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23 Responses to ONSTAGE WID MS KITTY

  • soap opera says:

    good morning all happy n beautiful sunday to u, shes 120% right dancehall world don’t have a retirement system, get your life!!!

  • Met says:

    good morning soap opera

  • Vizio says:

    Ambition is priceless that’s something in your veins and I doubt that ever will change!!
    We must always go in it to win & have fun while doing it!!!

  • soap opera says:

    morning madam

  • Tawkchuet says:

    New found respect for Kitty lalalalalalalalala

  • PPL busineSS says:

    Morning Met….she remind me a DONNA HOPE intelligent n full a vibes lol, kudos to u Ms. Kitty, WE R ALL PROUD OF U…n mET me see pon u later post about Khadine being ridicule at school which is soo true but me glad how she rise above all a dat

  • Met says:

    :peluk morningggg

  • ithasarrived says:

    Mi always rate har but trust mi shi raise d bar…….

  • CNN says:

    big up met! how r u? this interview was so uplifting and motivating, Ms Kitty u r a real role model for todays society,I would luv to get the chance to meet you personally, mi nah lie,my girl yuh versatile, a little prim n proper and a little ghetto style. suh met if yuh ave a link pon har hook mi up nuh!!!

  • goodLifeNhelperWeLuv says:

    where in JA ms kitty originate from n which HS she did go.??????…………mi rate R ting

  • Parkertalker says:

    love love ms kitty very inteligent woman,full of grace & class.she will always be on top
    because she is likleable and very humble not to mention educated. miss kitty wish all the best in your next endeavours and i will be listening to your radio show.

  • she doesnt take herself too seriously and thats good.

  • Fyahwife says:

    Big up ms kitty straight

    A we say beauty and brains

  • Cindy Royal says:

    RJR being against Ms. Kitty taking up Link-up Media offer to do internet streaming all stems from the bullshit that went down when Barbara Gloudon publicly insulting Squeeze, & he in turn pull his portion of the show from RJR. So because of one old woman’s bullshit, a young woman must suffer??? Kmt RJR a luuu.

    Big up Ms. Kitty! She will prosper no matter where she goes.

  • Met says:

    insult squeeze how cindy??

  • Cindy Royal says:

    It come up pan here already Met. It was during the incident wid di X-6 killer man & Squeeze an another man was expressing concern about how the police was handling it during di Link up segment – u know, like they were more for protecting di man dan getting him locked up – an a doe know if a har menopause or a just har overall bitchyniss but shi basically dip up unda Squeeze, mi cudda only siddung an a wonda a y shi a disrespect dem suh. But mi a listen to har from mi a pickney an it always amaze mi how sumbody can totally ovashadow dem wisdom by just being unnecessarily insulting, an dat is she.

  • Met says:

    which menapause cindy? she nuh pass dat age and stage long long time????? den jus get har cross maybe but dem try get rid a kitty because dem tink she a go mek too much money nothing but dat

  • Cindy Royal says:

    The way badmind active in Jamaica & in ppl who have way more than they need, it wouldn’t surprise me if a dat fi real enuh Met, cuz nuh matta how much dem have, dem nuh wah nuhbody else fi have tuh.

  • Met says:

    a nothing but dat because it was not in her contract before so why rewrite a contract fi include that ? badmine

  • pretty girl says:

    am i the only one who thinks she was trying too hard?? i can hear in her manner and speech that she is smart but the big words dem was not always need..and the verbosity(my big word)was extra…not because you have a big vernacular dont mean you have to force it..but i do like her and thinks shes doing very well..

  • pretty girl says:

    am i the only one who thinks she was trying too hard?? i can hear in her manner and speech that she is smart but the big words dem was not always needed..and the verbosity(my big word)was extra…not because you have a big vernacular dont mean you have to force it..but i do like her and thinks shes doing very well..

  • Anonymous says:

    I love me some Ms. Kitty……love it wen she says lalallalalala. Great interview and I’m happy for her. Ambition is a gift u affi born with it.

  • Cindy Black says:

    RJR is really unfair to Miss Kitty if what she says about them is true. There is always 3 sides to a story, the victim side, the oppressor and the correct side. How can RJR have someone for so many years and don’t give Miss Kitty any benifit and she is doing a great job. I never knew the impact she had on radio until she left, because during her segment i would be at work. No one is perfect but she really had listeners glued unto her program. As it realtes to squeeze and link up media, i hope squeeze knows and realise Miss Kitty is not a press button personality and you have some male in the media industry who if they are not pressing buttons they let go people easily. Normally people do not work long with Squeeze for long period of time because for some reason Squeeze tend to want to take over people show or tell them what to do. Well Miss Kitty nuff ratings and all the best, i am so sorry RJR don’t realise they have good people with them now and them need to treat people good, not because job hard to get means them must exploit people, i am so sorry for the young people that are entering the media industry now a days. RJR is a good station, but RJR management need to really meet with their top management and look on how they treat their staff and treat the people better. IF we don’t advertise and listen there would be no RJR

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