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Dear Readers,
I’d like to personally thank you for the incredible investment of your time.
I appreciate the fact that you read my testimony and also expressed your candid responses. Please note that I’m happy to answer your questions as well. I pray that God will continue to bless your life and that the nearness of His presence will surround you everyday

No matter what you’ve gone through, or where you are in your journey, never forget that God loves you. He has a plan and a purpose for your life. In fact, the gift of life that you have received today, is a priceless treasure and if you are still breathing; then God is not finished with you!
His plan and purpose still stands firm for your life. Pursue your purpose!

Remember, perseverance is never displayed in the absence of opposition. And if you have been confronted by the crucial encounters of life, know that the trials or challenges do not define who you are. You are a child of the most high God and He is the who has the last word. It is what He says about you that really matters. His word of blessing has been declared over your life and He whom God has blessed CANNOT be cursed!

I encourage you to trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Surrender your all to Him. He is able to turn things around for your good. He wants to change your story…give Him a chance to do so.
Don’t worry about how He will do it, just do your part, take the first step by welcoming Him into your heart. He said in His word that anyone who believes in Him will NEVER be put to shame. (Romans 10:11)
So believe Him with all your heart. Do not be afraid. God is not out to get you. He is not sitting in heaven with a big baton waiting to clobber you over the head. He has your best interest at heart. He is your heavenly father, He made you, He loves you and He will never turn you away.

So, no matter how far you have strayed from Him, how many mistakes you have made or how many times you have messed up; if you sincerely admit your wrongs and ask Him to forgive you, He will! He wants the best for you! He has the best for you! All you need to do is give your life to Him. He will take care of you. And when you surrender to God, it doesn’t mean that you will be exempt of pain or trials. But when they come your way, you will have the support of heaven and He will deliver you out of them all. He will preserve you from every work of the enemy. So, open your heart today, do your part, take the first step towards Him, He is waiting to receive you with open arms.

Here’s my reply to your questions.
GF says:
Hallelujah to God I give my soul and all my glory. Witchcraft is as real as the sun that shine in the sky. I go through spiritual warfare constantly especially at nights between 2-3 am. I was never afraid but recently I was broken and defeated in one of my many fights in the spirit world but quickly regained my strength and defeat the demon. I skipped this yesterday and was forced to read it today. The closer you draw to God the more attacks you get. Be strong in The Lord and in the power of his might. Resist the devil and he will leave you alone. Bk full up a voodoo churches. Angels are all around us acknowledge them.

Question 1. How is your spirit doing these days?
2) Do you get many attacks on a daily basis?
3) What was your weakness at the time of your attack by the demons?( your 5.5 yrs of illness)

Hi GF,
My spirit and health is GREAT these days! Thank God!
Of course….In different ways the devil tries to attack on a daily basis, but the Lord continues to give me victory.
Can you kindly rephrase your third question?
Do you mean what the physical symptoms / weakness were?
Forgive me…I just want be sure that I understand you so that I can give you the correct answer. Thanks!

SWEETS says:
February 23, 2013 at 12:34 am

Hi Sweets,
The song “Let Your Fire Fall Down On Me” is on my new CD – “An Offering Of Worship.” Thanks for your support.

fashiondoll says:
February 22, 2013 at 10:01 pm
Hi Glacia! I would love for u to do a radio interview in NJ,,,,,r u available for March/April?
Hi Fashiondoll,
I look forward to doing the radio interview with you. My email address is
[email protected]

Tawkchuet says:
February 22, 2013 at 9:57 pm
I would like to know what was her prayers like did she ask y me lord?

Hi Tawkchuet,
My prayers were always geared towards 1: Gratitude 2: Grace.
Though it was not easy to do, instead of being negative,bitter, or angry,
I made a conscious effort and a deliberate choice to be thankful. In my prayers, I also asked God to give me the grace to go through it. I did not entertain self pity or anyone who wanted to be “sorry” for me. So on a daily basis, I expressed my total trust and confidence in God.
I also told Him that would never seek the help of any other god. I told Him I was TOTALLY depending on Him. And I promised to serve Him even if He didn’t deliver me.
No! I never asked “why me Lord” ….in fact I said, “why not me!” I thanked Him for choosing me. I believed that even if He allowed me to die that He would raise me back to life because I knew my purpose was not yet complete! And even though, it is NOT His will for any of us to suffer or be sick…I knew without a doubt that He was able to turn everything around for my good and for His praise, honor and glory of His name!

