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Police are investigating after a man was found shot to death on a golf course in Sunrise Monday morning.

The shooting happened around 4 a.m. in the 3700 block of N. University Drive near a strip mall with a Hooters Restaurant and a gentleman’s club, Sunrise Police said.

An officer who was on patrol heard the shots from a few blocks away and found the man’s body on the property of Springtree Golf Club behind the strip mall, police said


  • Observer says:

    a wonda if a yawdie

  • kstar says:

    Met a Gary sweetness party a fish N things outside it happen is hairdresser Ann man dem kill

  • Met says:

    kstar dem nuh find a who?

  • kstar says:

    Yes typo fins and things beside the strip club him keep red,black N white last night

  • kstar says:

    A dont touch road yet will let u know

  • Met says:

    kstar mek sure and nuh lef mi out oo

  • Florida Slackness says:

    Ah one bwoy from di 90’s dem kill

  • kstar says:

    Ann man is a 90s man

  • Observer says:

    his is not a 90’s man

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Over desso a hot spot Met. Right wey Peppers deh, The amount of killing and shooting wey gwan right ina dah parking lot deh, right cross the street from Hooters and the Strip Club. A right desso dem di tek wey the Jamaican girl from the club, rape and kill har. The amount a time wey dem affi lock dung dat club. A pure ghosts rome out desso. Regular occurrence.

  • Observer says:

    foxy dem hav all living duppy out dere caw di ppl dem weh deh desso mor time nuh luk alive inna real life :nohope

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    I keeping hearing bout 90s man a florida….and is always some fkry dem do, did or intended fi do. OH WELL… ONE LESS PON ALL FRONTS! Him dead inna style cause hell fi get golf club membaship.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Zervah, somebody invite me and mi guh tek fass and invite me 4 cousin dem. When we got there and dem look around, dem waa beat mi lol. Ask mi if mi eva si dem guh dem place wid dem ppl yah. Mi sey weh the man dem approach as ask fi number, yuh waa hear how everybody start talk soft and dainty because wi fraid wi guh sey di wrong tings cos dem neva look normal a tall.

  • coco krispie says:

    That club cursed for matta how many times they change the name. Your right foxy same dutty club that girl end up missing during memorial weekend a few years ago.

  • Florida Slackness says:

    It wasnt at Peppers. It happen across di street. Guess di whole block jus curse cause nuttin can gwan inna dat dey area. Now di 90’s ting mi nuh kno ah dat mi hear. Glad mi tan home kmt… Road sticky ah florida

  • concern says:

    anyone know what happen

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Phantom, yuh know yuh bad tho! A nuh nuh kinda exclusive golf club place. A $15 fi play. Nuh know bout their membership tho.

    True Coco. Every year there’s a murder out there.

  • Observer says:

    mi not looking at phantom today because you intend to misbehave bout free membership :nohope:

    foxy dem luks deceiving caw a soft soul dem beat up dem chess like fowl set a coward n full a mout but dem luk hawd suh mi caw undastan yuh fear :hammer weh yu seh speaky spokey pon demmmmmmmmmmm

    florida slackness a nuff 90’3 man did dung deh but couple get lack weh n di ress affi cool suh mi noe a nuh one a dem a carbon copy but yes yuh betta raaf at home sipping merlot

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Obs good afternoon dear is this the gulf club that’s adjoined to that apartment complex below red oaks r something like that cause I can’t imagine anywhere in desso fi keep party????

  • Foxy Lady says:

    yes Tawkchuet, but dem probably run him dung and shoot him pon di gulf course or him get shot and run and dead pon the gulf course.

  • Anonymous says:

    From the looks of things, the guy look like he either shot before and ran and collapse on the Golf course or he was chased onto the golf course and shot. From the overhead view, the restaurant is across the street from the course or adjacent to the course itself.,0,7666727.story

    Fins and Things:

  • Observer says:

    yes chuet rite dere so

  • Anonymous says:

    Met u want fi see di news clip…twitch seh him is just a dj him don’t know nothing..One another “Omar” him seh him nuh know nothing and him jus wany fi eat him food,u want fi see him to a dig inna di foam plate.Him cyar riddle wid bullets and my man seh him nuh know nothing.Two a mi fren live round di corner from desso dem seh dem neva here nuh gunshot but a whole heap a siren dem hear…Mi sorry fi dem deh suspect deh,Sunrise police dem a one of the best thorough,well paid,investigational city inna Broward/fort lauderdale.U see how long dem stay pon di case fi di girl from peppers..okay then conviction and him serving time now

