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Update with Pic (since we couldn’t find the picture before) Police have charged a 19-year-old woman in connection with the abduction and rape of a 5-year-old girl from a West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania school in January. (Note: This is the woman who wore the all black Muslim attire, including black gloves.)

Christina Regusters, of the 6200 block of Walton Avenue, is charged with 14 crimes in all including rape, kidnapping and assault.

“This is the only arrest at this time. The investigation is very much active and ongoing by members of the Special Victims Unit,” Philadelphia Police Captain John Darby said at a news conference Thursday night.

Sources tell Action News that Regusters was the woman seen on school surveillance video, escorting the 5-year-old out of Bryant Elementary School and wearing Muslim garb, back on January 14th.

Police say Regusters held the girl captive before letting her go. The girl was found the next morning in a nearby Upper Darby park wearing only a t-shirt.

Sources also say Regusters was a match to DNA taken from the victim’s shirt.

Darby did confirm reports that Regusters recently moved into the area and worked at the daycare the victim attended after school.

“There had been contact there, in fact she did work at that location and did have contact with the little girl, prior,” Darby said.

Late Thursday, Special Victims investigators continued to gather evidence from Regusters’ row home on Walton Avenue.

After detectives secured a warrant to comb through the home, they had animal control confiscate a bird, a macaw, now believed to be a crucial piece of evidence.

Sources say the child had told police there was a bird in the home and that she was told by her abductors that if she didn’t do as she was told, the bird would peck her eyes out.

Earlier in the day, police took Christina Regusters and three others – a man, a woman, and a teenage boy – into custody for questioning.

“At this point we have no charges [for the three]. There were two adults, an adult male, an adult female, and a juvenile, here at Special Victims Unit again tonight being questioned; at this particular time, the charges that I have listed are only as they apply to Ms. Regusters,” Darby said.

High power civil attorney Tom Kline, who represents the victim, spoke with Action News.

“Her mom told me she is anxious and awaiting the police to inform her further as to what happens here and what is going to happen next in terms of formal charges, in terms of bringing the people who did this horrible deed to her little girl to justice,” Kline said.

Regusters’ neighbors said on Friday it was already a tense atmosphere on the block since last week, when it became clear the investigation was targeting the home.

Now, they are shocked at learning who police charged and what she has been charged with.

“No, not her! Oh my God, I can’t imagine,” said neighbor David Hicks.

Hicks said Regusters had recently been away at college.

“She was so soft-spoken. I never had a problem with her,” said Hicks.

Also Friday morning, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey applauded the young girl for her ability to help investigators with details. He also commended the Special Victims Unit and their task force.

“The task force is staying together to make sure no one else is involved,” Ramsey said. “This is a strong step in the right direction.”



  • Joggle says:

    No2raas. I dont f-in get it. Wha fly up inna somebody soulcase fi harm a child? Rape is about power but how much are u lacking in yourself to tek set on the TOTALLY POWERLESS?! I hope is not some man she trying to please—– then again no f—in excuse—–no EXCUSE!

    These people have some mental imbalance, they cannot be conscious human beings. Im beginning to believe Mets bloggers that mental sickness is too often overlooked leaving these zombies to roam amongst real living humans with feelings

    I want to know more bout this story man. Why shi tek set on this specific child,what was the plan who are the other people involved. Was it done to get back at the parents or something. I just cant—-


  • london5948 says:

    So this daycare werker really av a screw loose. @joggle, good morning. Datz y I kaint watch/listen to da news, @ times. It too disturbing mon.
    More will come outta dis wen dem finish dem investigation!

  • Belly Bang says:


  • london5948 says:

    Mawnin, stully.

  • london5948 says:


  • MAWNING London
    Yuh a guh get har business fix up when she guh big girls facility…

  • Christina Regusters you are very wicked and diabolical; you are a true libertine and you deserve to be treated like the scum that your actions seem to indicate [inshallah]…

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