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He rejected my children and I, I need help!

Dear Taiwo,
PLEASE, help my children and I. I don’t want to die of poverty and hunger. I look at my children and weep. I don’t know what I did to my husband to deserve such treatment. This is a man who pledged to love me come rain or sunshine.
I am a graduate of Religious Studies from a Federal University. We both studied the same course for our first degree and met in the university. My dream was to become a lecturer, I so much loved and appreciated African Traditional Religion and I planned to major on it for my Masters Degree and P.Hd, but by the time we finished our National Youth Service, events overtook a lot of our plans.
Denis, my boyfriend lost his mother; his only surviving parent. As at this time, plans were on for our traditional wedding. We eventually had it but it wasn’t how we planned it. The first thing that was affected was our plan to proceed on our Masters degree immediately because Denis had three younger siblings to take care of.
I would have gone ahead, but I felt the only way I could show my love and support was to wait and help him financially. I got a job as a teacher and he did too. We delayed having children because of his siblings. I had our first baby six years after we got married. Even at this time, my husband got mad at me accusing me of not supporting him or helping with his siblings.
I also had siblings who needed my support, but Denis was always on my neck when it came to the issue of money. My own father also died while I was young; the first child in my family, I have two younger ones I should help my mother train, one of the reason my mother struggled to send me to the university, but this was not to be because of my husband’s attitude. This situation made my relationship with my mother and siblings strained.
When our first child was three, I raised the idea of having another child, but my husband refused. It was funny to me because all his actions negated the plan we had while we were courting. I went ahead to get pregnant and you needed to witness his reaction the day he learnt I was carrying another baby, you would think I committed murder. He told me without mincing words that I would be solely responsible for the child when I delivered. I thought he was joking, but he made good his promise. The most painful part however is that Daniel (my son) is his replica. I also did not know that while I was struggling with him to make ends meet, he had already registered for his masters Degree. He even attended his convocation without my knowledge. A mutual friend saw him at the convocation ground and called me.
Hell was let loose when I asked him, he confirmed it and said that my interest was more in making babies and I should go ahead. I was pained and sad, I had no one to run to, as my mother was still bitter about the fact that I wasn’t helping out with the care of my siblings.
I made up my mind to return to school too, but twice, I have saved enough money to do so, but something would come up that would disturb me and I would eventually spend the money. As cheap as an academic masters degree is, I couldn’t raise enough money to register for it. I became frustrated, because the little I made is spent on housekeeping. I decided to go for a family planning device when my refusal to have sex became an issue in our home.
I took Copper T, but Denis always complained that he felt it whenever we were having sex; I had to go and remove it. The month I removed it, I became pregnant, sincerely, I would have had an abortion, but I did not know I was pregnant until I was about 12 weeks gone. You wouldn’t believe what Denis did to me when he learnt I was pregnant with our child. He beat me up like a disobedient child.
On a fateful Sunday, Denis changed the locks to the house and instructed his younger brother who resides with us not to open the door for the kids and I after the church service.
I thought it was a joke or a dream, that night; we had to sleep in the church. It has been three months now since Denis sent my children and I away from home. With the help of my pastor, my mother agreed to allow my children to stay with her, but she said she cannot take care of me and the pregnancy with the two other children.
I have since been living on peoples kindness, I am so confused and sad I don’t know what to do. The last I heard was that he said he wanted a divorce. Please, Taiwo what can I do? How do I handle this kind of situation. Somebody help me.


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