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Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

After another week of much suspense, the DNA result for April’s winners is in. The story dubbed ”Hin Cyaan Breed Nobody’, was last month’s top story and THE STAR revealed the result to the winning former couple yesterday.

It was an elated Grace Mitchellwho accepted word that her seven-year-old daughter doesn’t belong to Bob Junior.

Mitchell, 33, said she now has proof to show the world that she was right all along and her child has the correct father.

“I feel relieved, thank you Jesus. I am so happy I did this test, and I can finally move on with my life in one piece, thank you Jesus,” Mitchell a store operator from Clarendon told THE STAR.

Meanwhile, it was a disappointed Bob Junior, 36, who gracefully thanked THE STAR for the opportunity to do a free DNA test, but not before expressing his unhappiness with the negative finding.

“Mi kinda feel a way still enuh because mi did think that the child is mine because everybody tell me dat di child look like me,” Junior said.

In March, Mitchell contended that her former lover was fighting a losing battle in believing that he was her child’s father.

“I got pregnant when I was in high school and he (Junior) was di guy on di side. Him can’t breed nobody, is just because people a trouble him seh him a fire blank why him a seh di child belongs to him,” Mitchell told THE STAR in March.

However, Junior had expressed to THE STAR that there was a gut feeling that he was in fact the child’s father.

strong feeling

Junior said: As I said, she was the one who told me that the child is mine, and I have a strong feeling that di child is mine because she (the child), has my face and my dimples.

Mitchell said: Him pick mi up one day after school and we went by his father’s house and we had sex only one time. I had to hide in di closest at his father’s house, so that nobody would find out that I was there, and that was it.

Mitchell said: I am 165 per cent sure that the child is not for Junior because about nine months after mi sleep with him that mi did find out that I was pregnant. The baby is for my boyfriend at the time. The child is not Junior’s.

Junior said: We had sex twice and mi coulda feel seh mi get her pregnant. I had that very strong feeling that mi did get her pregnant.

The negative DNA result, Mitchell told THE STAR, has turned out to be a positive for her current relationship.

Mitchell said: Dis issue was a big issue for me, and my partner don’t like him and his family. He was very adamant that my daughter was his and di only ting him eva give her is a bag juice and cheese trix. Him did a cross him fingers and toes fi di test come back positive, but him can’t get nobody pregnant. Me a go spread di news because he has a sister who is mischievous.

When asked if he believes that he can impregnate a woman, Junior shot down Mitchell’s claim.

Junior said: Dat a lie still, as mi seh, mi feel away about di result, but mi nah go hate her or the child.

Junior also confided in THE STAR that he will be making attempts to impregnate his current woman.

*Names Changed

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