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Ah wha dis MET? Young Mike deh pon Batty Mon Instagram page? Bout him ah stylist… Di pose alone look fishy. And ah di new trend fi wear see tru blouse? Him ah watch to much runwey show. No Met dis sticky…

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  • Anonymous says:

    A style fish that ?

  • Barbie says:

    Bottom left pic, a one man that?!!!!

  • weh mi seh..... says:

    First n foremost a longtime young mike a battyman so plz nobody act like they never knongw….him and micky mouse a sex long long time ago….confirm it ask niesha tight micky bff…..this news no surprise to me……

  • Belly Bang says:

    didnt JMG have him up in that see through breast ah show something last year???? Wasnt all revealed??? Anything new must be if him kill nuhbady and where him bury di body

  • pinky..... says:

    Cmon now met a no new news dis….longtime ting dat mike a battyman ask him he will confirm it from dis boy come out of jail for shoplifting clothes him a sex fashion n rich man fi get where he need to go…..youngmike aka..kanye balls……..mike ur just mike not kanye west..just mike…plz be urself….a beg u n u can’t swear pon ur mother life u a no battyman….

  • LadyWoW says:

    dis nothing new, him is in denial but we know. di world knows, :salahkamar

  • Yep! says:

    I love the see thru blouse

  • Anonymous says:

    Wha dese battyman seh dem stylist? Ah who dem a style? Real stylist have cliet list, portfolio an credential. Me notice de trend dat all of de battyman on the pink wall swear seh dem a stylist. A who yuh a style? Why batty feel dem all living inna style when de whole of us mek fun of dem fashoin choice? If man say him a stylist or a fashoin icon or any f—ery like dat run whey…..nah listen nor ask question just run. Me se one of dese so call stylist roun whey and cleqrly him photoshop him picture cause him tings are pop dung. Boot him fe wear heel tun ova, jacket fulla fuzz, face fulla facey, nah undastand dem at tall. A who dem a fool?

  • Oh crap a him and Mickey Mouse did a fck? Damn damn damn …..

  • front row seat says:


  • stulla...... says:

    Met….listen ask niesha tight if young mike n micky mouse no inna tings from longtime…n look who mike a par with now dat next battyman thief with the nappy ass afro……wayne……..micky mouse.young mike.wayne one big battyman clique……do the research……

  • rastabinggy says:

    Fire fi bun fi di videoman dem a tek picture of dem n video tape dem battyboy ya…..bun dem out ……run di videoman dem to anyone a dem a video tape battyboy a fi dem fault dem boy ya think it kool fi keep up dem nasty ways……

  • Observer says:

    mike seh unnuh r luddy em a luk a buss fi em new line unnuh luddy oooooooooo :hammer

  • Anonymous says:

    that y him kill the gal in 2007 she goin tel world him a fish

  • #DISOURCE says:

    Mi woulda love fi know why Mike batty business is a problem to unu! Unu a talk bout him a batty man n him fi dead, how him fi dead wen unu batty a keep him alive??? Y’all need to go get a life n a job cuz I’m sure JMG nah pay unu fi all a dem rumors yah! A same way last year unu well bright n come put up pic wid him n him bredda n a talk bout a him n him man! Unu need fi come better cause dah mix yah is lacking detail n without detail unu nah prove nuttn!! Di man is no batty man suh unu need fi bill!

  • Florida Slackness says:

    #disource guh sidung sum wey… Ah run in and ah defend him. gwey… Young Mike ah pay you? Him mussa dig out fi u batty. Wha u come pon di Pink Wall fa? Nosiey ras…

  • #DISOURCE says:

    Florida Dutty Slackness right now mi sidung a work a look pon u n di rest a di ediaat dem comments, my job a pay me! Who is paying u mi dear?? A Betta u did jump pon di ban wagon and Mek Mike pay u cause at least u woulda a get pay fi summn!! Mi nuh jus run een n run out inuh cause mi still deh yah! A just true di man neva waan dig out unu crotches/batty u n di rest of the rejects waan come spread rumor! Mi deh yah a defend him cause a family to di end mi seh! Dah 9-5 yah nah pay unu suh guh look a next one!

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