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From: ashley
Title: a bet sey yuh neva fppp wid anada gyal man!!

Message Body:
dis likkle pissytail gyal yah wey dont even know how fi wash har dutty cratches or har dutty panty. dis likkle gyal brite cah she get a one f=== an know from day 1 sey him have him wife an kids an all of a sudden she a come nuff up harself, di man dont even a pay yuh nuh mind. RUSHELLE yuh need fi get a life and concentrate pon yuh school work. she a 18 an still inna 9 grade, all she do is walk an tek married man an have facety chat behind it. all she do is walk, breed an dash wey belly, she nyam a 6 months sey if she nyam one more belly a dead she ago dead. di whole a PORT ANTONIO f== har, a she buss a di likkle bwoy dem inna di community. she dont even know har farda, cause dem sey har uncle a har fada, har madda did a tek two bredda! pissytail PORTLAND mattress yuh need fi leave di people dem man alone. bitch yuh have no layalty, yuh walk an tek di whole a yuh fren dem man, anybody wey she nuh tek a who she nuh hear dem sey. bitch yuh need some clothes, yuh n aked like bakkle before dem put on di label. bitch tek yuh p== haffa yuh farrid an put it back between yuh leg an stop f== yuh madda man. she nuh have noo p=== principle. i hope the next bitch man yuh tek dem f== yuh up….despearte groupie get a bloodclaut life an come outta di people dem life! guh drink bleach and kick rocks inna yuh open toe slippers BITCH AKA RUSHELLE FROM PORTLAND!!!!!!!!!


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