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  • Nom de Plume says:

    Most a dem gal ya weh a do breast need fi go exchange it fi a brains transplant, stay bad nuh bloodclaat. Si da gal ya(BAM BAM) pon TV weh day. she go a A+E wid one big chop inna har forehead shi tell di camera crew seh shi trip inna har heels(done know a smaddy claat har wid a champagne bakkle) an shi was still wearing the said heels, I guess those air bags dont really work. LOL

  • Nom de Plume says:

    Who keep bikini party and tun round wear baggy? KMT

  • Anonymous says:

    same a dem ooman fi guh ina retirement stop try keep up wit di young gal dem

  • This DVD contains some serious sights, bam bam crawny nah bloodclart* but ah no she alone stay bad, dem Brixton riff raff need fi tan ah dem yard ah night time. Betty Lou go sit down wid you oversize telly tubby self. Black n shine Dan Dan you are NOT a top model so stop fooling yourself.

    over f000 Kimesha lord fi a young gal you mash up so bad, too much dutty water run through you, man like arrow fat and sata…. To name but two.

    Onto the one dem that did look good, mitchie boo get first prize. She did hot badddddd, Kimesha ( hairdresser) slim n shape good and Annie daughter Shantol look nice.

    One heap ah long tongue man inna dat party deh, mi know unnu now…….

  • Messenger mek u lie so mitchie look laka real cokehead she stay di ‘BADDEST’ (not even worst) if mitchie cuda read mi wudda sey a she write dis but a mus har dawta write dis

  • dis ah bikini party yah nuh ready yet gal dem stay bad like , de party gal wah name bam bam she a lick har batty an noting deh fi lick she want some flesh pon har…

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