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first of all dis anuh anything fi mash up nobady career . let me state dat b4 mi chat. dutty whoring gyal s++++ please fi low mi husband alone . wa happen u nuh comfortable wid urs ? u claim u ”every night u baby fada a f+++ u inna u bed” so why di bloodclat u a call n text off mi husband fone. wutliss gal guh tek care a u yawd n stop come a try fi mash up mine. a wonda if u man know seh u a call call mi husband. u gwan like u a bloodclat somebody bitch but mi wi f+++ u up fi mi man. u get warning aready n still naw pussyclat go u way. leave mi bumboclat man alone n go deal wid yours wa happen him beat u up too much? u a live a dutty life gyal nuh mix mi man inna it ca mi nuh want him bring aids cum gimmi. guh learn fi bloodclat cook n wash plate n read book to u pickney dem. u live pan road lakka dead dog n juss wa tek every bady man. but mi a warn u fi d last time mi wi damage u fi mine dutty whoring gyal. awoah mi a mad bloodclat gyal wen it come to mi marriage n family . suh chu u a s+++ u fi come mash it up? u fava use stain pad to bloodclat. mi muss si ur man fi mek him know wa gwan. n if u continue it will get outta hand.mek spell it all out S+++ fi memba sey a last week she call police pon her so call good up baby daddy yes whore everybody know it deh a road. stinking dutty whoring gal only know fi f++ down the caribbean islands, NY, Canada N FL just to name a few n a come a rd a act like somebody n me husband tell me how unda u big dutty ole gal… u claim u a artiste a mek big money n nuh stop walk n beg money n barrow people clothes. u sad like funeral an salt like sea. no wanda u man nuh tap buss u ass u too f++ f++. tell di whol’ jamaica u sad n stop pretend like u a subady inna u rent house. u gwan like u have money n tax office affi a hunt u dung sadamite gyal.


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