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Those strongly behind the “End is Near school of thought” can have a new reason to support their stance.

The video above shows a female preacher talking about the word of God, looking nude, with a greater percentage of her breasts out for the viewers to see.

We gathered that men are flocking to her church as a result of this.

13 Responses to MOCKING?

  • Observer says:

    are those the darkening area surrounding the areola of the breasts???? :cd

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Is the gal for real kmt

  • Phat Rabbit says:

    Morning everyone

    I was just looking at the pic, didn’t watch the video and was thinking the same question, are those areolas I see?? Really

  • Wtf wrong with this crazy bitch….pathetic

  • Observer says:

    @ phat good afternoon. I’m in awe dis ooman nuh easy

  • She sitting here talking bout some chili. Tittie nipples all out. Talk about showing what something is. If this is her regular routine, something is definitely wrong.

  • Flatbush Ave...NYC says:

    So wait, the idiots who were filming this shit didn’t see those big areola’s peeping out of that dress? And she the woman didn’t care to take a look at herself when she put on this dress? I know her ass is embarassed about this video clip. Imagine the church goers, they probably talking shit as we speak.

  • Phat Rabbit says:

    New age church ppl dem yah, devil in disguise.

  • baby says:

    she knows that it is out… can u not know….smh…..some people just disgusting….and her husband sitting there….like really dude, tell yuh nasty wife fi guh fix har self up

  • Let God Be The Judge says:

    If you all did some research on the sister, you would have known that she conducts street ministry mainly to strippers. That is why she begins her sermons by stating, “The Gospel From The Stripper’s Pole.” Check out her website:!__page-0/who-is-latascha-emanuel

  • Met says:

    The bible speaks of modesty so she cudda come from stripper or dancer poll it is not right

  • Foxy Lady says:

    What find of f—ery oxymoron is that? Does that make any damn sense to you? That’s like saying The God in hell!
    People are so f—ing stupid and gullible is unbelievable!
    Strippers are filth of the earth, the lowest a woman can be! The bible says your body is a temple. Common decency and self respect dictates that a woman show propriety and cover up her private areas and show some modesty. She looks like a harlot. The only bible verse I could compare her with is the one that speaks of Jezebel.
    Everybody tek bible and God mek poppy show!
    Have some damn common sense idiot! What kind of research must be done to realize this Jezebel has no idea what preaching the gospel entail.
    If you have faith in God and that God will provide, you won’t defile yourself by being on no damn stripper pole and sleeping with nasty niggas for $50 or whatever they charge. The woman is a damn pimp. Everyone knows that church is big business. Spit some shit and call upon God and tell them throw some tithes and in no time you’re in a mansion and a rolls royce.

    Get the hell outta here with that bullshit!

  • Deme says:

    Amen. Foxy I couldn’t say it better.

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