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  • Anonymous says:

    rebecca u need fi look inna uself and see what your problems is! bout u gone pan tv a seek man lmao

  • Met says:

    this is just for tv..not serious people

  • my2cents says:

    met it say the content is unavailable

  • Met says:
  • my2cents says:

    met me find this online when me see the ad again I will listen. Maybe a because me never a pay much attention to it, me did just happen fi get a glimpse of her and hear a little of what she said.

  • MY NAME IS.... says:

    I think she looks nice, speaks well and carries herself well in this video. It does not appear that she would be an embarrassment to her Jamaican countrymen. She in fact doesn’t even sound Jamaican on this video at all….not sure what the accent is but it is unlike any Jamaican accent I have ever heard uptown, country or ghetto…never heard a native Jamaican accent that sounds like this. Nevertheless, she looks good and I hope this show works out for her.

  • Addicted says:

    Excuse me @My name is .She speaks just like any intelligent articulate Jamaican and i can hear the Jamaican accent clearly.
    I am not sure you are a Jamaican as you would know that’s how our “uptowners” speak.

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    she cant hide the accent for nothing but its cute

  • ... says:

    Met! mi seh mi log on @ mi hear one speaky spokey voice an a wonda a who hack mi laptop…HENYWAY! Milk it girl! I like the fact she mek john public know seh Jamaicans don’t only speak in dialect

  • KrissyB says:

    met me hear say yuh start kiss out whouring rebecca battyhole now because she find out a who yuh be and threaten fi out yuh? a true? or maybe after the conversation she have wid yuh yuh just fall in love wid her lmao!!

  • a diff me says:

    what accent ? she clearly sounds Jamaican to me

    she speaks like any regular intelligent Jamaican person

    she is not trying to speaky spokey, lol

    u people are a trip

    i’m lovin it – looking forward to watching it

  • a diff me says:

    MET also check out Rebecca in @chainz video – i’m different at the carwash scene at 1:10 mark

    she doin her tv thing – ja kim k lol

  • Met says:

    hold on mek a ansa dis person…people a comment mi not even ina di post or a pay it much mind but u a watch rebecca underneath and har life so hard u know when har hole up down capsize and rejuvinize … if u a go talk u shit talk your shit but dont draw mi ina it and a spew lies pan tap a it..go lie pan u body and u hole and see if u can get what rebecca getting wid har dunce uneducated whoring self….that u cannot get wid ur saint educated self

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