Anonymous says:
February 22, 2013 at 9:49 pm
Met, my question for Glacia is how she knew it was witchcraft?
Hi Anonymous,
On more than one occasions throughout the illness, the Lord revealed that it was the curse of death and the spirit of witchcraft which came through jealousy.
It’s very important to know that just as there is good in this world, there is also evil. And just as you and I have determined in our hearts to do good, there are people in this world who are bent on doing evil. They have allowed the devil to influence and fill their hearts with jealousy and evil intentions. As a result, they spend their time and resources to execute evil in many different ways. But little do they know that all their efforts are all in vain! Because the power of Jesus, is greater and stronger than any witchcraft, obeah, voodoo, spell, jealousy, evil eye, every work of Satan. And when you under His shelter, no evil shall befall you…when you trust in Him, He will deliver you! He gives victory over every work of the devil!

LUNDUN says:
February 22, 2013 at 9:48 pm
what kept u going through those 5 1/2 years?

did u ever feel like there was no hope and felt like giving up?

Hi Lundun,
I will answer your second question first…Oh YES! There were MANY times that I felt hopeless and like giving up! There were many times that it was easier for me to pull the covers over my head and just give up.
But whenever I felt that way or when I was low in spirit, God always came through for me. He gave encouragement when I needed it most.
Whether it was through a word, a song or through others, at the appropriate time, He always gave me the strength to keep on fighting and not to give up.
The one thing that kept me going was the word of God. The promises He made to me.
And I declared this particular scripture even when my body became my greatest enemy. Psalm 118: 17
“I shall not die but live to declare the works of The Lord.”
I chose to believe!!! All things are possible to those who believe!

Anonymous says:
February 22, 2013 at 9:45 pm
Met ask her if she had find out what really happen why she got so ill? do she know the person that did that to her? is she a christian?

Hi Anonymous,
Yes, I found out what really happened, it was spiritual. That’s is the main reason why the doctors could not diagnose my condition, and why all the results were negative….it was spiritual and not physical.
It was a curse of death and the spirit of witchcraft which came through jealousy. They are people who became very jealous of my success, the music, the voice, my accomplishments etc.
Yes, the Lord revealed the specific nature of everything that was done against me. And yes! He also revealed the persons who allowed themselves to be used as agents of satan…BUT I FORGIVE them!
Why? Because if I did not forgive them, God would not forgive me (Matthew 6:15 ) ” But if you do not forgive others their sins, your father will not forgive your sins.”
And without forgiveness, I would have corrupted my heart and my relationship with God, (which is the most important thing in my life).
And if I held unforgivness in my heart, God would not hear my prayers and in essence, I would have blocked my own deliverance. I had to forgive them and let all it go…they are not worth it! If anyone has hurt you, release yourself from the emotional hook, set your self free…and forgive them!

I want you to know also, that after the Lord revealed their identities to me, He told me that He wants me to” LOVE them like a mother LOVES her child”. So, I choose to forgave them and I pray for them that they will repent and stop doing evil. If they don’t repent, the punishment that awaits is absolutely HORRIBLE!

Am I a Christian? Yes I am!

eyecandy says:
February 22, 2013 at 9:44 pm
Goodnight Ms Robinson
Thank you for your testimony!
How and when did you affirm that it was the work of witchcraft against your life and have the gulity confessed or was confronted?

Hi Eyecandy,
You are very welcomed…
Yourself and anonymous, asked the same question so I took the liberty to answer you both in one response. Hope that’s okay with you (smile).
As for your second question, even though I know exactly who they are…the “guilty”, have not confessed to me. And no, even though, I could have confronted them, I chose not to do so. Judgement belongs to God! I have nothing to “prove”. The most important thing is that they confess to The Lord…not to me. My “confrontation” is in significant in comparison to the judgement and punishment that awaits them. When God does it, it’s well done! They are in His hands!
My duty is to pray for them…”bless those that curse you”.
So, I pray they will repent and surrender to God. He is a merciful God and will forgive their sins, if they sincerely repent. However if they choose not to repent, oh my goodness! The Lord told me that it is going to be terrible for them, their children, and their children’s children.


