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Title: Some gal smell like da bottom a da barrel

Message Body:
So unuh wah trouble people n laugh Afta people n unuh don’t look Gud lookin like a damn scarecrow now people talk da truth she mawga she need ensure. Wen man leff unuh yu nuh fi look so Mek da man sorry unuh leff nuh Mek him sorry him did deh wid yuh…


9 Responses to ????????????

  • london5948 says:

    Ow u kno da b yah nah recover fram some sickness; or possibly, she is sick. f—off u horrible creature.

  • Yep! says:

    Good morning Sender,

    This young lady is a gorgeous girl; just wrong choice of facial make up. Body ready, outfit cute, and she accessorized properly. In my opinion only thing wrong here is her eye make up and she could’ve chosen a different color make up to give a more softer look. Hey sender, do me a favor……send Metty a pic of yourself to see if yuh fava jankoonu or mampi. Thanks dear :thumbup

  • Yep! says:

    * she could’ve chosen a different color lipstick to give a more softer look

  • MiNuhCare says:

    Mi nuh unda stand why some waste ah sperm critter ah chat like being skinny, mawga, slim, boney, any bloodclaat way dem wah terms it is a sin!!!????? DEM NUH SEE HOW MUCH MONEY BIG, FAT, FLUFFY, WAGGA-WAGGA (Aidonia way), BUDUFF-BAFF(Red Dragon way) PPL AH SPEN FE LOOSE WEIGHT??? Senda yu nah go get yu wish today D gyal luk good (har make-up kinda wrong up still) but de b luk gud. Give credit, where credit is due…

  • ladyWoW says:

    Some people lose weight wid stress and dat is very normal. Senda so wat if she drop a couple sizes – she still look good.

    Some a unu just love fi see people inna dem misery so unu can laugh

  • Anonymous says:

    ????????????????? Who is this?

  • Observer says:

    smaddy feed har pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee :lapar

  • mystery says:

    she DONT look gud, she need some porridge

  • She’s not an ugly girl but she can use a little more meat on those bones…….luk pan har knee! :matabelo

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