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There was a video posted on Facebook with a number of High School children, allegedly from Marcus Garvey High School in Jamaica. In the video now posted on Myfreeblack, an online porn site, the children appear to be in a room performing orgies while their peers look on and give instructions wait their turn etc. It is quite clear that they know they are being recorded and at one point they are instructed to make sounds for the camera. A total of two videos were posted, part one containing girl and boy encounters while part two has a three-some with three young women. BELOW IS AN AUDIO OF THE BOTH ENCOUNTERS.






  • Quiet Storm says:

    Rawse! ah wha ah gwaan yahsoh?!?!?!!!!

    Mek I run goh look b4 it tek dung

  • Brightlight says:

    The world gone 00ing mad. I can’t believe this shit.

  • Met says:

    its not a video people its an audio..

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Mi apprehensive fi press play, this real Shani?

  • ThEXOnE says:

    that porn site finna get a lot of traffic :nerd

  • Brightlight says:

    Met now in this particular instance a serious BEATING IS NEEDED! Now where’s the parents to draw fi dem belt! I would tie all a dem up and beat dem till dem tun black and blue and covered wid welts! WTF is wrong wid these kids? No seriously. Who is really to blame and I don’t wanna hear no damn Kartel because as bad as the lyrics were to some of the songs I listened to when I was a teenager I NEVER felt the need to act out what was being said sexually. Something is not right.

  • Met says:

    Brightie on the contrary beating will not help this case…from once dem start have sex and to these levels u haffi go ina deep psychological evaluation wid dem fi find out how and why..beating nah go help yasso ooo

  • Met says:

    its just audio nixy mi a go maybe do it over and change the pic

  • Brightlight says:

    Metsy, big and serious, do u think it’s smart for someone who hasn’t had a child yet to bring one into this world? Not just because of this topic alone, but with all the crazy stuff going on lately. I’m hearing about kids missing in Jamaica like crazy. I know of a grandfather who, after losing his youngest child earlier this year, now his under 10 years old grand daughter just went missing in JA the other day. Don’t know if they found her yet. But u know human trafficking/sex trade is alive and happens everywhere. I don’t know if I want children anymore. Too much evil out here.

  • Dwrl says:

    But the last pic ANNO inna school, a one a dem house

  • Brightlight says:

    These children don’t have not a care anymore and they so ready to rush into this sex crap. But now that I’m over the initial shock of the audio clip, maybe just maybe these kids come from sexually abusive homes. It’s so easy for these kids to go into that with ease because of how they may have been violated in their childhood. This is sad. So sad.

  • Met says:

    Brightie u know the bible warn against children being born of this time but remember in every season God has a chosen person and u never know if you may be having such a child

  • Tawkchuet says:

    This is for real ? Mi stop laff now a one little girl n di fact say a next girl a tape n instruct is appalling oh my gawdddd

  • simplicity says:


  • Brightlight says:

    OK Met I guess :sorry

  • ThEXOnE says:

    This is heartbreaking on so many levels….no sah…childhood gone

  • Dwrl says:

    @britelight you can. This is not every child’s behavior. This is the case of circumstances. I’m assuming these kids lack the guidance of their parents , their surroundings also play a hugh part. Come on how much different is the world now from when we where growing up and attending school?? I’m sure while you were in school their were boys and girls doing things you refused to do. I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH A GIRL IN JAMAICA AND I COULD RECALL THAT GAL HAVING SEX WITH BOYS IN BUSHES, IN WATER TANK( I catch her and told I never forget that, a rainy day like today she took the pass and said she was going to toilet only for myself nd another student go catch her in the school tank having sex with a 8 grader).she weren’t even 10 yet. This is nothing new, it’s just that now we have camera phones and Internet. Everything in darkness coming to light with technology

  • ThEXOnE says:

    And they’re so mechanical…. they don’t even get the most basic; the pleasure principle of sex…. is like dem a wash dem foot, or go tie out goat… nuttn special, just another chore

  • LUNDUN says:

    met i am watching the video as we speak, this is soooooooo unbelievable

  • LUNDUN says:

    di video is sooo dark u can’t see nothing

  • Met says:

    same so nix………… condom either

  • Brightlight says:

    @Dwrl Yea I get that but even in general, when you encounter these kids these days it’s like u rather, or at least I’d rather, cross the street. They are rude, vulgar and provocative in everything they do. Other day I’m in the park relaxing and parents are there with their children and of course the teenage kids wanna hang roun there when they come outta school. Two boys shouting back and forth to each other so loud “Nigga suck my dick”. Like they don’t have no scruples. And yes, even in my teenage time there was some serious misfits. I don’t know, I just feel like there’s no decency these days. Like u barely see it and these kids seem extra terrible.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Brightie is the same thing i battle wit when i think about having kids its is disheartening and sad bad i feel u on this one 100%

  • Brightlight says:

    @Chuet ok at least is not just me alone. It really is bothering me lately.

  • RUMOR says:

    GONE r the days when schoolas teef weh and go a boys&girls champs, are go a carib go watch a show……….dem yaah lst gingeRATION, TOO HEAVY FOR ME, LORD COME DOWN, AND PRAY FOR THEM….AMEN…..

  • highly peepin says:

    Marcus Garvey hs a St. Ann’s bay??? Me God, children are no longer children anymore. I’m lost for words!!

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Disgusting to say the least….. IFFFFF ah eva my pickney dat – wedder boy or girl, mi nuh tink jailhouse wudda miss mi enuh.