{GRM} Glacia Robinson Ministries Int.
[email protected]


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Thank u Glacia u have once again lighten my heart, as this is now Lent I’m trying to draw closer to God n the enemy has seen this n all kind of temptation are coming up outta the wood works but ur courage n strength has strengthen me once more, God’s richest blessing n continued success always thank u

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Though I am not sold on voodoo being the cause, I like her and I think she’s sincere in her testimony and her beliefs and like she says, once you accept Jesus/God/ the light/ Goodness, the negatives in the world stand no chance against you. I will check out her music. My flash player is problematic at the moment, if I like it, I will purchase the CD for my mom who is a huge Grace Thriller fan.

    Many blessings to her and everyone who have overcame a tremendous feat which could have easily led to death’s door.

  • kk-Justice says:


  • Met says:


  • Anonymous says:

    May God bless you GLACIA!!! thanks for responding to my Question! keep following GOD footstep. I also notice on ur wesite that you are apart of a charity keep up the good work.. you are truly a woman of God

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Bwoy met yuh always on time. Or should i say the Lord is working thru you to make sure i get this. These responses brought tears to my eyes as I have been facing a lot of issues recently. This was a great help. :peluk

  • Met says:


  • good girl gone bad says:

    Special thanks to Glacia and also to you met for being the medium.

  • LUNDUN says:

    hi glacia, thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions.

    through ur testimony last week, i found strength, and again through ur answers above.

    i struggle so much with forgiving ppl, and even though i try hard to forget the terrible things ppl have done to me or my loved ones, i find it hard to.

    i remember one of our fellow bloggers, sweet, said if we hold on to things it only makes us bitter, and bitterness holds u back and prevents us from receiving all the wonderful things god has in store for us. i will never forget that, and have been trying very hard to live by that.

    i see you said u forgave those that had brought this sickness on u. i applaud u for having the strength to do so, because it is not easy to do. i’m still at this very moment struggling with forgiving and forgetting and i know i have to sort this out so god can come into my life and forgive me of my wrongs as well.

    thanks so much for ur testimony, god bless u.

  • LUNDUN says:

    like the rest of bloggers, i want to say thank u met, u have helped me alot without even knowing it.

    u have opened my eyes to alot of things and if even for a minute, u have made me forget the things that are going wrong in my life with the laughs i have on here.

    u are faceless to me, but sumhow when i picture u, i picture my mom.

    god bless u met

  • Met says:

    love u :kiss

  • Met says:

    And I mean that…u tawkchuet..Simplicity, Sweet…lawd sometimes when mi nuh feel like move fi come on a unno mek mi come on.. :kiss

  • Met says:

    3gb, amywhino.zervah di new kid pan di block everybaddie who support always…class whey jus link mi love u guys truly :peluk

    cindyyyy , little willie lol all a mi likle support systems..

  • Met says:

    nixy soci mi haffi a add more n more because a nuff people lol
    mi likle fasting pawdie whey day .

  • Met says:

    reallllllll mi nuh figet u :hammer

  • LUNDUN says:

    luv u too met and the rest of bloggers who make my day with laughs and wise words that they sometimes don’t know they are speaking.

    that’s why i always come on jmg, cuz there are lots to learn and experience, its not only about gossip.

    glacia coming on here is a big thing for me, because through her testimony, i have found strength, because she made me see that alot of things that i have on my head that are stressing me out is not even worth it. look what she has been through and she is still smiling. look how long she was down, but she never gave up.

    those questions i asked her, are questions i ask myself as well, i just wanted to hear what her answer would be, and trust me, she made me realise how weak i am as much as i think i’m strong. i need to work on myself, especially my mental and emotional state.

  • Met says:

    5 1/2 years lundun..u know a di english bathsuit video mek mi go seek out glacia because I wanted to know who sang that song

  • LUNDUN says:

    dwl met, u no easy

    good can cum outta di dancehall after all lol!!

    met nuff a di real talented d.j dem weh know fi mek dance nice, always start off wid sum gospel or conscious reggae. dat a one a di tings mi use to luv bout dance, before all the slackness start dem bless up di place first.

    big up lizard, fada hype, wissy wassy, alton slaughter, movie star johnny an one an two others, cuz unno drop in di gospel and bless up di place mek wi memba seh no matter weh wi deh, always remember god.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Met u know seh u and jmg deh inna mi heart from it bawn!! U and the bloggers coming like mi family. All different type of personalities in one place at the same damn time. It’s a recipe for chaos but also a recipe for love.

  • Met says:

    thank you 3gb :peluk

  • Anonymous says:

    Its so touching when you listen to her exalt while reading the above comments. Very thoughtful of you Met God bless you and to Ms. Robinson continue to keep your eyes on the prize cause your faith has made you whole again.

