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Today would have been the wedding day Dian Dean was anticipating that would have happened with slain cop Kennard Chong. Only now, she will be married to guilt and suspicion with no divorce.
To date, there still has not been a report or statement that should have been taken by the JCF stating exactly what happened at the apartment the evening young police officer Kennard Chong was shot. Upon Ms. Deans arrival at the hospital with a shirtless friend on the day of Kennard’s death, it is alleged that she was told to visit the Matilda’s Corner Police Station for a statement and to have her fingers swabbed. It is still unconfirmed as to whether Ms. Dean’s hands were swabbed or not.
The JCF also to date has not investigated claims that will support or oppose Ms. Deans’ report to the hospital upon dropping Kennard Chong’s body off, that it was indeed a suicide or a homicide. Allegedly the claims made by Ms. Dean are what the JCF has allegedly has used and seemingly will not carry out any further investigations. The police who claim to have statements from Ms. Dean, will not release what was said to them.
A witness at the hospital where Ms. Dean had dropped off Mr. Chong alleges that upon arrival, Ms. Dean was spotted with a shirtless man who had a weapon in his waist. The clothes Mr. Chong had been wearing were not submitted to the police by the hospital but by other top notch police who were allegedly called by Ms. Dean before she had called the young man’s mother. Allegedly the young man’s clothes had been taken by those police men first, then they eventually were turned over to the JCF.

Inside investigations reveal that it was not the first time Kennard Chong had caught Ms. Dean in a compromising position. Reports are that, months before, an apartment that the couple had rented in Manley Meadows almost became a crime scene. Mr. Chong upon arriving at the home, he realised after attempting to open the outside gate of the home realised that the lock had been changed. After knocking for an extended period of time , Chong was said to have heard movement in the home and was prompted to call the police.

Allegedly, Mr. Chong was not the only one who seemed to have called because not only did the regular police show up, members of the Jamaica Flying Squad also showed up claiming to have gotten a call from a person inside the home who claimed that there was a wanted man at the gate. A member of the JCF who had known Chong greeted him and asked him what was going on and quickly radioed all the police in the surrounding area not to shoot as the young man at the address was a police.

Ms. Dean then came out of the apartment with a police man who was allegedly in the apartment with Ms. Dean before Chong had arrived.

The relationship between the couple ended after that run in and the now slain cop was said to have went on to date another young woman. After a few weeks, it is alleged that Chong received a call from Ms. Dean who told him she was pregnant by him. Chong immediately broke up with the young woman he was dating and went back to Dean.
Today, February 24, would have been the date that the couple would have gotten married but Chong who was said to have called off the wedding was suspiciously shot upon arrival at the home he shared with Ms. Dean


  • Belly Bang says:


  • Anonymous says:

    that dirty bitch and she not even stay good. a she kill the man. them police know what to do. she f— next police man and make them kill the young man. if a did my son u see duty ugly gyal… u would a know

  • ShottaD says:

    This nuh look like somebody who would want a wedding called off even if she get catch wid man. Mi sorry fi any man wah mek a promise fi marry again. Yout, is a hell of a mistake but a suh some people stay and the cost of the lesson was far too much. Here comes the bride of death.

  • Chinn says:

    I can see exactly wat happened here kmt

  • Yep! says:

    She gives a new meaning to the phrase ” til death do us part”……. What a wicked ugly wretch!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    (Pluggy Voice) Kill Har Bloodclawt!

  • MURASAKI says:

    this story has sooo many holes. Lots of things dont make sense. Did he die at the hospital? Why would she move a dead body from the scene? Being a police she knows you are not supposed to move the body. If there was any sort of fighting or wrestling, she had time to clean up and control the narrative of how the guy was killed. Dead man tell no tales.

    Looking at her I can know understand why she was excited to have some of him dna inna her.

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    What a wicked dutty gal! Black ugly gal you really believe you fool everybody just give you a five your sins soon start beat you bad!

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    Exactly @Murasaki wide har crufftey self Neva waan d man bout waan Chinney baby.

  • ShottaD says:

    Anonymous (Pluggy Voice), an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, but you’d see how quick people would jump to properly investigate instead of make efforts to cover up.

  • Jay says:

    Bwoy ppl just wicked sometime. Mi nuh feel seh she did damn pregnant cause she chat everything else and all know she naw talk up nothing bout the baby.

  • ShottaD says:

    Jay yuh know how di ting guh, tell lie bout breed, belly nah grow, period a come, just fake a drop or a bounce up gainst a table or counta or a door or supm.

    Gyal do dat to my bredn already cause she like drive inah European vehicle. She know she barren and tell di yout she a breed, yout buy up all sorta tings, only fi the girl enemy prips him and tell him she cah have nutn. Yout ask fi preg test then she come with excuse that she drop and lose it.