  • Naya says:

    It was at Gairy sweetness party that kept at fins&things and a di 90’S yute dem call zone…… mi nah ask a tell me a tell unno…… thats my ppl dem….. rest in peace zone…… sad way to go and leave his yute dem…. this world we living in something has got to change, ppl cant even go a party and enjoy them self without having to worry about dem type a fu000

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Talk about a dead handed shot…sheesh. One time whilst visiting FL somebody had the friggin temerity to take me to Peppers, suffice to say that person and I are incommunicae…It no wise fi kip company wid people who no have yuh best interests at heart…Condolences to the fam of the deceased..and thankfully more people didnt get hurt…

  • Anonymous says:

    dem folks weh play religiously pissed the eff off,big big president’s day pon di 9th hole shut down all activity today..nutten more my man did a try escape and collapse and dead.U eva see out deh a night time,dark as f000

  • stulla...... says:

    Silence people….sssssh….him name zone…seh him inna 90’s whoring gal chrissy babyfather news seh him did a f000 ann ugllllly ass ann she run black pearl barbershop behind checkers on 55th n oakland park…..plz go look pon di ugly bastard……live by di gun die by di gun…..tek heed all u females a seh ur man a bad man gangsta….everybody got guns…..

  • Observer says:

    a 90’s ppl did kill my ppl dem suh a juss it guh a 3 pitney em ded lef an 1 did inna belly

  • me seh so....... says:

    Live by the gun die by the gun….no tears shed for him….how long dat yute a bad up people n beat up man n a move round like he bulletproof…anyone person can say he had a nine to five hell no……..longtime coming yute……stressfree now

  • Observer says:

    stulla talk di tingsssss a same suh dem luv run enn bout dem a 90’s wen dem juss barely affiliated n a wear fame tag bout “badman” yuh ded ow yuh live

  • Anonymous says:

    That boy salt to rass from day one him start f— ann……chop face ugly ann..plz to god people go look pon di gal…..55th n oakland…blackpearl

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Shooting at that barbershop November

  • pinkyplatinum..... says:

    My prediction………..soon soon Esco n his bag of ” goons ” or wanna be gangsta next dem now a walk round like dem a gang…….

  • coco krispie says:

    Woiiiiiii the plot thick now…..I touch the road and I hear everyting now.BRB

  • Observer says:

    a doah wah laaf but anonymous @ 5:17 yuh making it real hawd ooooo wat di name mi a luk fah run it deh quik quik

  • Anonymous says:

    Blackpearl barbershop…….behind checkers on 55th n oakland……..Ann….

  • Observer says:

    a she mi ere seh fling out certain man flyers outta di shop wen yuh seh bad yuh seh dem

  • Belly Bang says:

    JUST SHARING, NO DISRESPECT MEANT****** Florida have dem cross fi bear & Kingston have fi it cross fi bear. Just ah get some details pon di shooting at Escape 24/7 Night Club in New Kingston this morning, security guard shot and killed and manager shot and injured. All started when on worker and the manager ketch up and the worker (a female) run guh get her backative and di backative return and gi it to dem and tun up di ting. Is a place mi guh regular ever since dem open back inna 2005/2006 & it was supposed to be a cool hangout spot. Nuff people guh deh and artist etc, ah desso mi see Bounty sometimes & others >>> Mervin who deh ah florida now used to guh deh nuff******

  • Ms.B says:

    Yup! Nuff tings go down right there for real. I had to drive by and look at the infamous Peppers … Made my skin crawl !

  • people chat too much says:

    @ pinkyplatinum.. stop call up them dem name and hide behind jmet wishing death pon people, nobody dont make out of iron so when you pointing fingers four more point on you .ok?

  • Sasha fierce says:

    It was not Peppers . It’s across the street next to Hooters.. Dem Bwoy deh man a cause destruction . Di whole a dem fi dead . Dem rob and kill people Pickney . Met 2 yrs or more dem run Ft Lauderdale red ,bout 90’s . Dem go club in a crew , box dung a Bwoy if dem Nuh like how him look pon dem . The rest a dem need to chill . Half a dem in prison and the others get the deported and killed .

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