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Allissa Gotitgood


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Party flex chilling with her sis,dad and family fren

Neva Know say Shabba did have a baby not much bigger than Allissa own


  • Anonymous says:

    Who is the next baby mom.Alissa look like a goat

  • Anonymous says:

    Shabba stop call up mi friend phone

  • Anonymous says:

    Is this man shabba that girl Nikki baby father… Nikki that was waring with Alissa last yr… So many shabbas and Nikki’s I’m confused

  • Anonymous says:

    I say the pictures and I must say that his girls r beautiful

  • Observer says:

    ppl dem a roll enn :nerd

  • Fed free up marsha mafia says:

    Good morning met and metter marsha come out but kemar still in there a cry like a baby

  • F000ing Kraases says:

    Kmft. Yes a di same Nikki and Shabba. Dat dog shit name Alissa gonna get her’s. She sick stomach & she ugly no f000. She need fi go humbler her nuff self becaz karma is a bitch. All a dwm a idiot. Shaba look anything moving. Disgusting

  • Observer says:

    dats nice marsha cum out :thumbup a who free har up agen n framm where? :nerd

  • Dutty Shabba him ave bbymadda a England name jackie who him don’t minds neither. But jackie a fuk junior barber now

  • philty says:

    Shabba wife Nikki juss have him son last week. That is her dawta on the left in the pic who just turned one yesterday. Alissa baby a 3 months pon di right ina shabba hand. Mi a try do di calculation of when dem woman breed. all me kno dem is a set a germs. Nikki shoulda neva go back go breed fi shabba chu she hear seh Shabba breed Alissa. as ame way him coulda swap Aids gi di 2 a dem. nikki mi know you mad when you see Shabba a hol di outside pickni and him fren a hol urs. All I know this will be a neva ending saga cause no baddie no want Alissa so she will continue to barrow ur hussband. All di move she a plan fi move back a Georgia, nikki ur husband will find a new recruit everywhere he goes. Shabba is not and will not be marriage material. You think him woulda learn from all dis saga, di clown still ina dance a look woman like smady tell him seh him cute. You shoulda teck di one pickni and move him up, now him a get brite a preps up wid sife pickni ina u face. i know dat has to hurt like hell no matter how hard you try to pretend. Alissa is one a di britest mate mi eva see. She teck di gal man and no stop rubb it een.

  • Anonymous says:

    @9:57 u telling me after him guh breed Alissa Nikki desperate self run guh breed if prove something.. Suh him have 3 babies in a five yr mark … Nikki baby, Alissa baby then Nikki baby again smh UNO women bad ehhh… Nikki u look more fool… UNO mek man look gr8.. Blame everybody but d man weh have 2 ah UNO at war.. Can’t stand URL dancehall ppl lol

  • Observer says:

    puhleeze :nohope: good gawd man

  • PHILTY says:

    mI SEH di man have 3 baby ina less than 2 yrs time. And those are the ones we no about. the way him gwann like him a cockzman ,mi sure know seh more ina hide and fraid fi talk cause dem shame. The sad part about it is a my tax dallaz a spend pon dem cause a free milk and things a support dem. Shabba affi spend him money pon Gucci plus him nah wukk no weh. Mi sick a dem gal ya a breed fi hype man weh no give 2 shits about dem nah dem pickni. If him nah mine di 10 before urs, what make unu think unu a exceptions. .

  • Anonymous says:

    Can you post pix of the 2 gal

  • Feds free up marsha mafia says:

    Allissa and nicky better unu start live good so shabba dont have to go outside unu better start please him with threesome ctfu

  • CNN says:

    suh a skilly a di stepmother? family reunion!!!! bloodclaat noooo sah!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @ 10:27 sad,sad eh.. Him no have dry shit inna him rass! Dem nun shame? Like mi seh before UNO mek man look gr8.. Maybe dem content wit dem mucky lives *kanye shrug*

  • Lady WoW says:

    pickney nah hold man again :kr

  • Anonymous says:

    This is crazy

  • Anonymous says:

    all ah philly mate dem bright, dem go good skool lol

  • Anonny says:

    no man Allissa fe start delete some a unuh nasty rass off har fb n insta… caz dats all some a unuh good fah… ge walk an spread ppl life as a f000n entertainment unuh sick tumuck no rasscalt and unuh nyaa live betta dan d gal to rass…… All she a d nex rass one whey she badda put up de pic de fah n she knw it ago caz Controversy ina d camp a attention some bytch luv so!!!

  • Anonny says:

    so wa unuh say lady moggla cum bk?? caz me did a start fe wanda a how d ressa mogga ladies dem ago survive when.. d fadda moggla gone home n mama moggla gone pon lock up… a how kayan rent did ago pay, a how kelly wuda wear clothes n how allissa wudda feed shay?? But Thank god she is out…. bwoy I want to baro d maffia/moggla magic man whay dem a use.. woieeeeeeee……………

  • yea yea says:

    Skilly need fi go mind and teck care a fi him connect di dots pickni dem too. Skilly is time you stop f000 dung di place now, cause it a teckk all a you stength outta you baddie. you all start walk and hunch like a ole man. MG you daddy back stronga dan fi you. dwl. Go and eat some food skilly cause you exxxtra mawga and it is not appealing.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dwl da pic is on gary page .why dis one so blurry.Alissa unno retard

  • Anonymous says:

    All of you nasty bitches in philly need to get off welfare.Stop posting on instagram and go get a education.maybe then these men will respect unno

  • Jokes says:

    skilli really look sick with aids, him walk and f000 everybody, I wanna know who ago a nifigi Friday night him one a try keep every shit and him nah mind him Kids a 3 baby mom got him on child support. And him have a young baby born late last year.

  • mAFIA thrash says:

    kelly philly have it fi seh you a gi owen bun wid carlos. mi nah go believe you jump out a frying pan ina fire di worl no seh carlos hood no have no biding city. mi no a geico lizard him a sleep so no watch no face. you a big married woamn it look cayliss fi you name a call up wid nasty carlos weh look everybodie.

  • Philly says:

    I never see sKilly with his kids but he take pix with everybody own, dem too much to take out it look, hats off to shabba the thing look away but him stand up and put woman feelings behind and own up him child nuff man don’t have that power, burgs u a one next one u and Kesha a fight bout now me hear she dust u last night.

  • Met says:

    unno warming up pup pup

  • Observer says:

    mi a tel yuh dem juss a dashhhhhh…yasso an ova heather post

  • ... says:

    I not seeing anytin

  • WEH U SEH says:

    Burgs and kesiah a fite. lie dat. she love Burgs till she fool that won’t happen in Philadelphia.lmao. weh dem a fite fah? she wah di buddy and him no wah let it off? no man a history dis..

  • BIPOLAR says:


  • WEH U SEH says:

    skilly a deabeat juss like all a di man dem weh him par wid. Heck him no memba him poor madda weh a suffa dung a Jamdown so wah dat tell you..

  • BIPOLAR says:


  • Observer says:

    how comes dotty?

  • ... says:

    no pitcha nada

  • ... says:

    ok mi see it

  • Anonny says:

    Happy Birthday Alli Boo Boo…

  • Observer says:

    hayyyyyyy stop frighten mi oooooooo

  • LMAO says:

    as the philanderers turn lol

  • mad gyal says:

    Yea marsha free up and ting,

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