  • Anonymous says:

    why everyone seems so tight lipped about what happened you dont need Matlock to figure this out all everyone needs to know is who was the shirtless guy and why he had a weapon at the hospital

  • Anonymous says:

    Now I can understand why she wanted a “brown” baby…. sicko?

  • Black ugly BITCH. Onoo nuh see is not the 1st she wanted him dead. When she lock up in dey wid d 1st Policeman, she call Police bout wanted man at d gate fi dem cum kill d youth right at him gate, then u would hear bout mistaken identity. What a scheeming evil, ugly, black bitch. U faava bride of Chucky in d wedding gowns. Brides always look regal n serene u favva a f—ing walking dead, black like dem poison u cuz is poison n evil in u veins. Fi u blackness definately mean ugliness.

    When dat attempt neva work either u or u nex Police man come kill off d good, good, handsome young man that was too good fi u from mornin.

    U guilt gwine haunt u for d rest of ur life….sins of d parents visit the children. I pray u don’t bring anymore spawns from ur evil womb!!!

  • Kkay says:

    So sad…I hope she knows that Karma is real…the sad part is that she has a son. I wonder if she’s sleeping at nights…cause I couldn’t. The sins of the parents are visited upon the children even unto the third generation…

  • kerri says:

    some people are just crosses. We see the signs to let them go and we go back and either your life is ruined or it is ended. I really believe that the Lord shows you the wicked people in your life and gives you chances to get away from them , and then its up to you to move on . Sad after that incident at Manley Meadows he should have never gone back to that girl. She is going to suffer though.

  • Observer says:

    Good evening Metty and mettyers

  • Black n ugly nuh go together, d lady must face har judgement, right now she hav more problem dan one can imagine, stress a kill har, dutty heart a mek she weak.

  • LUNDUN says:

    ppl, can u guys leave out di black part an di ugly part, rememba she neva mek harself and mr.chong liked or even loved at one point, this ‘black ugly bitch’. she is far from ugly and black is beautiful.

    diss story is fiilled with holes, and the jamaican police need to investigate it and show some transparency. doesn’t the hospital have cctv to show who enters and leaves its premises?
    why are they doing this to the young man’s family? its like he wore the uniform for nothing cuz they are not standing up for him right now.

    she is a wicked bitch to call armed police on the man at his own gate knowing how trigger happy the police are.

    she never loved him, she was in love with his looks and his complexion, cuz if u love sumone, u don’t set them up to be killed. but karma is a bitch, and that police man that she was with who possibly shot mr. chong, memba di same ting can happen to u to so gwaan u hear!

  • What’s wrong with her skin color? Please for the love of god jamaicans focus on her character or her involvement in this murder and not her skin color. It sickens me when people are readily to type she wanted to dilute her skin color or calling her black like duh we can see she is black why is that immeadiately bad that she is black?

  • This is one of the reason why Jamaica is in this situation today.No justice, so people take the law in there own hands.Imagine him a police and dem a cova it up suh.Yuh know wah would a happen to a regula civilian.

  • Anonymous says:

    (Pluggy voice) me still seh kill har bladclawt! Duty murder rass gyal, stink foot, stink dress kill off de yout.

  • Jules says:

    But even if him call off di wedding, di report seh dem was still living togedda. Suh mi wonda what she would gain by killing him. And if him did even use condoms shi could easily bore hole inna dem if shi did waan breed, mi nuh think shi would haffi fake a pregnancy, given her easy access to him semen.

    The bigger question to me is why the JCF are not interested in releasing any information on the case, or doing any further investigations? I can only assume that his death is no mystery to them.

  • look like a whole heap Ms Universes deh pon yah.quick fi talk bout black and ugly..Chong look like him never have much girl girl jus a tek him fi yuh can ketch gal wid next man and den she a call yuh tell yuh say she pregnant and yuh run left new girl fi dat? yuh nuh do weh yuh a do and wait pon de youth fi born..and pon top a dat him a plan fi marry ? him lame..dats why Jamaican man get so much run dung pickney . when yuh have de face weh him did have yuh suppose to a run weh girls every week

  • london5948 says:

    @IMHTSOSC, agreed. So I pose dis question. Based on your above comments; which iz key to wat I am about to state. Perhaps him really kill off himself, due to, all of which, u just commented on doa.
    Here in America, me nuh tink it wooda n up soh. Da public outcry would demand some kind of facts, werse, its a cop!!!! Eda she av him killed, or him
    kill himsellf!
    :nerd :nerd

  • Met says:

    londy but wouldnt he have waited at least till joe grind gone?

  • joso says:

    Wicked bitch

  • london5948 says:

    Him might did av some kine ah mental illness.