    Can you imagine, mi sen mi gyal pickney go skool an shi deh ah ppl yawd ah suck nex gyal p—- an ah f000 – bareback at dat……

    Mi sey is like finding a needle in a haystack when yuh buck up pon one teenager wid mannaz nowadays. Dem mout dutty an dem duss loud an obnoxious.

    Bless up an congrats to di parents whey nuh pet an play wid pickney, aldoa some ah dem nuh matta how yuh try grow dem good, dem shame yuh thu klaat

  • Flatbush Ave...NYC says:

    These kids need to be drop kicked and f000ed up entirely. These kids will bring shame not only to themselves but their families as well. This is why we need corporal punishment back in the schools here in America and in the islands as well. Furthermore the police need to take away all those public transports that carry schoolers and playing vulgar music whether it’s Rap, or Dancehall. This f000ery need to come to an end otherwise there will be no future with these type of children coming up.

  • Observer says:

    dem yah pitney c all big ooman n big man an still a bell out di nasty words dem…membah all a yawd if yuh a gwaan a way an big ppl a pass….yuh wol yuh tongue n seh sorry madda but not now ooooo

  • Riches says:

    Met, thanks for giving Brightie that comment, all is not lost, i am disheartened listening to this and as nix seh everything sound so mechanical, like they are experimenting. I sat listening and wonder about my now 18 mths old baby god know. I imagine what it will be like when it is her time to attend school, there is the pervasiveness in our schools where sex is concerned, and i was sayin to my colleague at wrk that there is little that we can do to shield our childr, we just have to grow them good and pray that they will make the right decisions wen confronted with things like dese, it sad tho, an dat damn gyal inna d background appalin!

  • Dwrl says:

    Mind you at the time my friend live inna church every Saturday , didn’t even curse. But her crotches had no principle. ANNO little beat she get from HAR granny,uncles etc,. But sex was her thing. @briteeye most a dem WEH a dweet a saints the vulgar ones naw dweet a the little ones WEH you feel can’t mash ants.

  • Ms.B says:

    This type of ting bn going on forever . I am not shocked at all. When I was in school tings like this went down a lot!

  • LMAO says:


  • Met says:

    it is an audio no porn

  • Anonymous says:

    Parents! Wake d 000 Up!!!

  • highly concerned says:

    Bwoy to raas, me nuh know wha fi say!! God if u nuh busy please stop rite yah, duh !!

  • Met says:

    yes they need to because mi a wonder where r their parents…whey dem parents

  • Soldier of Jah says:

    Greetings Met & All

    Sight it & am flabbergasted. Before di pikni dem rally & unite for a cause, any cause…….. oh who am I trying to fool? Scriptures may make it clear, but since the youths of today don’t read (it), YOLO & Do As Thou Wilt is the mantra and commandment that rules, sadly.

  • Cc says:

    Mi si di video yessideh an about six r seven pickney inna di house a 00up a storm, how sumuch pickey in a one house wid no adult supervision? back in di days yuh madda a mek a flex shi ask di nayba fi gi a eye, dem ppl yah nowadays live suh bad dem ting deh naa gwaan agen, as a yute more time afta school mi an mi fren dem deh pon mi endz a run boat an nuh care how mi fix back di house b4 mi madda come as shi pull di door shi can tell seh smaddy did in deh weh nuh belong in deh, den shi ban mi from road wid few kunk backa dat, by time di ban fi lift di last ting mi waa duh is meck a nex wrong move, di yutes dem naa grow wid nuh principle, dere is no more strict disciplinary parenting a gwaan suh kids nuh hav nuh fear, dem jus duh wah dem want widout Tinkin of any consequence, wid sumuch influence aroun dem, dem need disciplin more now Dan ever smh.

  • Jackson says:

    If mi si my son or my daughter on a video like that……dem haffi live somewherelse

  • mifedupadealmshouse says:

    This video sick mi stomach. What a piece a nastiness an slackness school “children” gone to. Forgive them O Lord.

  • Latty says:

    It is full time we start locking up these awful pervert who continue to take disadvantage of our children

  • Anonymous says:

    jah know star

  • Jack says:

    Dem parent is to blame they don’t have much interest in there kids Dem need fi stoned to death at a cross road shame and disgrace to all we jamaican

  • Anonymous says:

    hello a nuh marcus pickney alone in the video is only one of them . U ppl tend to see the bad things about the skool wat about the gud things the skool ave done y u ppl tend to hide it y ???????

  • Jahmekyah says:

    jah know star di wholla oonu a gwaan like it neva happen eena fi oonu times.
    true nuh intanet neva deh bout dem times deh. even oonu granny dem times shyt use to happen .
    the fact that di girls dem a fifteen an di boys 19 mek it a criminal case. wah di police dem a do bout it ?
    and yes it is child porn so whomever post it on line is criminally responsible.
    and abusing children is not the answer. just remember when oonu use to get abused by your parents and grand parents ??
    nuff said.
    for all a oonu who tink mi agree wid the nastiniss, no mi no agree wid it
    but violence nah goh solve di problems weh blk kids all over the world have.
    and fi di lady weh tink di dutty Kartel muzik nuh have nutten fi duh wid it, think again
    oh yeah and white kids do it too
    so does Indians and chinese a picknie dem

  • diva says:

    dem pickney yah too rude a swear demmek mi start tlk inah gypsy

  • trey says:

    just not god

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