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11 Responses to IS THAT A KNITTING BAG?

  • Elephant man was not that convincing in dispelling the rumors that he is ‘palling’ around with certain guys…

  • Met says:

    morning…and not with that ladies bag falling in front of him either

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Morningggg den wait no di famous goosi belt that lolllllll

  • Met says:


  • Little Willie says:

    Met….suspend Tawkchuet immediately fi two day…..DWRCLLLLLL!!!!
    GOOCI >>>>mi ded. First time mi wikniss spelling with a lisp….boom, bang!!

  • Anonymous says:

    me want know if a pad and extra wipes him have up in that they woman bag

  • Beautifully Made says:

    Can someone explain to me WHY??? these dancehall “men” ( I use the term MEN loosely) pick up with the euopean(battyman aka Feminine) style. I see NOTHING masucline nor fly about that shit. They all look stupid as f000. No fashion inna dat, sorry come again!!! Stop it Please!!!! Unno look f000ing RIDICULOUS

  • Deservingly, Ele is getting hit really hard on here!!!

  • status says:

    Ele I would like to know how you ain’t bald yet? Cause for your hair treatment not normal at all. As to the bag :ngacir:

  • Met says:

    status mi waa know is wha him a use because di hair still a grow…but i hear seh dem put in false hair

  • Brownberry says:

    Ele, something just not right about your appearance. Ele you see why when them bawl out that them see you with man in a pool, you have some people a scratch them head and a wonder if a true – well this dressing right here is the reason behind it. You need to stop it and start dress like man again. I see the bag in Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

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