  • Met says:

    londy no one nuh seh dat about him so to wha mi hear he was planning on moving out back to his parents because him did have more evidence bout di cheating

  • london5948 says:

    Evenin met, n metters, peepers n all. Met d man not werkin wid a full deck! A normal tinkin man might wait n analyze d situation wid d pregnancy, but az him ear’ say she ah breed, him waa run come, nah man so um wrong wid him, him seem flaky, poor ting, RIP.

  • london5948 says:

    Met wat I’m not gettin iz, r the police covering up the a. Suicide theory; b. Murder plot; or possibly, the individual who was with her, wid out da shirt, iz a cop!!!?

  • Anonymous says:

    LUNDUN you couldnt have said it better LEAVE OUT THE COMPLEXTION it sounds so illiterate and stupid stick to the point i know when y’all filling out application you check BLACK you never see brown on them smfh

  • @london5948..mi nuh know de truth but mi nuh feel dat yout kill a next policeman kill de yout cause him come ketch corrupt Police Force jus a go wid de suicide story cause the murder story would be further embarrassment for them..especialy if de man weh shoot him is a senior police.

  • milikeit says:

    Damn, when a police officer who was in good standing can’t get justice or the least, a proper investigation it is time to dismantle the police force and start again. If I was on the force my mind would be on over drive. Questions I would be asking myself is what does it really mean to be a police officer in Jamaica? And is it worth it?

    If they can treat one of there own despite the fact that all involved are in law enforcement, imagine what the likkle poor man have to do to get justice. This is beyond repair, the Jamaican police department is forever damaged, not even your own you seek justice for. The other police officer she cheated with must hold significant clout. Ahh bwai. Just another day in JA, kmrt

  • fashiondoll says:

    I refuse to believe that this man’s death is not getting the attention and investigation it deserves. Are his family the type that jus leave everything to God or are they the type that believe God help those who help themselves. Is the talk shows being bombarded with calls regarding the lack of support from the JCF? Is a letter written to the Prime Minister and the High Commissioner?

  • Observer says:

    all dat anger anonymous hav up fi put to use guh form a demonstration but calm yuh nerves yuh ere please calm it ooooo

  • Belly Bang says:


  • one talk says:

    so met how she reach ina wedding dress now,,she rent one to tek pic and remind us that this day was her day and still her day ,cause even tough the man die she still a wear the dress that she wanted to wear,lol this girl is a danger and can’t be taken light. but god not sleeping her deeds will be read by god one day.

  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    mi fraid a jail like puss, but if anybaddy do dis shit to any a my two and only boys(mi know dat doh sound me a kill dem rass and go siddung a prison fi di rest a mi life or me a pay smaddy fi kill dem claat…sorry about the violence…mi a tell u things like dem ya, mek me love di fact sey mi live a merika

  • ShottaD says:

    Jules he had planned to call it off and he possible said it that same day when got there.


    My heart full yah now suh mi jus aguh talk.

    Some a unuh stop chat f*ckry. If you know anything bout woman you will know some a unuh bloodclaat wicked! Every man know dat some oman mek dem do some f*ckry at some point inah him life. Woman who deh yah can think and look into demself and kno dem mek man do f*ckry to. Some a unuh is bloodclaat wicked and put encourage man fi do foolishness. Some a unuh obeah man, tie dem and put tings inah dem food wid unuh nasty raas. A put p*ssy hair inah man food. Everybody know bout stew peas, i doh kno wah people tell gyal fi pu in there when you a tie. Gyal will bombocllat mek yout hungry fi buy dress, hairstyle and jewelry fi guh dance or party, is that a mental illness?
    Some a unuh wicked yuh f*ck. When unuh get a man wah check fi yuh and a treat yuh right yuh still either gwan wid f*ckry or find fault wid the man. Mi live fi see man tump gyal inah dem mout and mi nah get involve cause mi nuh kno wah she do and di same bloodclat gyal guh back to the man and love him up fi him tings. Some a unuh suh bloodclaat wicked dat unuh wicked to all unuh self.

    Wi wah know how di yout dead, a dat wi a deal wid. Nobody goin kno wah di yout dida tink or why him guh back. It nah guh mek sense but neither does the f*ckry wah people keep up pahn dem one anoda like badmind.

    oye, before you even tink fi draw pan or start some other f*ckry arguement, a woman mi say str8, but mi know fi f*ckin careful a some a unuh. Dis is anoda bloodclaat life lesson.

    ShottaD out…

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe the man went back bcz of the baby . The man must have feelings for here and we woman wicked fi true we will tell man things all when a lie to make them come back. He maybe just wanted for it to work cause a the baby. Seems like him did love her. I don’t know either of them but 1+1 make two that bitch would suffer if a did my bro or son. Simple.

  • Brightlight says:

    @ShottaD agreed.

