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Today would have been the wedding day Dian Dean was anticipating that would have happened with slain cop Kennard Chong. Only now, she will be married to guilt and suspicion with no divorce.
To date, there still has not been a report or statement that should have been taken by the JCF stating exactly what happened at the apartment the evening young police officer Kennard Chong was shot. Upon Ms. Deans arrival at the hospital with a shirtless friend on the day of Kennard’s death, it is alleged that she was told to visit the Matilda’s Corner Police Station for a statement and to have her fingers swabbed. It is still unconfirmed as to whether Ms. Dean’s hands were swabbed or not.
The JCF also to date has not investigated claims that will support or oppose Ms. Deans’ report to the hospital upon dropping Kennard Chong’s body off, that it was indeed a suicide or a homicide. Allegedly the claims made by Ms. Dean are what the JCF has allegedly has used and seemingly will not carry out any further investigations. The police who claim to have statements from Ms. Dean, will not release what was said to them.
A witness at the hospital where Ms. Dean had dropped off Mr. Chong alleges that upon arrival, Ms. Dean was spotted with a shirtless man who had a weapon in his waist. The clothes Mr. Chong had been wearing were not submitted to the police by the hospital but by other top notch police who were allegedly called by Ms. Dean before she had called the young man’s mother. Allegedly the young man’s clothes had been taken by those police men first, then they eventually were turned over to the JCF.

Inside investigations reveal that it was not the first time Kennard Chong had caught Ms. Dean in a compromising position. Reports are that, months before, an apartment that the couple had rented in Manley Meadows almost became a crime scene. Mr. Chong upon arriving at the home, he realised after attempting to open the outside gate of the home realised that the lock had been changed. After knocking for an extended period of time , Chong was said to have heard movement in the home and was prompted to call the police.

Allegedly, Mr. Chong was not the only one who seemed to have called because not only did the regular police show up, members of the Jamaica Flying Squad also showed up claiming to have gotten a call from a person inside the home who claimed that there was a wanted man at the gate. A member of the JCF who had known Chong greeted him and asked him what was going on and quickly radioed all the police in the surrounding area not to shoot as the young man at the address was a police.

Ms. Dean then came out of the apartment with a police man who was allegedly in the apartment with Ms. Dean before Chong had arrived.

The relationship between the couple ended after that run in and the now slain cop was said to have went on to date another young woman. After a few weeks, it is alleged that Chong received a call from Ms. Dean who told him she was pregnant by him. Chong immediately broke up with the young woman he was dating and went back to Dean.
Today, February 24, would have been the date that the couple would have gotten married but Chong who was said to have called off the wedding was suspiciously shot upon arrival at the home he shared with Ms. Dean


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