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  • Smh! says:

    Prayer works metty…Me see dis yesterday but what ooman a guh wa di shit up cock…. Hide your kids…

  • Little Willie says:

    Mi glad you believe him. Tiger…..stripes…..Lieger!!

  • REAL T.O. says:

    you will be whoever God ordains you to be…
    sometimes, you go through craziness to get to tranquility…

  • PPL busineSS says:

    met if it was d other way around (HIM COMING OUT) dem would a gi him a warm reception

  • good girl gone bad says:

    God delivers ppl from some terrible things so who am i to say this is not this man’s truth. If him can deliver prostitute, tief, and murder he is strong enough to deliver someone who was once gay.

  • Met says:

    What I respect from what he said he said society is telling a lie…The bible clearly states being gay is wrong..I respect that

  • Observer says:

    suh does dis mean seh “homosexuality” is not “innate” :nerd

  • Brightlight says:

    Good morning Miss Met and metters. Missed u all. :peluk

    All I can say is this, if he is being true in what he is now professing, God bless him. I can only imagine the uphill battle he’ll be facing. It will be easy to slip back into that lifestyle as it is with any sin. I wish him all the best.

  • Met says:

    good morning brightie if u notice he is really professing the bible itself..he said he still battles with the life but very adamant that the bible said its wrong…What can they say now?? God a God …morning agen brightie I was just wondering where you were this morning too :peluk

  • good girl gone bad says:

    murderer*….One ting mi notice bout ppl inna society is dem eva ah try keep ppl down by continuing to bring up their past. Your mistakes dont define you, ah dat ppl fi know. Society and ppl are ever changing, what u like in the past is not necessarily what u like in the future.

  • front row seat says:

    The bible seh: if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away. Big up to this young man who recognize seh the spirit of homosexuality did hold him captive but God still reigns. He prayed his way out. This can happen to and for anybody. More a dem soon turn to God. watch it!!

  • Observer says:

    mawning brightie :kiss

    di only ting mi a focus pon as FACTS outta em mout a bout di bible suh all unnuh odda battyman fi ere n lissen THE BIBLE SEH IT RONG a one a fi unnuh ex seh it suh unnuh betta believe it oooo TEK HEED!!!!!

  • 187 Dem says:

    This is deep & for what it’s worth, this man is embracing a change in his lifestyle that is hard (temptation) to do. There are alot of things that are wrong where the Bible is concerned, but homosexuality is an abomination & while I tend to not care or judge people for their personal preference It’s is a good thing that he now has a different outlook…. To each is own, God is a forgiving God so if he chooses to turn his life around & be with women his psat should not be held against him…

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    That’s great if he has decided to change his life around, I wish more of them would make that decision. I’m frighten how so many ppl want to be Gay…Two women want to get married and two men yet they want to have children, Adopt people kids kmt :nohope Lord please intervene in this world of confusion.

  • Yep! says:

    Metty I’d like to ask you a question………. Why is Antoine yelling?

  • Met says:

    yeppie tell me what mi fi seh and i will sing tweet and fb it :nerd

  • gee says:

    hope who so ever woman him a go date get him tested first, cuz most gay guys are HIV positive

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Glad fi him but as a woman I would NEVER date a man knowing that he was a “reformed” homosexual. No san! Once I know your mouth/batty meet a next man mouth/cocky you lose offa me. BUt hope he finds another “reformed” gay woman & them can mek a family. GOod luck Anotine :kimpoi

  • kehkemkem says:

    good going antoine. when you are born again you are indeed ah new person and all old things are in the pass. i hope he stays on the right side of jesus and it will be tough. because homosexuality is a a demonic spirit thats hard to break and i’ll support him if that’s really what he want to do and change is good especially this sort of change. believe mi the angels in heaven are truly rejoicing.

  • IKR says:

    Good going but he has a long road fi trod. Him need di holy ghost inna him and a baptism. If not, him ago continue fi live inna di flesh. As opposed to spiritual. Him need fi put di bible whey him ass deh. Right at his ass. It ez fi di devil rob him ass again.No pun intended, but a di truth!! Guh a church.. A desso nice

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