  • CNJ says:


  • REAL RASTA says:

    now for my 2cents…………….
    evrybody a cuss the gyal, nobody naw sey the rass claat chiney bwoy a fool…….. is so him like ebony and ivory (like to see white dick goin into black hole) this bwoy was young and pussy whipped. him a five-o and suppose to kno the system and u nuh see wah gwaan sey smaddy want u dead… but here is the sweet part i think she love him and him love har but b4 him come fresh from outa trainin school she had another higher ranked policeman. also there was a struggle! how else then man widout shirt wid weapon in waist end up at hospital. 3 legal gun buck up too much time and that was the final outcome……. THERE IS A LOT MORE TO THIS PPL… ITS BEING COVERED UP CAUSE ITS A HIGH RANKING POLICE OFFICER

  • Pari says:

    The guy wasn’t pussy whipped, he had girls waiting on him and he had decent girl ready to be with him when him cut the first time. The decision was foolish to go back but I agree with Shotta about a womans power and ability to deceive men. He reacted based on being told him she was pregnant. He was neither a fool nor mental in any way. Just a man. You say Rasta and if he said him never want black woman you would have problem with that too. You cant please everyone these days. Stop with the color, black or white, chiney or whatever. It was the girl who obsessed about hair and race. He tried to take something most of us men would reject and make something of it. At least you have the story of her being a used tool right. High rank police man who couldn’t do a thing for her, why didn’t that police man marry her? Cant take rag and turn it into table cloth. I don’t think he would take on that girl in the first place if the outright told him she had a senior police man courting her. Additionally, that senior police man was not the only man riding that bike if you go off the word on the street. It is not good to speak ill of the dead. We all hear alot of stories, very few add up to what happened at the scene. However I see many ladies from previous post that have already dissected the story to something plausible.


  • Mi luv da site yah says:

    A who open di cemetery gate and let out dah duppy yah? What a gyal ugly and tan bad, and mek har next Policeman kill off the woman pickney. Mi nuh know why a good looking bwoy tek up dat deh ole ugly wicked gal deh fah, and so much good looking woman wid good personality deh bout. From yuh si she yuh si death to back foot.

  • Met says:

    mi love so u jus brave and comment and a get whey jus so? :nerd :hammer

  • Duckhunter says:

    Anyway yuh tek it a shi kill di man a shi have man deh mek weapon use. A coulda all she do it arself! Why big boss a cova fi she. Dutty crosses gyal wi know a yuh birtday today, hope yuh wickedness choke u & all a who u have a tun u fi suck u out. Dutty gyal star n crown spit cah bring baby but u live fi see 25 an kill di man before him 24. nex set a man u have a stab n tear out u rotn womb tink bout if dem aguh business bout YOUR son.

  • Anonymous says:

    I concur Shotta D. A true. Same ting me husband always seh. And lawks man people jus a use har description and bun har out. Its not self-hate. If she white, yellow or blue she woulda be “white, yellow or blue ugly b”.
    Is a shame tho. You represent the law and the law betray you. Now you know JA gone wayyyyy to the dogs :(

  • Kkay says:

    Y the hell would he take his right handed self and shoot himself inna him left neck side..a so him dramatic..kmt…God’s not sleeping so me not even go if or but bout this…she no ugly but her heart ugly and dutty…kmt!

  • Passer By says:

    I agree with milikeit take on the JCF and everything that Shotta D says. The gyal jus bumboclaat wicked wicked wicked, loh da yute mek him go bout him bizz, why she tek him life? Him gone, him family & frens are devastated and yuh cah get him back. If the so called people who are they to protect and serve are they themselves murderers then it look ‘sticky’ for the citizens of this country. Mi sorry him go back to that krosses gyal worse afta she tried killin him already but love blind and is supm weh odas can learn from. So why the big belly man weh a da head a yuh squad who fah cockey you a suck off cuz him dnt hav no cock wid all a dat belly him front of him, neva marry yuh nasty raas?? Why is the JCF covering up this nasty case? A wah commish and everybody fraid a dis snr big belly krosses man dats pervading the course of justice? God nah sleep and the three unno more so da gyal & her big belly man ago perish 4 unno wickedness.

  • InnerCity says:

    I am really amazed someone died and the investigators cannot come to a conclusion.

    These people makes Sherlock Holmes look like a super genius, Clearnly you see a muder here. They murdered the good special yout.

    Rest in peace my good friend Kennard. :( sob sob sob :berduka

    F__k_ng murderer or murderers, your time will come. :marah

  • Pari says:

    :sorry :mewek :matabelo

  • C says:

    The coroner’s court ruled that Special Constable Kennard Chong’s death on January 13, 2013, was murder.

    We now need justice after 5 years for them to declare HE DID NOT DO IT.

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