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14 Responses to BURGS PARTY

  • Observer says:

    I doah noe who di hell is wat but i hope dis missing girl is seen on ere

  • Anonymous says:

    party shooooooot like m16 big Up philly.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bwoi some of the self proclaimed celebrities just look tired, beatout, mashup and tough and barky nuh baxside!!! just a mek a damn ass a demselves bout dem a talkup inna video smh!! :travel

  • Anonymous says:

    That f000ing tranny tracey no champion mek the video cut wid har ugly self. What the f000 is that she have on omg.

  • Dwrl says:

    It to mention how them mouth look stink when dem open it. Ok WAH DAT Tracey a wear?? And why you never see HAR WID a man, she a lesbian or what always a Ruben a a woman

  • Dwrl says:

    A rub up on a woman I mean

  • Anonymous says:

    Tracey n Keshia is washed up

  • Why donna dont have a gucci dont go sit her old ass dont and stop trouble the young ppl them . . . . . . . . You a act like a them mek tom dont want you

  • Anonymous says:

    Room full oh women and not one decent hair style. Philly sad bahd. Ah Philly gyal say Rainbow and Rainbow say Philly Gyal______________________

  • Anonymous says:

    Shining star stay out a di video, bout yaw run in a chat. Bitch don’t get hype over di one red bottom weh run guh buy wid yuh tax money. You Kim an lesbian Chrissy still look cheap as hell. Lol…

  • smh says:

    @11:20 tracy you nuffy open ur mouth ina noooo video fi meck wi see u neva ending tunnel. ur mouth full up a froot like you juss dunn suxk some kockis.

  • Basura bitches……..trash!

  • Theresa says:

    Everybody look tired

  • tann bad says:

    A wah do dah girl deh wey a chuck di champagne backle dung har throat? she look frighten like a di fuss she a drink champagne that is not cute boo boo. oh i forgot she got it for free from burgs. bwahahahaha
    and the outfit, i meant the put together is atrocious.epic fail . stay home if you don’t have nothing to wear.

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