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Blue and Bey. (HBO/Twitter)More than a year after her birth, Blue Ivy Carter is finally being shown off.
In Beyoncé’s HBO documentary, “Life Is But a Dream,” which premieres on Saturday, the singer shares a touching moment of her with her now-13-month-old daughter.
But 24 hours before the baby’s big debut, a still from the 10-second interaction was leaked on Twitter … and instantly became a retweet phenomenon.
In the shot, Blue – clad in a white crochet sundress – is standing up on her mother’s lap as Beyoncé, her hair in braids, is beaming from ear to ear at her pride and joy.
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Although Beyoncé and Jay-Z did reveal their newborn’s face on Tumblr when she was first born in January 2012, they have made it a point to cover her up when out in public ever since.
In “Life Is But a Dream,” the “Halo” singer also reveals her pregnant belly, squashing rampant rumors she faked it and instead had a surrogate carry her daughter. In one scene, before she announced she was expecting at the 2011 VMAs, Beyoncé tells the camera, “So this is my belly and I’m 20 weeks … if you can see that I’m pregnant I’m just going to have to own it! My baby may be debuting itself on the awards.”
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She also talks about the first time she felt Blue kick from inside her belly. “Made me cry,” she says. “Kicked five times, I’m so excited!”
However, there was another big Beyoncé-centric revelation on Friday. In her Sunday night interview with Oprah Winfrey, the singer reveals that while pregnant with Blue she packed on a good 57 pounds … which she then had to quickly lose for a big four-night concert weekend last May in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
“I did a show three months after giving birth, which was crazy,” Beyoncé tells Oprah. “I had clearly never given birth, and I didn’t know that I would gain 60 pounds … 57 pounds.”
But Beyoncé managed to shed every single pound in time for her first post-baby performance thanks to a strict diet and exercise regimen. “Y’all have no idea how hard I worked!” the singer, clad in a body-hugging silver bodysuit, exclaimed at the time to the first night’s sold-out audience. “They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!”
However, it’s not all about Beyoncé and Blue during the OWN interview. The singer also gushes to Oprah about her husband, who she says she was friends with for a year and a half before they even went on their first date.
“I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man,” she shares, adding that what the two have “just gives me such a foundation.”

22 Responses to BEYONCE AS A BABY & BLUE IVY

  • notrite says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good afternoon metty

  • Beyonce’s baby picture have her looking like a little boy. But da baby deh a straight Jay-Z with an accent of Beyonce… I need to check out Beyonce’s HBO documentary.

  • Observer says:

    But Beyoncé managed to shed every single pound in time for her first post-baby performance thanks to a strict diet and exercise regimen. “Y’all have no idea how hard I worked!” the singer, clad in a body-hugging silver bodysuit, exclaimed at the time to the first night’s sold-out audience. “They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!”

    YEA RITE!!! lying ass

  • MURASAKI says:

    Well that is the stamp of Jay Z on this lil girls face for sure.

    In the histories of all celeb pregnancies Beyoncee was probably the one most crowded in secrecy. Imagine emptying an entire hospital ward to accommodate her. Makes you wonder why shi never just have the baby at her home an done.

    Observer, what yuh seh surrogate duh dem thing? Beyoncee lets admits is not overly talented by her body and overall look along with dancing skills and stage performance has kept her in the spotlight. In light of all this maybe she didn’t want to take the chance to mess with her body.

  • Observer says:

    an dats all she haffi seh nobaddi caw beat har fi di chute but she bawn inna lie an a guh ded juss suh not evn har own sista she caw own up to kmt

  • MURASAKI says:

    Just looking on that Baby’s nose and mouth. Met could you put up a pic ah Jayzeeee, mek wi duh a comparison nuh.

  • MURASAKI says:

    Just looking on that Baby’s nose and mouth. Met could you put up a pic ah Jayzeeee, mek wi duh a comparison nuh.

  • dis pic a go round fi a while now, suh how dem a seh she jus reveal d pickney? kmt

  • Real says:

    observer u neva hear di girl seh she was eating lettuce …..cute baby the other bby look like ar nephew……………….anywho i am not a fan not aircondition not a heater …mi jus nuh …………………..

  • @Real, the other baby is Beyonce as a baby…

  • Real says:

    ye I know I just think her nephew looks like her ….lalibela …mi not even call or type or name >>I know its funny but I do not support her ….but I saw these pic a few months ago before di child was one

  • PPL busineSS says:

    Morning MET, somen bout Beyonce documentary lastnite no add up?? fi someone whe a address d surrogate issue u would a sheo pic of u n d belly same time no some edited version – me still no buy in to it this girl is too full of secrets n all now she no address d ole illuminati thing, wh edem a sell me na buy – why dem tek over a year fi show d chile??? thats there is ridiculous n then a come talk bout ppl follow d lies in a d paper dem, u see whe she mek sure do broad cast her kid pon HBO so all when u caan read u must see her kid unlike ANGELINA n d rest a CELEB whe collect up to 20 MIL fi photo – u know how much HBO a pay she??? a guess a d world whe we live in ppl r intrigue with VEIN ppl, look pon d TIMES in a d UK a compare RIRI with PRINCESS DIANA ??? I was like WTF??? these ppl r ridiculous tehy publish anything to get some money

  • @PPL busineSS, privacy is very important and most celebrities would do almost anything to gain a certain degree of privacy. Hence, I can identify with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Other than the celebrities who seek to exploit their children, most other celebrities usually go to a great extent to keep their private life concealed.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thats beyonce abay for sure, and everyone is different with losing weight, I gain so much weight with both my children and within 1 month I lost it and everyone said it didnt look like I have baby

  • Anonymous says:

    sorry baby

  • Anonymous says:

    and one more thing beyonce is also know to lose weight quick

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Mi nuh know why unnu ah gwan like its is so hard to lose baby weight. After my pregnancy mi lose ost of the weight in 2 – 3 weeks and by week for mi did right back to mi pre-pregnancy weight just had mi likkle pouch left lol. I wish ppl would stop wid the surrogate rumors ah fi har bizniz if she have surrogate and ah fi har bizniz if she waan lie. The surrogate ting ah get ole yah now.

  • Goodas says:

    ppl are so stupid about baby weight, I have seen women who have ten kids and they have no belly fat and no stretch marks. I know two young ladies every time they get pregnant they lose weight and after the birth of their babies they get so thin so not everyone gets big and fat after pregnancy with stretch marks

  • No Joke says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Bwoy some ppl really hard the girl have her baby she show belly bump and all what more unu want. Now unu wonder why she keep her business to her self cuz u can’t plz ppl. Im not a beyonce fan but after watching the doc I’ve gain a new found respect for her. I respect hard working ppl!

  • Observer says:

    unnuh a gwaan like bey a feed unnuh lorksssssss calm di fuk down a mi seh she deceitful an it dun music wise yesss but otherwise who gives a fuk unnuh gwaan like tomorrow a guh tun to tuesday if bey seh suh kmt NEXTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Quiet Storm says:

    So Met, ah wonda ef like how Beyonce finally show off Blue’s face, if Yendi an maybe Cecile ah goh fallah suit nung :cool

    Duh nuh nack mi, mi duss dida wonda

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