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See how couples can make “LOVE” better in their BEDROOM

A couple’s s*xuality is one of the very simple parts of their lives. When couples are not s*xually expressing themselves satisfactorily, they are not really enjoying marriage to the fullest. S*x stimulates couples physically, mentally and binds them spiritually.S*x affects couples’ health, enhances sleep, fights diseases, augments the defence mechanism and creates a feeling of total wellbeing. S*x is just too good; it is clean, delicious fun…Many married couples think that fantastic, incredible, uplifting and relaxing s*x is beyond their reach. I challenge you to have a re-think, because an intense and fulfilling s*x life begins with your thoughts and attitude to s*x. It is within a couple’s power to have a passionate and fulfilling s*x life. The more prepared and active a spouse is in seeking and giving pleasure to his or her partner, the more he or she will get thrilling and revitalizing s*x in return. Some couples says “oh I can’t even remember the last time we made exceptional or unforgettable love”. Hmmm! If that is the case just stop for a moment, drop all you are doing and just for a moment think about having passionate s*x with your spouse right now and you will be amazed at how aroused, ready and overwhelming you will be right away!!! You see!!!Now with this level of feeling, arousal and readiness give your spouse a call and book an appointment for a ‘special meeting’. Even if you are on a special ‘fasting assignment’, this special appointment can still be booked after the fast. To make sure you keep ‘this special appointment’, please for once give it exceptional attention. If you work in an office you may for once close before the closing hours to beat the traffic and be punctual for ’this’ special appointment! If you are a entrepreneur, make sure everything is in place and put this appointment on your priority list for the day. If you are a nursing mother ask someone else to do the school runs for you and help take care of the kids just for few hours to attend to your ‘special appointment’.When you are at the venue of ‘the appointment’, be it in your home or a special location, do not wait to be turned on. Start by turning yourself on. How, you may ask? By still thinking on how tasty, fabulous and creative s*x is going to be between both of you. The more active your thoughts are the s*xier you will feel. And the s*xier you feel, the better s*x will be, regardless of your age, shape, weight, look, health, current situation. Just make sure you are in your best frame of mind because studies have shown that married partners with high self-esteem and a positive mindset enjoy brilliant s*x. They can take s*x to a level far higher than those who constantly feel bad about everything.If you are experiencing a communication road block with your spouse and there seems to always be a great wall of misunderstanding between both of you on important issues, remember that great s*x is just another way of communicating with your lover. If you keep the line of good s*xual communication open, you will be able to discuss other issues of life freely and sincerely. What is s*xual communication? Simply put, it is the ability to talk about what you find enjoyable, sensational, adventurous and memorable in a guilt-free atmosphere.The more often you create room for this ’special appointment’ scenario, the more chances you will have you to work on improving on your s*x life. You will have no room for inhibitions and preconceptions about what you would or would not do with your husband or wife. Your perception of your perception will then change for the better. We are all s*xual creatures and our bodies have a way of giving us first hand information about our s*xuality when we spend more time exploring the intricacies of their makeup. In exploring what gets your spouse fired up try not to be critical. Your spouse’s s*x drive is like a console with t

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