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Title: twin paul can someone help him with some clothes

Message Body:
met this act as if he is rich met this mam clothe is alway dirty need to press his shoe need to clean hi always notice him an hit not me alone this man hhas a wife that dont care about him them nasty the house is dirty oh my god she sa she a serve god now after all the shop lifting she do f+++ gal eat the this man is a king freak like him brother sometime u wonder if him do vala parking that the way him look this man were one sweater two times a week him have a green shoe one white one yellow a few short jean all bad cloure white met he realy need help he keep repeting he few peices him have all him do a walk an drink out the people them drink a night time from bucket to bucket met me here them a talk bout him a keryl the other night twin paul spend u money u ar the talk u f+++ loafter all u friend a talk such as suk eng pas rev fam the people u rent fr stop stop wey u do with the party money terry hair did dutty a the party she could wash it before the party

30 Responses to FROM PETER TO PAUL

  • Saucy Baby says:

    The time sender taking to mind people business I strongly suggest some GED classes. Good grief man, it to early for this. I know we love the suss but what good is the suss if u can’t read it. Kmft, ok so Paul don’t have any clothes which I don’t believe because to me he always look cleaner than his brother in the few pics I see.

  • Observer says:

    one nexx dunce head :cd mi yei dem tyaddddddddddddddddd cho

    at least em hav 1 sweater, 3 shoes and a couple shawts while senda hav no edikation :nohope:

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Senda hi look here u have a sickness n a don’t know how u a go cure it but take this list n go to u local bookstore r library
    1. ABC for dummies
    2. See Spot Run
    3. Leap Frog Letter Factory
    4. This is the most important one The Holy Bible (cause u possessed by two demons whey name dumbnof000 n stalkarass)
    Go now quickly unnu to rass terrible how u know how di ppl dem house stay u is a so called friend damn back n belly rat kmt.

  • Babysham says:

    no sah senda we need fe report fe attempted murda of the “English Language”- a mind is a terrible thing to waste

  • “edikation” Observer you said it BEST

  • Observer says:

    mi a tel yuh senda doah evn soun like a yawdie

  • Brightlight says:

    Good morning Miss Metsy and all.

    SMH Metsy, if it wasn’t for my Jamaican family and friends and knowing Jamaicans I would come on this site and think jamaicans are DUNCE AS f000! WTF! How much time ppl haffi send in story dat wi cyaaaaaaa comprehend? You ppl is di bottom of di bloodclaat barrel! Unnu cyaaa spell, enunciate, punctuate etc. for anything! Damn! How unnu reach foreign an barely literate? Sick a unnu! Di site sey MIXUP! Dat no mean sey fi yuh explanation haffi mixup too! KMT

  • FOXY LADY says:

    Sender, you’re scum of the Earth. Your problem exceeds everything that’s bothering you. Even if the man has no clothes, he can get some and his problem will be solved. If the house is dirty, $50 to a Mexican takes care of that.

    How the hell you survive so long as illiterate as you are?
    A Sunday school alone you guh?
    I’ve seen dunce but you beat everybody else by far!

    You don’t even know ‘I’ different from “Hi”.

    Go and find a second grader to teach you how to spell clearly you did not pass kindergarten.
    You are a sad and pathetic creature. I have no doubt you are as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside and I’m equally certain life is just as nasty to you as you are to others. If there’s a hell, there’s a special place there for black heart people like you!

    @Paul and wife, careful who you invite in your circle. Obviously there is a demon among you.

  • WOW says:


  • Original Goodas says:

    is what with these spelling thing today..met u need fi send back some a dem email ya weh a mad di metters dem cause a just 9:37 and me head a kill me with this

  • 2013ni says:

    Before unu come a bash and a mind people business unu need fi guh learn fi spell! Rubbish! Kmt!

  • LadyWoW says:

    This is ridiculous!! Grown ass f000ing people cant even spell. And sender di man muss have money since he is obviously not spending it on clothes and alcohol.

    what is the point of this. U give him a f000 and find out seh him bruck afta. cuz mi certify fi read bullshit. but this have mi.

  • LadyWoW says:

    Certified TO Detect Bullshit by Professor Met @ JMG University – That is the only training we offer here – That other shit you we cyan help u

  • Anonymous says:

    For the first comment that’s a damn lie mi never see Paul look better than Peter

  • BK says:


  • Met says:

    bk u know mi feel suh

  • umm says:

    Met I don’t have the patience with some of these senders. How you read that shit Met? Lord God! Big people duncy so?

  • Met says:

    umm jmg is for entertainment first and foremost so nuh get upset read and laugh dats all

  • Hahaha exactly met read and laugh…….dem man deh cheat too much amd dem dicks naw no principle a dis reach dem. How sender know how in the house stay unless shes been there?

  • Smfh says:

    This is a scorned, non-spelling ex girlfriend. I have never seen them dirty. We all know party ppl is not rich. Stfu

  • This sound like one a DJ kenny special. Ah wonda if a him sen it een. Lol.

  • RUMOR says:


  • Miss Jamaica says:

    Unno low de ras ppl dem and dem spelling unno still undastand de Suss! Be grateful and mine unno mek others hesitate to send in story for fear of being ridiculed Cho Bumbo!

  • Chocolate says:

    Senda u wah somebody shot yuh wid shit…yuh too lie, bout d man always dirty. That is a bald face lie. On quiet a few occasions I’ve seen Paul and I have never seen him looking dirty. As a matter of fact I saw him last week and he was lookin very clean to me. Yow, oonuh stay lying on people

  • Chocolate says:

    Suss can’t sweet me if a lie dem a send in

  • Anonymous says:

    poor peter and paule people can be so mean

  • Anonymous says:

    This person either need spell check, proof read or plain go to school. Ignorance at the highest!! Unreal! Stop watch ppl and watch one self. I don’t care about this person but jeeze I couldn’t even understand what this person is trying to say. This is problem with Jamaicans. Love watch ppl and nuh si dem illiterate ignorant self. This is comical!

  • Dwrl says:

    Sender go suck another dick and shut the f000 up. WAH part a the man dem dirty?? You know you hole a Carry too much bad odor feh you DEH yah a stalk the RASS man before you go tend to you stinking hole. People go inna dutty house but no man no want f000 dutty crotches, so next time you see the man and want him tell and don’t get mad because you the shit but only your hole smell like it. f000ing illiterate cunt

  • Dwrl says:

    Damn Peter looking at the both of you together your brother even sexier than you, too much dirty pussy stress a show round your eyes. Wonder if your brother taste as sweet as you?? :tkp :cendol

  • wat is this says:

    sender u have more problem than this set of twins. the twin them clothes dirty but yuh brains dirty and want to wash off, dry and press. sender a true paul f000 yuh and duck yuh meck yuh mad. sender yuh full of garbage. go and light the lamp at jamal. you not in no position to chat people

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