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1) Hi how are you?
Hello everybody! I’m feeling great rite now,give thanks.

2) What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Elan Swan, I’m known on the music scene as Fyahbwoy, ¨El Chico de Fuego¨ in spanish. I´m from Madrid,Spain.
3) What genre of music do you sing?
4) Where did you learn about Dancehall/Reggae and how long have you been singing it?
The first time me heard a reggae tune was round 1990, I was 11 years old. In that time I discovered the Bob Marley and Peter Tosh’s music, Ska and some Brazilian and Spanish old reggae bands. When I was 17 me got my fist Dancehall tape… from that day I became a Dancehall addict. I wrote and recorded my first songs in 2006; ¨Ni Chance ni Try¨ . It was my first song and that began my career as a Dancehall artist.

5) Who was the first dancehall/reggae artist you knew and how did you get to know about him?
Before the Internet dominated the world,it was almost imposible to get Reggae or Dancehall albums in my country. I exchanged music with some friends, and one of my friends gave a Sizzla , Anthony b and a Capleton audio tape. These were the first Dancehall artists I heard, and my beginning as a Dancehall artist.

6) How has the response been in Spain to your music?
My music in Spain has has played a very important role in the development of Reggae. There are not many professional Dancehall artists in my country. a few years ago there was no dancehall scene in my country. On my first tour there was no more than 300 or 400 people in each venue… nowadays not lower than 1000 people at any shows. Right now the biggest spanish music fest is trying to book me for their show.

7) Do you know any Jamaicans in Spain?
Yes I have some jamaican friends here. Chis who was who was an athlete, ended up working as a chef here, and I have some Jamaican friends who who often visit Spain.




8) I listened to one of your songs and heard Busy Signal on it, how did you do that?

A few months ago I went to Jamaica and worked on my new album. I was also there to shoot some videos and do some recordings for my new album. My meeting with Busy was planned for the first day but him was overseas at the time. I worked with Suku in King Jammy´s Studio, we did a big tune for my album, later I met the twins in Megamart and decided to do some tune together. Ive was in contact whit Agent Sasco and Chi chingching also in order to do some tunes but time and money are spend faster than you know.
Finally my last day in Jamaica we contacted Shane who is Busy’s manger and he told us that Busy was in Jamaica so I got to do the song with him.

9)Tell us a little bit about your personal life, I see that you have locks, are you married, single or live your life as a rasta?
I live my life as an artist. I spend most of my time traveling or working on new videos or productions. Reggae is my life, I try to educate people through my music, sending a positive messages in order to help help the youth of rotten Europe to wake up and be aware of the big lie that they are living.

10) Have you ever been to Jamaica?
Yes.Three or four times. I love the island ! Im the owner of a little land in Long Bay.Luv di island!

11) Who is your favorite Dancehall artist and why?
Bounty Killa a di real don! Kartel is one of the best dancehall Dj´s ever. I must say that I love big tunes more than any specific artist…but if I have to choose one, I would say Busy Signal. The reason is that, he has adapted to the times.He can write about things that happen without returning to the Jamaican Dancehall topics over and over.. He knows how to make you feel the message

12) Do you have children?
No I dont. This is not the place I want to rise my children.

13) How does your family feel about you doing this kind of music?
My mom died when I was 15 years old. My father lives far from me. I only get to see my family once a year. Im a hustler from I was young. Mi father is a singer too,he grew up in Latin America and he is a great person.He had always supported me in my decisions and never has stonewalled me to fulfill my dreams

14) If you had the chance to influence Jamaican music postively how would you do that and what would you do?
I think I’m doing it. Since I started to sing I have been doing a lot of work to spread the Reggae vibes around my country. I am proud that my message is trending in schools, colleges and universities. In Spain we are getting many people to wakeup and see the damage that the system is creating in them.

15) Bob Marley’s birthday was last week, how do you feel about his music and do you think Jamaica still has this kind of talent?
Bob Marley´s music was the guilt of my addiction to the reggae music .The music he introduced to the world and the power of Reggae music also his message .He took Reggae music from Jamaica and brought it worldwide.
There are a lot of big tunes coming from Jamaica for a long time and a lot of artists are keeping it real. Maybe is true that the autotune ting did some damages in the Jamaican artist’s international image, because a lot of artist made big tunes and a lot of them are full of talent but some of them do sing out of tune. Back in the old days nobody sang out of key. Nowadays it seems like like everybody with nice ideas want and can be an artist.

16) How many Jamaican artist have you met and how were they?
I have met many artist ; Suku,Capleton, Bramma, Busy signal, Delly Ranks, Twins of Twins, Sasco, Chi Ching Ching , Leftside and many more.I have good friends in Jamaica like Malijah, Fyah T, Lion,G blunt,Candice, Zenny and Gem Stone..
I have always been interested in the Jamaican culture and I really love the island. Every time I’ve worked with an artist from Jamaica I learned something and it has always been a great experience working with them
My experience working with Signal, Suku or Twins was very nice. They are professional artist, they checked my music and my style before they decided to work with me.
I have tried to link up some other artist but I had little time to work on the island and because of this it could not happen. Everyone that I made contact with was open to working with me.

