh it sad fi watch both initiated the fight.

  • No Joke says:

    Gunhill Road and Bartow Avenue….Yuh a tell mi NUHBODYYYY FI SEPERATE THEM. I SWEAR I HOPE SHE DO TIME. YUH HAVE A TRACK RECORD BUT DAT NUH MEK NUH BAWD. See Girls like her all the time come fi medical attention cause a next prisoner beat up dem ass…bruk nose and all. Imani sumbody badder than you out there. If she do her family so how she woulda do a stranger

  • karma says:

    so is she in jail

  • Anonymous says:

    watch the video good ppl there was a guy by the name of imani he was trying to talk to the girl that got stab, maybe he was telling her to walk out her cousin, that’s when his friends telling him to leave it alone before they jump him.. he was the one who run to the girl and put something on her neck to stop the blood! his friends or family was begging him to leave them alone.. but he tried to help the victim on two separate occasion didn’t you all see that?

    I saw that from watching the video

  • ITS SO SAD says:


  • so sad says:

    God knows this made my stomach hurt, especially little girls behaving like this! and instead of these idiots screaming worldstar they would call the cops! i hope she goes to jail for a very long time, weapons possesion, assult, attempted murder! shes a disgusting brat!

  • WELL WISHES says:

    Sometimes ppl c their demise happening n wont stop it. How the girl 1 pull out the knife n let girl 2 just take it out her hand??? She didnt even fight for it.. Like what was the point of her pulling out a knife n let someone stab u up with ur own weapon? thats y some say if u r not going to use your weapon dont pull it out!!! Sad to watch n mix feelings but the girl who pulled out the knife should learn from the stupid shit she did n dont play victim too much. N without question the offender should due jail time without a doubt!!!

  • karma says:

    @simplicity i cant believe she did this to her own cousin do you know if this girl is in jail or any info on her name etc im intrested in how this plays out seeing that it was caught on tape it was very disturbing to watch i really want to find out this stupid girl punishment

  • MNL says:

    Morning Met and metters, cousin ah no nothing because at the end of the day family can do u the same thing regular people doing to you. I’m just mad that once the girl took the knife from her she didnt fight or run! because its clear the people dem round har dont have her best interest at hear

  • ThEXOnE says:

    I have mixed feelings about people who escalate violence then somehow become victimized by their own rules of engagement. Chick didnt have to stab her with the knife that she brought to the fight; but if she didnt introduce the knife into the equation; chances are she wouldnt have gotten stabbed. madness all around

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