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  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    Met a dem ya a true scammers, dem nah call nobaddy fone and bad dem up….dem patient bad….dem will wait all years and wait till dem have u weh dem want u and tek every penny from u

  • Too much says:

    Dis sad bad. I’ve been witness to the Nigerian scammers, this time in NYC. They were romance and credit card scammers all in one. Go mi fren house whe mi nuh see fi years whe live wid her Nigerian. Everywhere round the house papers full of numbers, which i later learned were credit card numbers. Then a table filled with disposable RadioShack phones…no trace. At that time u never needed to give ur name and information to buy a phone. And crazy evidence of big living in this little apartment. The dude told mi he jus loved brand ESP Roberto cavalli. I tell u this, after mi serif mi fren and later learned what she had gone through, I will never envy a man and u nuh know how dem get dem things. Not only was scamming his lifestyle, all that lavishing her with things and taking her son was part of her good job being a cover for the dirty living. For that reason, after meeting soo many of his friends that were in love after the first conversation…..mi cudda Neva Eva trust a Nigerian, don’t even want dem as friends cauz u don’t know who u getting from the jump. And for that reason also, the fact that their existence is to take people’s life saving, sick old people’s money……mi feel scamming is one of the worst crime in the world. And we bunnout theif, since scamming is stealing we bun it out. Credit scam, email scam, lotto scam, same damn ting an we as law abiding citizen must not try and justify it in any way. It’s simply wrong

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