17) At present, the American rapper Snoop Dog changed his name and wants to cross over to Reggae, did you hear about that and how do you feel?
Although it may be viewed as a business strategy I think all that it is promoting is the Reggae culture and that message is good for everyone.

18) Our music is worldwide and a lot of Jamaicans feel like more people abroad are getting paid better money for singing our own dynamic form of music do you see this as true?
I dont think so.One thing that is true, if a lot of artists sing about things that everyone can feel and forget the violence the music would go much further. People want to feel identify with the lyrics and violence represents almost nobody.Although I understand the people whose lives are surrounded by misery and suffering, can only teach that message.When you grow up and your message reaches many people you have a responsibility and should know that it is good to sing more positive songs.

19) How do you keep up on new music coming out of Jamaica?
Through web pages, Twitter or Youtube. I also listen online radios stations Irie fm, Robbo Ranx, Irie UK,etc. ..

20) In the last year or so, two dancehall artists were incarcerated, Busy Signal and Vybz Kartel, do you think this took away from the music?
Luckily Busy signal has only been away for a little time from the scene and he did not waste any time. Although Kartel and Buju Banton did hundreds of Reggae hits , without them Dancehall music is missing some important people

21) Have you ever been with a Jamaican woman?
As a white man in Jamaican music systems a lot of girls wanted to spend the night with me asking for money but this is not for me. I am looking for stability.
In one of my travels I met a nice girl she was sweet and lovely. I still have happy memories of those days.

22) What do you want to happen with your music and which country do you want to perform in that you have not performed in already?
My career has led me to perform in places like Europe, Latin America and Zimbabwe.
Anywhere in the world where they want to hear my voice I would be happy to go.
I would like to work with Jamaican producers and keep growing and growing

23) I contacted you because someone had showed me one of your videos and asked me who you were, I googled you because I liked your music, what came to your mind when you saw my email?
I said.. ”Fxxx! An interview for a Jamaican website!!
When I get your email I was to go on stage to perform in a Spanish town called Valladolid. It motivated me to sing to these thousands of people! It made me so happy to know that in Jamaica someone is listening my music!

24) I see that speak a small amount of patois, who taught you?
No one .Spain may have the worst English level of the whole Europe. Almost no one understands English. When I was young I tried to understand the lyric´s and that´s what made me listen and listen songs until I understood almost all that they said in their songs .I learnt a little bit of Patois travelling to Jamaica, asking, listening, reading… and speaking with Jamaicans! Is di only way fi dweet!


  • Cindy Royal says:

    But him nuh ansa di “Jamaica woman” question (21) Met. Did he get down with the “lots of girls” in Jamaica or was Ms. “sweet & lovely” Jamaican? lol

    I don’t know him, but will listen as soon as bossy step out.

  • Him sound good man…dweeet my yute.

  • Met says:

    Cindy mi notice him neva ansa lol

  • This artiste is refreshingly frank. He is doing the music because of his love for the music. He does come across as being very focused and humble…

    He seems to have a pulse on how to further promote and grown reggae/dancehall and I hope the Jamaican artistes take a page out of his book

    It did not take much for him to realize that the girls in Jamaica wanted to sleep with him for money. Must our women be so transparent?

    I am going to research his music and provide him with some support. Artistes like this is good for our music–especially on a global stage.

  • His answer to question 21 could be read two ways: he ran into an impasse when he realized that the girls only wanted money or he got a quick slap and realize what di girl dem want and realize seh dat a nuh fi him so him flee…LOL

  • Get da youth ya fi do a tune with the likes of Jr Gong and him launch…

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    A #21…was answered. Man basically sey him don’t like Jamaican women who sell/begs/offer dem self to him because him white. Don’t wrong him one bit.

  • PhantomPhoenix that’s pretty much what he is saying…

  • Cindy Royal says:

    No Phantom, him nuh ansa atall cuz anuh all Jamaica women stay suh, clearly a pure dancehall tehteh/ray ray him did deh roun. Is a yes or no question weddah him get wid any Jamaica women, den him can elaborate bout weh him like or dislike. lol

    That said, mi hear some men saying as soon as dem meet di gyal dem dem a beg dem credit or money fi put eenn hair & I’m like WTF?! Weh unuh meet dem gyal deh?!

  • fluxy says:

    Me encanta que uno de mis artistas favoritos, al que sigo entusiastamente, haya llegado tan lejos. Un abrazo para él y todos los fans jamaicanos.

    I love the idea of that one of my favorite artists, who I enthusiastically follow, has gone so far. A hug for him and for all Jamaican fans. 1luv.

  • JamaicaninBarcelona says:

    Hola! Jamaican girl in Barcelona.He is right,Spain has the worst English in all of Europe.I hate this place,soon gone back ah mi yaad. Big him up straight!

  • Met says:

    maybe because their Spanish is really good and the translation is hard? but welcome ms barcelona lol

  • The interview is a really good look for Met, JMG–I hope to see more of these types of postings [especially dynamic interviews where follow-up questions can be posed] KUDOS Met!!!

  • Met says:

    u listen di song and how u like it?

  • I like the song. It is a Protege/Jr Gong type international favor…

  • maira says:

    I live in spain, but I’m from latin america, Im young girl, I know elán about one year ago and i love his music, is my best singer, he makes me happy and now I see the world different, with others eyes, I think his music is going to change minds of a lot of people, and this is very important

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