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There was chaos in a courtroom at Harare Rotten Row Magistrates’ court on Tuesday when a man, convicted of two counts of robbery, drank a mysterious liquid which he claimed was poisonous, and collapsed on the floor.

It could not be established where Tendai Learnmore Muza (24) got the liquid that was in a 500ml bottle from. He has been in custody since his arrest and attended court coming from Harare Central Remand Prison.

Zimbabwe Prison Services spokesperson Superintendent Elizabeth Banda said they were still investigating how Muza got into the courtroom with the container.

“Probably tomorrow (today) I will be able to furnish you with more details. So, call me around 9am tomorrow,” she said.
Muza was rushed to hospital where his condition was said to be stable.

Muza, who had been convicted by regional magistrate Ms Fadzai Mthombeni raised his hand before sentencing and told the court that he had something to say.

“Your worship I have a confession. It was very unfortunate that this court has found me guilty of an offence I did not commit. The person who committed this offence is walking in the streets freely so I have decided that my matter be finalised in heaven. Your worship, I want you to tell my wife and children how their father died since I am going to kill myself now,” he said before he downed the unknown contents.

Muza suddenly took a 500ml container from his waist area containing some liquid.

Ms Mthombeni asked him what it was and he told the court that it was ‘toilet dip’, which he had smuggled into the courtroom.

A prison guard who was in court rushed to where Muza was standing and tried to take away the container from him but it was too late as Muza quickly drank the liquid.

He fell to the ground after some minutes prompting Ms Mthombeni to adjourn the court.
Muza was whisked away by prison guards.
Muza, who has a pending case in another court was yesterday remanded to another date in absentia.

A prison guard who declined to be identified said that Muza was rushed to Harare Remand Prison hospital where his condition was reportedly stable.

He is expected to appear in court today for sentencing on the armed robbery case.

The court heard that on April 16 last year, Muza and his colleague Tapera Maturiro who has since been convicted and is serving an 18-year-jail term approached a taxi driver, Nesbert Chizhanje at Tipperary’s Night Club in the city and hired him to take them to Chitungwiza.

However, as they approached Sunningdale, Harare, Maturiro produced a knife, grabbed Chizhanje by the neck and ordered him to stop.

The duo then tied Chizhanje’s hands and legs with sellotape, stole his $60 and phone, before throwing him out of the vehicle which they later sold to one Nyasha Mangezi for $1 800.

A month later, the duo pounced on Richard Kanyongo whom they called on his business numbers displayed on his car and invited him to Belvedere in Harare.

When he got to Belvedere, Muza got into Kanyongo’s car, produced a knife and threatened him with death if he did not comply.

They secured Kanyongo’s hands and legs with sellotape and seat belt before robbing him of $120 cash, a cellphone and the car which they stripped of various parts for sale before setting the shell ablaze in Epworth.

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