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Dont know a wah do this tacky suck pussy undercover battyboi a gwan like say him can dress an him dont know the first thing bout fashion. Him tacky bad wid him (Edited) self. Thats him in the green plaid shirt and the tacky grey jacket

∕̴Ɩηdяε̲̣̣̣̥---- »̶ŷouηgε̲̣̣̣̥----sŧ vetε̲̣̣̣̥----raη«̶(3)-Optimized


dwl ll-Optimized


5 Responses to PLEASE SEH WHEY DI MAN DO…………..Thx

  • Den koo pon him boot inna d 2nd pic. Dat alone mek u see sey a one ghetto bwoy whey nuh have nuttin. So whey u a cuss fah? U kno a man’s class by him shoes!!!

  • Observer says:

    luk like anedda gyal get fuk n duk :nohope:

  • hottieMeka says:

    From the looks of those pix you can see that he is tacky indeed. A weh him get that green jacket thing from. The grey jacket in the 2nd pic looks like it came from a setee.

  • empress says:

    One big ghetto fish. Real rachette looking in those outfits.

  • bling says:

    Tacky tacky bad#hot mess!! Him need a closet! N di hottest thing him like carry news n trouble wid him mouth! A big battyman In disguise but me couldn’t go trick me!!!

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