  • Met says:

    eyn 9’46 :kiss

  • just concern says:

    thanks to met and miss robinson i needed to hear this testimony thank you so much both of you thank you

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Metsy, Lundun, Observer, Kia, No Joke, Cindy , Foxy all my family that I just didn’t meet yet love n blessings all the time 187dem everybody all the ppl dem whey mi cuss the anon dem lol. God is good all the time

  • Anonymous says:

    Met- the international medium. Big up! Glacia thank u, u good no gold. I wud turn it back on them make them eat them own fruit. God say an eye 4 an eye. Them too bloody corrupt. Was the person in Ja or the States. Is this why u left Ja. Did the church ppl who delivered u n rid u of the spell give u a reading to find out who the culprits were. The reason I asked is because sometime I question these obeah man aka annoited persons. They can’t tell u eqivocaly 100 percent what is what. How do i know which one to listen to. Reason I ask is I too think someone has set a curse on me and my kid but can’t pin point the root. Jealousy. I want to break the spell but always thought if u pray nbelive in God he will deliver but I think I need more now reading this. U r such a intelligent woman. God bless u my sister n stay away from those SOB. Pardon me. Just disgusted. Thanks Met for sharing

  • Genie says:

    God is really Good.

  • THMF says:

    Anoy 12:34am I’m no Ms. Robinson, but you need not more than what you’re doing right now. Which is PRAY AND BELIEVE. I think the problem with your situation is that you might just be looking for him and answers right now. The Lord comes and delivers you on his on accord, not on request. I’m not sure if you’ve heard the Smokie song lyrics that says:

    “I am the Lord I changeth not
    I won’t forget nor have I forgot.
    You see every thing works according to my plan.
    I am God, trust me, I got the whole world in my hand .

    One more day, one more step.
    I’m preparing you all for myself.
    And you can’t hear me speaking, just trust my plan.
    I’m the Lord I see you and yes I understand.”

    I suggest you just continue doing that, don’t seek outside assistance. Trust in the Lord and he will renew your strength. If i’m wrong about you and your situation and misunderstood your comment I apologize.

    Anyways Ms. Robinson THANK YOU for your testimony. And Met I thank you for sharing.

  • Sum1 says:

    Gud stuff!

  • science again, science again, koobakya kobbakya science again lol on a serious more glacia robinson wa my singer back in the day, look forward to her new material. i actually heard she was dead!

  • good evening jmg ladies

  • Met says:

    occcccccccccc eveninggggg…

  • evening metty, good to see her healthy again

  • Met says:

    well for you who knew her..but I am glad to know of her now…very nice humble lady

  • Riches says:

    I am happy she answered the questions, Met you are one of a kind, thanks for allowing your bloggers the opportunity to hear Glacia’s story, i dnt know of any other blogger with such diversity, u have a likkle bit of everything abt u, I also like LUNDUN’s comment, i envision u the same

  • Met says:

    thank you Riches :kiss

  • DFDR says:


  • fashiondoll says:

    Thanks Met for being the link. Thanks Glacia for responding, i will pass on your email to the host of the show which is aired on Sunday mornings. Bless up

  • Anonymous says:

    Met you did a awesome job, and i love your website keep up the good work!

  • Met says:

    :kiss thank you

  • Phat Rabbit says:

    I am late as usual…..but I’ve expressed my appreciativeness for your work many times when I was a eynnie, but mi kinda regular now so mi ago tell you again. I love love your site Met. I have been going through some things and your site is my daily relief. Your bloggers are the best I swear they crack me up and in the same breath they/you enlighten me and keep me going when I am so down. I really learned from Glacia about forgiveness here. I struggle with that. Her story has opened my eyes on the real importance of forgiveness. So again thank you!!

  • TT says:

    Bless you Glacia…I for one have always loved your voice growing up as a little girl. I pray God continues to guide and bless you and lift you up to endure through all things. You motivate me Ms. Robinson!! :maafaganwati

  • MizPeeper says:

    thank you glacia for ur testimony and thnx met for sharing this…….. Glacia ur a powerful woman and ur voice is amazing, i remember being at the lowest point in my life and having my own spiritual battle and one day sumn seh go pon youtube and i saw ur song its not over now and i got this new strength and new energy to continue fighting on. that song was my strength ! i love you glacia and thank u so much The power of God is real !!!!!!!

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