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27 Responses to WELL……………….

  • Fyahwife says:

    Mmmmmmmkay …. She about that life

    ***like fry chicken tho… Won’t look at my fry chicken the same way again*** :nerd

  • Black Rose says:

    waiiiiiii!!!!! Bap Bap Bap!…. Big bad and brave, duh weh yuh wah fi duh…

  • Saucy Baby says:

    Lol! Yes sucking dick surely is not illegal but not when the man ooman could go in his phone and take out the pics and broadcast it. On that note stick to sucking YOUR man’s dick, okay!

  • Cindy Royal says:

    So dashing out di vid of a gyal sucking yuh man hood help u how??? It certainly naw guh mek shi stop suck him & in dis case all it aguh duh is cuz additional embarrassment cuz di girl a threaten now fi dash di man suckings vid. kmt

  • dick r harde says:

    aaarrrmmmm….could we see said pic…..just so we can get a measure of her skill level….cause while any woman can suck hood…deep throat is a skill……lmfao

  • sussister says:

    send the pic of him eatings yaaaa!!

  • No Sah! says:

    Mi haffi bust a tune pon da one yah
    She’s a very freaky gurl, she get it from her momma, first you get her name, then you get her numba then you get some brain in the front seat of the humma*

  • da da deeeeeeee says:

    a grung me reaCH pon de ppl dem job @naa suck cocky til it choke me kill me

  • da da deeeeeeee says:

    *stop* …………………… love R style bod

  • Riches says:

    mi seh_______________________________ good Morning Met and metters, mi loike har talk but Ms proud cock sucker next time nuh mek d man tek yo picho o

  • 187 Dem says:

    Hey Good Day Met & metters,

    My girl yuh own up tuh yuh tings like a big woman you really haffi say fry chicken doh!!!!!!!!!! Oh lawdie DWLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Hey gal 187 from mawning mi a call u, but u reach ova a defend cocky n throat ole war yow call me man.
    Young girl u meck mi no wah see fry chicken fi di rest a mi life membaa smh

  • 187 Dem says:

    @Chuet DWLLLLLLLLLLLLL, Mi soon link yuh pon mi lunch break mumz…. Mi did inna slow motion dis mawnin fi come a wuk til mi reach late :D

  • Lady WoW says:

    As depressed and down might feel from weh day yah…unu nuhh know seh dis wall a hold mi mind from really go made!one big virtual hug met and matters…


    @Dick, a u dat??? or an imposter!..if a u, Welcome home…i dont blame di gal (in relation to oral sex argument) dash out dem info like dutty wata ina pan.

  • Met says:

    :kiss wow nuh mad ooo :mewek

  • Lady WoW says:

    Mike love how she dash it out nuh gyal nah intimidate hard fi stop suck people man cocky and here badness baka dat

  • Lady WoW says:

    Damn auto edit a kill mi

  • Met says:

    highly is him same one :ngakak


    @Metty, tonks fi confirm cause me miss him fi a min and me see di name and nobaddy nuh notice suh me affi holla-out, u zeet!!..

  • Yoruba girl says:

    If sucking hood was a crime Nuff ppl woulda b doing life, oral sex is nothing to talk about anymore , cocky fi get a likkle kiss up yes if it a do a good job! Just saying sorry fi who not sucking dem man hood inna big 2013 , cuz if u ain’t she and har friend dem will do it! Just saying ! :lapar met mi just a speak di truth mum…

  • Dwrl says:

    A wonder if dis belong to the mouth on the cocky met post the other day?? It was all over FB lmfaooooo

  • Dwrl says:

    The one in the HOT DOG BUN?!?!?

  • berrylicious says:

    A regulah ting dat…kmt..but mi wudda duh di same ting.lmao

  • berrylicious says:

    Yea fi real mi wuddah sen it een tu.suh wait…a wich starbwoy dis

  • me too pretty says:


  • STAR says:

    Why they keep making the man take pic. Damn take his pic too lol

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