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dear met

Title: Superstar Preements!!!!

Message Body:
Hi Ms Met, Mi have a concern and mi ah beg yu readers fe some or advice, please and tonks!!! I am dating a popular well respected reggae artist, him have him ppl (not married) and mi have fe mi ppl (not married). We decide fe start a likkle ting pon de side, but mi naw lie from de first time we have sex mi HOOK to de cocky LOL. Him tell me ah whole heap ah tingz, all ah plan fe mek certain movements real soon but mi wah believe him cause yu cyaa use ah nex man fat an fry summaddy else. So fe dat reason mi wah give it a fair shot. Now mi question is, since him popular pon de scene unnu tink mi shoulda give ah fair chance, or, run like dem set me pon fire!!?? BTW mi c him almost anytime, dat is as long as him nah work.

22 Responses to DEAR MET AND METTERS

  • Addicted says:

    Blessed good morning to Met and all others.
    Sender you are going to do whatever you want to do ,no matter what advice the bloggers give BUT remember the saying” Same way you get him will be the same way you lose him”
    You started out as a cheater so when he starts cheating on you just accept it for what it is.
    If you are not willing to be cheated on by him ( same way he cheated on his people with you)then start running from now.

  • Vizio says:

    There are many things you should consider before having sex.You already engaged the man in sexual activities & now you are asking if you should give him a “fair chance ?” I hope you are using contraceptives cause your self esteem is beneath. I am pretty sure if Captain Barkey &Tracy Bennett could turn back the hands of time , they would have some good advise for you.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    First, there is not enough information here for anyone to offer any advice. Second, if you don’t know if he’s telling the truth, how can we, when we are distant from you, he and the situation?
    The fact that you are wondering if he’s running games is quite telling. When something is real you have no doubt, you know and feel it in your core.
    The rule of thumb is, if there is any doubt, there is no doubt. If you have to wonder if my hair is real or fake, it only means it’s a damn good weave for if it were real, you would know it and wouldn’t have to ask.

  • KMT..yuh a look notice..

  • Real says:

    nothing will come of it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the entertainer is just being entertained

  • anthony says:

    Same way you only see him when him not working same way him other women them see when him not working

  • anthony says:

    I mean the same way you see him when he is not working it is the same way his other women only see him when he is not working. In other word he telling everybody the same I am working story.

  • Observer says:

    @ imheretocalloutstupidcomments I miss you :peluk yu so rite senda lowe mian tap wok mi nerves bout preements…is a dose a aids yuh want…di man hav em ppl yuh likkle germz yuh

  • Observer says:

    yes vizio :shakehand2

  • PPL busineSS says:

    Morning Met n METTERS Sender u sound like smaddy over d age a 25 n at dat de age de u suppose to been there n dun dat n know when man a use u r want u, DONT MEK KILLA 11″1/4 KAKKI blind u – u damn idiot the mere fact that u a question d ting u should run like tief, man tell oman whe dem waan hear all d time worst if d kitty good n him always a go waan access to it, worst him a entertainer he needs to be entertained at all times can bet say u play hard fi get at first n now u head over heels…kmt

  • Let me be blunt, you are wasting your time. Nothing good will come out of this–you started out of the wrong food. This ‘Artiste’ is doing what he always does and he will never change. It is also plausible that this is not the first time you are stepping out on your person also…

    He met you when you both are involved and I am certain that his woman does not know about you. Imagine of you were to become his primary? You won’t be able to help thinking that he is doing to you what he did to his current woman.

    As weh Bounty Killa seh, “…tek a slap and gwaan…” That’s all this is a good time. You would be dead wrong if you were to think otherwise. The odds are against you trust me… Buss some shot after fantasy and put a leash on reality…

  • Sincere says:

    “BTW mi c him almost anytime, dat is as long as him nah work.”
    Sender mi like how Suit an Tie it up …….. I guess we should give you advice based on the fact that you see him………… Help her Jesus…. cause this bigger than Met!

  • @Sincere, the sender’s mind is made up; it is as if she just want to let us know that she is in her situation…

  • Sensational says:

    What good has ever come out of dating a reggae artist? Than death by gunshots or aids. Becareful what you wish for young lady, it may take you to an earlier grave before your time. Some of us live life so recklessly, and do things that makes us go faster before our real time. Some only live for lust, and confuse it with love. Good luck!

  • CNN says:

    what is so special or so oustanding about an entertainer? r u a groupie? or is it that u specialize in dating entertainers? from yuh a ? this yuh know seh yuh a guh continue duh yuh ting apart from sex, whatever else ur intentions r.


  • CNN says:


  • Met says:

    Lalibela :hammer I would say the same

  • Little Willie says:

    Why are we overlooking the Sender’s current relationship. Sender, weh yu a plan fi do wid your man? Yu tell di Artist seh yu aguh leff your man? Or yu plan fi keep di two of them satisfied?

  • Met says:

    willie :hammer :tkp

  • ThEXOnE says:

    This bigger than me, me have too many questions

  • Yep! says:

    DWL!!! Mi gone :travel

  • dark n lovely says:

    My girl,dont leave sure fi unsure! Sound like di man weh yuh have didnt do anything to you fi yuh waan left him,unfair games play twice memba that yuh hear!

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