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  • mz.B says:

    him so right tho… :2thumbup

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I totally understand the indignation of this young man. I had a teacher (lecturer/tutor) like that during my final year at Utech – the worst teacher I’ve ever encountered in my learning – Mrs. Lawla.

    If she comes to the class & can’t get the projector or laptop to work she can’t teach, & that happened more often than not. Bitch didn’t believe in giving hand out & was NEVER prepared to give an actual lecture. There was no book for mkting research & becuz we weren’t getting any notes we don’t know what we’re being tested on & she would leave us alone to do class tests despite it being against university rules & should we be in the room over an hour after finish the test & ppl start leaving bcuz we were just clueless what to do, she wants to give them no grade & claims she can “do anything I want because I’m head of department”.

    But we had the last laugh when letters complaining about her & on person hired a lawyer all up on her ass by the school year ended. smh Some teacher r a joke.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is called the dumbing down of our children, notice it’s mostly black kids in her class, she’s getting a paycheck and don’t care if they learn or not. That kid was so right and he put her in her place respectfully, now if only the others could take a stand like he did, there should be hope for them.

  • LUNDUN says:

    all those kids should have walked out of the class, march to the principal’s office, and let them know why they walked out and demand change.

    i did a simular thing when i was in 6th form. teacher was teaching, giving notes and i raised my hand to say i don’t understand. her reply to me was “i think it’s straight forward so lets move on”. i will never forget that day. i did not think it was straight forward, and told her that others in the class did not understand like myself, but were too chicken to say so. so she turned to the entire class and asked if the understood what she was teaching, everybody shouted “yes miss”, so she moved on.

    when class was over, she said she wanted to speak to me and sad i had disrupted her class and blah blah blah. i told her that the students saying yes they understood, does not mean they do, what she needed to do was ask them to explain what they understood. they next day she did just that, and i was just sitting with a big smile on my face when each and every student could not explain what they got from what she was teaching us. so she had to start over and try a more relate-able approach for us to get what she was saying.

    if ‘U’ want an education, u have to take matters in ur own hands sumtimes.

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Amen @Lundun

    While I was one of the ‘chickens’ , I do get your point…… Only thing was I tried to learn it on my own, but dem fi wuk fi dem $$$$ some ah dem juss too darn lazy

  • simplicity says:

    the pickney very much rite..and she as yet to get up

  • ... says:

    I glad smaddy sen it een. This yute is sooo right! If yuh disenfranchised with your job which is a crucial one, lef it raas man don’t mek dem suffer.

  • Anonymous says:

    true true true so true!!!!!

  • Bless! says:

    TRUTH!!!! I loved how this young man took his stand. She may not listen, but she wont forgot…your style of teaching is INEFFECTIVE! pointblankperiod

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