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44 Responses to OMG THE POOR INFANT!

  • Anonymous says:

    jah know! people never cease to amaze me. I think the wickedest thing that ever happen is cellphone and internet…….. im slowly losing all faith in humanity.

  • blessedone says:

    Have mercy!!! What a wicked dutty witch!! Shi need smaddy send on some kick up & tump up instead…. so disgusting…… ewwwwww

  • BK says:


  • Oh Dear says:

    And another baby will come in 9 months……, wow, omg, so she never realise say smaddy a video her!

  • oletrubblemekka says:

    It quite obvious that both the man and woman have mental issues.

  • notrite says:

    horrible happy good friday metty

  • Met says:


  • EbonyLolita says:

    She’s disgusting but so is HE!!! You could do that knowing a child is right THERE?!?! How he get aroused?! My GOD in Heaven! Nuttin more den di DEVIL inna some Ppl!

  • Real says:


  • ace says:

    When gal wan buddy if you work stop work.
    And if you a study stop study.

    But what is the difference between she and a next woman “shellyann vagas ex” that put the baby on the side to get some cock from a next man.

  • i&i says:

    The person taping could’ve at least hold the until his turn..

  • Anonymous says:

    A Blessed and Peaceful Good Friday to Met and all others.
    Its not funny but i had to buss a laugh when she realized that she was being videotaped.
    Poor baby lucky he/she does not have “shaking syndrome”
    This looks like a dirty African woman cheating in the bushes.

  • front row seat says:


  • Thetruth says:

    Dem fi lite r bbc a fyah….dutty ole wicked b!+ch!! I wudda beat r miself….

  • Anonymous says:

    worthless set a people.. I don’t care how much yu want %)@ don’t do it with the baby?? SAD

  • Phat Rabbit says:

    People nuh have no morals anymore. How yuh fi ah tek man wid yuh young baby pon yuh back. Have mercy man, jeez. Dat man is cold di poor baby just a bounce bout so.

  • britbrit says:

    all i can say is wtf did i just see .So what would have happen if the man did get to bus a juice the poor baby wudda drop from the woman back .This is disgusting to the core.

  • ace says:

    People do shameful things in different cer

  • ace says:

    People do shameful things to feed them family maybe she is hungry and need some money and this is her only option. I AM BY NO MEANS AGREEING WITH HER ACTIONS BUT, THERE IS TWO SIDE TO THIS. What about the youths in jamaica that a sell dem ass for cash to me that is FAR WORST. It is just reality of the times and the have nots are going to do whatever it takes to eat.

  • Anonymous says:

    ACE!! just by your comment yu lack morals dignity and self worth…wht ever you do to feed your family, don’t do it in front of an innocent child. you’ll be surprise wht a child remembers when he grows up

  • adwa says:

    mi tink a mi one feel seh a di heights a slackness dat. children nu fi expose to dem tings here like this……….disgusting. both man an woman wan some rahtid tump and kick………ol wicked dem :mewek2

  • ace says:

    Anonymous, poor you only if you could take your heads out of the clouds for minute. I said I do not agree with this woman’s action but trust ppl have done worst and the only reason why you or I or anybody else can sa anything about this woman is because it was caught on a phone. Question to you is if you were in a situation where you need money to feed you family what extent would you go to? “And if you feel like asking me the same question I would ROB & KILL to feed mine” NO BATTY TING AROUND HERE.

    Now what would you do no money, no eduction, no chance to make it and do remember the family have to eat. I know you are going to say beg but noteverybody feel comfortable begging. PLEASE ANSWER ME????

  • Just saying says:

    Wow I wonder if the person who taped this is alright… that was one hell of a crash at the end.

  • Anonymous says:

    thank God mi live in America whr there is a soup kitchen in every borough and pantry on every street corner NOT to mention the good old food stamp? su if you want go kill and rob fi feed yours feel free but for me I know how to hold it and I teach mine how fi hold it..’sometime coffee sometime tea” life cant get no worst …mi naw rob plp fi dem things or kill nobody. if push come to shove mi we borrow a 1lb a di good ole ARIZONA and gu sell it pan a block. A Jamaica mi cum from and mine parents dem teach mi fi hold it…Mi av integrity

  • Sexillisha says:

    ACE i do see where u are coming from as much as the act is disgusting to us this might be the only way this woman can afford to take care of her and her own do i agree either no but desperate times puts people in some very desperate situation this being one of them i know alot of people are gonna cuss me but hey it is what it is i am not god so i will not judge this woman because i really do not know what lead her to this AS FOR MYELF I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD DOING THIS BUT TO EACH HIS OWN AND THIS IS HER CHOICE

    I can assure you there is worse happening n more civilized places in this world that we either do nothing about or do not know anything about it.

