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15 Responses to SMH

  • G says:

    met please delete my first comment am ashamed of myself i wasnt thinking it was just my first reaction.
    This is really sad they dehumanized and if this is the type of thing that is normal to record imagine whats happens in the dark this is serious people are getting real evil these last days

  • Eyn says:

    All dem need feh guh a jail that is not nice str88888 embarrassment and wickedness dat

  • Espute says:

    I hope to god dem catch these mother f000a and send dem a prison weh dem strip the f000a dem and beat dem to sickness. I shoulda my bloodclat pitney and dem know what s clock a strike.

  • LUNDUN says:

    i am looking forward to hearing the follow up to this. i’m hoping the new jersey po po gets a copy of this video and arrest all those pussies who abused that boy.

    do u know the level of pain that boy is going through? having water on ur naked body while being hit with full force with a belt?

    those inhuman shitbags needs to pay.

  • Trouble mekka says:

    Mi woulda kill a rasscalwt man fi do that to my youth ..l troo bumboclawtt

  • Met says:

    from mi si di bway a strip off him close mi tek whey miself..mi cyah tek dem tings deh

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope when those lil cowards go to jail for doing this to this poor kid, some big strong men beat the day lights out of them then jook him inna him batty and yell out say it to the camera.. a bunch of nastiness… can you believe that shit. but what are these parents doing why this kid have to suffer for their disgusting acts.. smh

  • Anonymous says:

    Response Video:Man gets beat with a belt while naked over fathers debt WTF!!! SAD!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Re: Thug beating another man in public with a belt

  • That is cruel. Slavery is what came to my mind. It is a shame that a person of color could ever think to do something like this to another person. Please let the law lock them up and throw away the key. Their day will surely come.

  • Real says:

    mi cah even watch this ,,,,and di sensible ediot ..put him self pon camera…and him a tink bout debt weh owe to him and him a wuk fi go prison

  • pretty says:

    i was so pissed when i saw this on another site

  • Blanca says:

    Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent

  • soap opera says:

    did they not see that was a child?? where is cps in NJ?

  • Anonymous says:

    And when police kill these waste of human beings people ah ask we fi march ..not I I will not march for people like this. What he did to this man was disgraceful nobody should never have togo thru this we are not slaves & over $20 r u serious. And the guy throwing water on the boy is just as bad . Straight jail for you too.

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