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met this gal run inn pon the boy and now all a breed for him,all of a sudden she a play happy family.
she fren candy fi look hype but a di wrong way it going.met mi nuh know if she put har make up on
in the dark,somebody len har a mirror deh fi plss.

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  • Anonymous says:

    no dis bloodclatt gal favour walking dead mi god …a funeral home she work with loll i caan bother.

  • keisha says:

    pls to remove this duppy beefore she frighten mi.

  • keisha says:

    mi not even ago laugh …..cause kim really look bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    And her natural color is so pretty.

    Look like the man playing back happy house to me.

  • DON'T CARE MOVE !!!! says:

    him look like him love her sender a did your man because none a dis make sense the only thing me see wrong is the make up……….

  • LadyWoW says:

    I am not clear on this story – Sender please come elaborate. Are you Candy? Was the man previously owned by Candy?

    U gone from di belly to di make up.. I do not get the point of the story.!!!!!

  • Yep! says:

    Sender please to send us your picture; I’d like to see what you look like 🙂

  • Yep! says:

    And you BETTA be cute or else that’s yo ass! Hey mi Metty/ JMG fam fam :peluk

  • Met says:

    yeppie :peluk

  • Anonymous says:

    What wrong with this girl make up o lord.

  • Lou-Lou says:

    The make-up alone is good enough reason to send her on here, come on now be fair

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol candy is har fren dat married the old man weh Nanette duke.Kim don’t look bad but the make up got to go.

  • No Joke says:

    Yeppiee….behave ooooooo :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    That man Andre all him do a chat one bag a shit on fb bout him next baby mother him Is a worthless boy.

  • Kamoy says:

    I know this girl from London dancehall and she looks much better without this awful make up

  • CANDY says:


  • Gotta be loved says:

    Lol Kim face look like she never buy her rite whiter than snow.

  • Come ova yah says:

    The top pic Wid did ball head look bad lol

  • mz.B says:


  • LadyWoW says:


  • No Joke says:

    Whaaaaaaaat :mewek

  • Yasso nioce says:

    Candy is har fren weh suck off the man dem buddy ina London dancehall. Kim look much better than candy , candy look like mumps dog.everywhere mi see candy she have big belly and she naah breed.

  • Come Fi done dem. says:

    Kim need Fi Guh find a mean to tell mi dat the man couldn’t tell har not to put so much burger paint on her face.

  • Yep! says:

    Lol No Joke; dem too terrible. Seet yah now one have belly cause she a breed and one have belly cause she too raas crevin. Story a come to bump lol

  • Yep! says:

    @ yasso noice please give us a vivid description of the sender; bettu any money she fava one big belly platypus.

  • Sugar rush. says:

    I totally get What the sender is saying.this son of a bitch was with another girl playing happy family as well and all of s sudden she come on the scene and a gwan like dem deh from woppy kill fillop. As for the fren candy with the strong stomach she need Fi Guh pump her chest because it full a cocky juice. I don’t know how dem become fren but a muss suck cocky party dem mean.

  • Ren ren says:

    Nasty Andre Guh suck yuh mumma yuh look like a batty man.

  • Dev says:

    Lol what a gwan inyah.

  • Met says:

    nothing just me delete your comments because of the 10 different names u use :nerd

  • Tantanbless says:

    Afternoon met,I bet it’s Andre baby mother Akeda send this in it a kill you say Kim breed fi Andre or dave what ever you call him,time to move on now Kim is not a ugly neither Akeda but Akeda need fi grow up now and stop use the baby as a weapon to dave(Andre) candy word of advice if you going to get married again which we ALL now you are because this not going to last please don’t sell drink next time if you can’t afford it have a little reception a your yard

  • Met says:

    good afternoon :peluk

  • bad-nuh-raas says:

    what a bad people dem yah?? Metty wha gwaan mumma??

    highly peepin from di plantation..

  • Met says:

    bad nuh rass evening :peluk

  • Anonymous says:

    lawd god met candy is very low life a sell drink at her wedding what a disgrace…..candy shame on you.

  • Dwrl says:

    Lowe the gal makeup U NO SEE SHE A DO UP HAR FACE TO MATCH HAR DRESS?? Lmfao

  • janice wright says:

    Whoever you maybe! Kim nuh memba yuh, she a live har life to d fullest! She is happy wid har life & har man! U are one sad madda f—er! Nuh wok nuh deh fi u guh duh! Yuh siddung a look notice! Yuh did want or have Dave & him nuh want or him left yuh and yuh upset! Set yuh self a higher goal and guh luk a betta man! A u seh him a batty man and him wutliss suh wat is yur problem!

  • OH GOSH says:

    Kim and Dave have been together for a good few years now, so sender please explain how Kim run een pon di man?

  • GWIZZ says:


  • shelly says:

    the sender is so stupid, u no see the gal a breed to her skin colour a go change nothing no do the gal.

  • akeda says:

    a mus big sour akeda send this, weh the man no want. akeda a undercover whore murder murder

  • Anonymous says:

    Duti Akeda yuh run go put Kim pon groupie met true d gal a happen n u flappen. Yuh Back n yuh batty ina 1, flat like iron board……. A bare African yuh walk n tek u n yuh cat family Nuh stop Nyam out critos… Leave d girl alone n go look smaddy weh want yuh. U n yuh family Wuk too much obeah. Unu fi stop put the man dem pic inah bible, unu too wicked. Me glad yuh send this in so d people dem can’ dun yuh nastiness. Undercover whore!!!

  • SHERRIE says:

    listen yeah, the person who put this up and we all know who, it makes you look stupid and man hungry, its funny how when u had something good u never realize ontill someone else got that person , u know how much pain u bitch put my cousin (dave) thur? but u lot come on this calling up people name, u girls are such a low life man dont u work? dont u got kids? it dont look good . how can u go on kim facebook save the girl picture to your phone just to put it on this bullshit?? f—ING CRAZY BITCH! yall need a life EVERYDAY since dave leave this girl she never stop bothering him, kim and dave been together fot long now u just hating because they relationship going right and strong .. or u miss suck off dave dick? just know he will never go back to u over his mum , cousins, sister brothers DEAD BODY! so take it as i tell u find yourself a nice lovely man that will keep up with ur evil ways..
    something before yall talk about people looks and shitt like that, just take a look at yourself. and its funny because u can never say these things to kim face.

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