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14 Responses to ONE PIC REACH

  • smdh says:

    Dem nuh have nutting to do, dem fi call dem Hartford regular gal dem. Smdh dem bored an need mention.

  • Observer says:

    poor ting met put dem pon di map mor often caw attention is a hell of a ting to crave an luk pon di pic dem to weh sen enn fi show seh dem a “hot” gal :nohope:

  • Taliban says:

    dat shocking colour green purse a beat mi bad.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    A wha dem ya? Is this the mayor n city elect of bruck dung? GTFOH outta here tired ass biotchesssssss

  • talk truth says:

    Hartford clean up dem yah,di whole a dem a dog shit who nuh f– a who nuh want dem…smh.dem nuh stop f000 dem one another man n seh dem a fren.

  • From CT says:

    A wah this man? Yuh know seh I won’t even acknowledge dah post yah with a comment

  • Bre Bre says:

    Lol di devil is a liar bout HARTFORD stay good gal them unnu too lie and hypocritical.. Is how people keep unnu fi friend a must something else unnu mean fi say like HARTFORD GUN BAGS/ SHARP SHOOTERS

  • Baga Truth says:

    A who really send in dah list deh man. Unnuh mean “HARTFORD MATTRESS GAL DEM”. Poochie, Nickie, Lisa, Lacy, Sandy and Lana…Me nuh really hear Marsha and Fiona name a f000 down the place. Michelle Secret is a retiree now. Some a them gal yah kinda keep it on the downlow and f000 unda cover, like Nickie, Lisa and Poochie. But yuh see Sandy and Lacy, dem two deh a the dons. Sandy she claim seh she live with her baby fada and always a cuss over people man. Lacy she f000 all of her friends dem man, she even f000 har cuzin Lala man. Right now she deh with Poochie ex-man and was f000ing Poochie baby fada at the same time last year. She and Sandy deh on phone pic a 3-sum Poochie baby fada. Lacy and Sandy a the 3-sum king. Remember now that Sandy, Lacy, Poochie and Lisa a best friends from the Out and Bad crew.
    Any man deh inna Hartford who nuh f000 one of dem gal deh a mussi be a gay man.

  • Baga Truth says:

    Lacey Feelsgood
    9 hours ago via mobile ·
    Evidently mi do something good cause dem cyan stop chat bout mi. Dem just si dung pon mi name so like a rag in a a Back pocket. A my life Mek mi gwan live it nuh! If mi feel fi have 100 man mi a guh tek dem n don’t care weh nobody waan think seh cause A MY LIFE!!!!God give u yours fi live so live it n STOP watch mine nuh!! Good day

  • Caan Badda says:

    Met mi nuh know why yuh waste yuh time a gi dem boring gal yah likkle shine. Dem jus ah luk fame an nuttin bout none ah dem nuh good, bout look gud. If dis ah weh dem call luk gud mi really wouldn’t like fi si weh look bad. Dem gal fi stay inna hiding up inna di bush dem weh dem deh.

  • Anonymous says:

    Where is the rest of the so called look good girls. Cause these 2 that u have up here can guh hibernate til di next leap year/presidential election. DWRCL. Mi caan badda.

  • truth hurts says:

    y the hell Jamaicans hate each other becuz every thing that was said has rude and negative. my God if they want to do three somes,six somes or wateva that’s their business. if anyone out there wants to be well known no one is stopping u. serious ur need to kind to one another cuz other people are watchin and this is really disgusting. ladies keep doing ur ………………..sad hating bitches get a life and stop worryin about others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baddadan says:

    Candi Sweetness ah di hottes ting ah connecticut. straight.

  • goodaz says:

    Low di girls dem uno just jealous cuz unnu body nah happen lana a gud girl guh luk a life

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