  • karma says:

    i work with children so i take this matter very serious does anybody know where this video came from and where these people are from because im very serious about reporting these people to the authorities and or child protective services im being very serious this child is probably in danger can you imagine if she will do this in front of this child can you imagine what other abuse/neglect this child is going through too many of our innocent children are being abused,neglected and even murdered someone please get back to me with the info JMG im begging please this child needs to be removed from her care asap

  • karma says:

    even if she needed money theres shelter for women with children there jobs that people look down like janitor work, burger king, mcdonalds etc and it is true you will be so suprised what a child remembers when they grow up cause there lots of memories that i have from my childhood (good memories) si i find this to be very disgusting and by the way why bring a child in the world if you cant manage it theres free birth control and condoms at every clinic so no excuse for this whore

  • Met says:

    True but this is a whole different country with their own culture

  • notrite says:

    to me its horrible but going through we all comment im thinkin what we would have say if she lef the kid alone are put the child aside fi tek grine im jus thinking mi jus no get get mayb beg a neighbour fi baby sit idk thank GOD im not in the position god bless mama cherry fi bring me come yah fi in di 80s

  • ace says:

    Sexillisha thank you for being a person that see where I am coming from, like I said I do not agree with this but ppl do desperate things to eat. @Anonymous you have yet to answer my question “what would you do if you had no education, no means of income, no way to provide for your kids.”

    The respond that you gave did not answer the question that I asked first you a talk bout soup kitchen, and begging, and the weed. Baby I am more educated than you think, when writing a paper or essay one has to stay on the topic or your teacher will give you a incomplete. My question was not for examples of how to obtain food but more what would you do?

  • Met says:

    ace :ngakak u know mi nah laugh whey u seh di person nah stay pan topic? u too bad mon :tkp

  • LUNDUN says:

    :ngakak :ngakak mi bombo!!!!!

  • LUNDUN says:

    den mek dat man head a move so? like a him head him a use fi sawda dat woman :ngakak

    di baby muss dizzy when dem dun.

    dat smaddy weh a film di video luk like dem tip toe past whole heep a bakkle fi get dat view. what a piece a crashing ma!!!!!!! :ngakak

  • ace says:

    Met I am not lying and you know this is true, next thing you fan club member should is what about the mothers and use their under age daughters to have sex with older man for money. And in the society that we live in today some parent are even using their sons for sex to get money. Its all reality and very unfortunate that shit like this happen but it does.

    Anonymous you don’t know me or I you but when you say I have no morals because I see things for what they are, I would say to you WAKE UP AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS. Because, weed never make me drift from reality.

  • Met says:

    which fan club member dat ace?

  • Met says:

    lundun drop him seh him drop outa di tree :hammer

  • LUNDUN says:

    met mi naah, lioe!! di video funny bad :ngakak

    is like she feel seh sumbody a watch har, u si how she turn an luk up inna di tree?

    u si di luk pon har face?

    priceless to rass :ngakak

  • Met says:

    Lundun u know mi nuh laugh because that poor baby dont know what the hell a gwaan..wicked di two a dem

  • ace says:

    Met you know the fan club so stop pretending. Lundun, the shit was funny cause the baby head a move like a babble head doll. Lol I was laughing for minute and then say.

    When gyla want buddy if you a work stop work and if you a study stop study.
    Tak buddy gyal you tink mi easy, who you ramp wid, you want it easy.
    Tak mi tings and tak mi money too, so tak buddy.

  • Met says:

    mi nuh know what is di fanclub eno….. u mus ina di club fi know :maho

  • Observer says:

    ace is rite ere wid us inna di same club em onli talk up wen tings bun em bout em artists dem but em deh yah hayyyyyyy ace pay yuh club dues please? we need funds oooooo

    @met, mi seh dah ting yah luk boring :ngakak she nuh arch di bak fi di man get likkle leeway n em juss a stab suh :nohope:

  • Sexillisha says:

    @Karma i read your comment and also the comment of anony what both of u fail to realize is this woman clearly does not live in a country where there is no women shelters, free condoms, food, stamp and all those luxuries afforded here in this ountry

    as stated before as much as this hurts me to see i have been to many places and seen too many different situations that was way worst than this

    even growing up in Jamaica i can give you soooo many different scenarios where even though they never had sex with the baby on their backs they literally pimp out the child to a big man with money just for a meal or for money fi show off i have seen it all and it is because of this why i can seperate my self and look at a scenario from all different angles before i judge as long as i personally know right from wrong thats what matters to me.

  • Met says:

    lisha that is correct…pimp out di girl and boy

  • Anonymous says:

    If we want to be honest with our self here, a lot of Jamaicans grew up in one/two room houses and there were many children in these household. Many kids grew up seeing their parents having sex on a regular basis. Just something to think about.

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