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captainCaptain Who Helped Fire Chris Dorner Hasn’t Left the House, in Fear for His Family
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Captain Phil Tingirides was the chair of a panel that decided to fire fugitive former police officer Christopher Dorner. Dorner explains exactly what the panel did and why we should be suspicious of their motives. The captain has stated that he is in fear for his family and is refusing to leave the house. If you read the article below and the excerpt from Dorner’s manifesto, it does indeed appear that there is good reason for Dorner to be upset with the panel for making a decision that could seriously be called into question.

See for yourself:

Captain Phil Tingirides, 54, chair of the three-member “Board of Rights” that stripped fugitive murder suspect Christopher Dorner of his badge in 2008, has not left home since the manifesto became public and is afraid for not only his safety, but for the lives of his wife and six children, reports the OC Register.

“This month, it will be 33 years on the Los Angeles Police Department. I have had a number of threats and very rarely do I take them seriously,” Tingirides said. “In this case … I’m taking it very seriously. … I recognize I am susceptible to his violence.”
Dorner details why he is targeting Tingirides in the lengthy manifesto:

I later went to a Board of Rights (department hearing for decision of continued employment) from 10/08 to 1/09. During this BOR hearing a video was played for the BOR panel where Christopher Gettler stated that he was indeed kicked by Officer Evans (video sent to multiple news agencies). In addition to Christopher Gettler stating he was kicked, his father Richard Gettler, also stated that his son had stated he was kicked by an officer when he was arrested after being released from custody. This was all presented for the department at the BOR hearing. They still found me guilty and terminated me.
What they didn’t mention was that the BOR panel made up of Capt. Phil Tingirides, Capt. Justin Eisenberg, and City Attorney Martella had a signigicant problem from the time the board was assembled. Capt. Phil Tingirides was a personal friend of Teresa Evans from when he was her supervisor at Harbor station. That is a clear conflict of interest and I made my argument for his removal early and was denied.


  • soap opera says:

    you sure it’s safe there?

  • LUNDUN says:

    diss man maybe not even ago hurt dem, di fact dat dem living in fear probably is enough for him.

    why would he name out all his intended targets knowing that they will be protected, thus making it hard for him to reach them?

    him ave sumting else up him sleeve, wi soon si.

  • london5948 says:

    Yes,tingirides, wen dorner finish wid u, u reaally ah gu tin gi rides. U iza wiked bldclt. And I hope the fear dat u feeling come full circle, cum crass d black li…..soh. dem can git dem justice!!!!!!

  • Ms Stuchie Stuchie says:

    Yes man, these little jerks will think twice….this is for all the other officers that Tingirides and his comrades fired unfairly. They have pushed the wrong button this time, hope his ass worry until he collapses from a damn heart attack; looking like them nasty red necks.

  • Ummm says:

    Now dem frighten??? After dem terrorize the man and played with his life, took away a job he worked so hard to have??!!! f000 all of dem! Lapd is known to be racist!!! I don’t condone killing but I understand his rage! White people f000 wid the man enuh

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