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6 types of WOMEN every MAN should avoid (LOOK)

Relationships are good. The various Holy books recommend marriage, and most men want to settle down with someone good. However, if you are a woman and unable to find a man who consistently enjoys your company, then there’s a problem. I’ve tried to categorize some character traits commonly found in women which tend to keep the prospective men at bay. If you fall into one or two of these categories, sister, it just might be time to make a change.

Being judgmental and generalizing: A few bad experiences don’t mean all men are the same. It shocks me to hear women say all men are the same. Making such an assertion is not only wrong, it affects your judgement of men and consequently affects how you relate to them. A woman who generalizes is usually quick to read the wrong meanings into men’s actions, and usually reacts irrationally before even considering their actions. No man will stick around too long if he’s always feeling attacked and misunderstood.

Easy catch: I can bet that a man will avoid you if he knows you’ve slept with every available man on your street or a sizeable number of men in your school. No man wants to settle for the chaff when the substance has been lost. However, if he isn’t aware, you may wish to keep the details to yourself and not flaunt it. It makes a man insecure to know that he is dating an ‘easy catch’ and might send him on his merry way sooner than either of you thought.

Fault finder: This type of woman doesn’t see the good in anything or anyone. She hardly ever appreciates anything. She complains about things she can either cope with or change. No man needs a woman breathing down his neck about every single thing, every single time. It’s either the movie is wrong, or the food isn’t nice, or he snores, or…the list is endless. Bottom line, the man will soon go where he’ll be appreciated.

Clinger: Being over-possessive isn’t cute. Learn to give him a break. Men like to have their solo time, hang out with friends and do ‘manly’ things. Your following him around and keeping tabs on him won’t stop him from having an affair if he wants to; you might even be giving him good reasons to do it. Don’t make yourself his clutch bag. The more you insist on tagging along, the more likely it is that you’ll be tagged out.

Prim and Proper: One thing this group fails to realize is that boys will always be boys. When a woman keeps a particular thing at a particular spot and gets upset when it is moved, that is a big issue with men who are often less rigid.

No man wants to be around a woman who sweeps the floor every second or has a particular space for a particular cup or spoon or a particular hanger for a particular dress. Let go; live a little!

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