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Good evening Met im a big fan of the blog and I really want u to post this bcuz these 2 f=== need to be exposed. Wen i was reading di post bout di f—- dem today mi almost shit myself bcuz dis shoulda happen long time. u see met mi have a likkle girl whey fi di bleach out bull tracey bredda. At first everyting was good but den di ol fat ass buttu start dis mi up and mi pikney. She all say mi daughter anno har niece an all type a shit. She feel say everybody wants to trouble har since dem expose di ol shithouse pan fb di otha day. Di gal even feel say mi want har ol bowaz man. NO ms. tracey mi naw want him or nobody else inna di community. All unno do is sit inna house an look fi scam ppl. Yes u have made ur millions but u could only live offa other ppl money fi so long. Tracey u mussa suffer from amnesia cause u a di same one wen dey f— down the whole Hopewell wit u dutty cousin dem. All u poor granny a mek complain sey u dey sex inna har setting an lef di used condom inna di woman setting. U feel sey dat right? u even ship off di ol woman to kingston to move u ol ill shaped madda inna di house an u ol bitch ass man. u gwan like u a villiage lawyer sit pon fb whole day pree inna ppl page. like di sender sey u life truly wah sort out anno my fault sey u caah breed so why must u be jealous at the fact i had a child for your brother. How u gwan mi feel sey u mus wan f— him or sumting. U need to continue fi babysit u man an like di other sender sey keep outta u bredda affairs let him tek care of di pickney him create. Stop feel sey u betta dan ppl cause u di live offa other ppl money u fat ass neva work a day inna u life, unlike u mi can proud a myself cause mi can put on mi stockings an put on mi uniform an throw mi bag pon shoulder go a mi work every morning. An Simon u call yourself a man but u allow di ol buttu fi run u life all beat u wen she ready, di ol dutty gal all dey diss up u family Simon an all u can do is let di ol facety gal do it. keep gwan like sey u a goodaz ms. tracey cause u forget sey everybody know u from long time dat u wen big time lesbian dats why u choose ol sissy Simon fi man cause u know sey u can overpower him ras. Keep u facety commonets about mi pickney to yourself u fat ass sketel.

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