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24 Responses to MAVADO ON 106 & PARK

  • Stew Peas says:

    people stay in school, “its very great and quite acceptable to be here” wtf?
    Dude have money but can’t speak properly to save his life

  • Sashabling says:

    What a hot mess…what the hell deh pon him face

  • Sashabling says:

    Wrong post mi comment pon

  • Anonymous says:

    “… and it is quite acceptable to be here” ???

    mi si say him a try, but dah line deh throw it off

    di rest a di interview seem ok though…..

    but it look like BET tek black ppl fi poppy show, why a nigga need fi hyping bout him chain, watch an bracelet and him LV clothes ???? wi nuh pass deh suh yet?????

  • Jules says:

    U know Stew Peas mi a wonda wah di hell him seh..mi tink a “apprishable” him seh, but I ain’t going to rewind fi hear dat again.

  • Met says:

    Jules :hammer

  • Kremlin4life says:

    U nah represent FI Nuh Jamaica u betta invest inna reading for dummies bout Rolex

  • ClassyBlackChic says:

    Interview was ok not the best but ok

  • clif twang bruck fi true says:

    f000 all the haters ma niggaGG you f000ing uncle tom sonofbitchies act like your mother and father spoke propa english unless they white or coolie. Jamaican are progeny of slave, Afrikaans who spoke no f000ing english. The antecedents of modern-day Jamaicans were brought into bondage through unspeakable torture, rape, murdered, tar and feathered. They had to dash way every bit of their aboriginal culture and adopt the white slave master’s or else they would be beaten till blood ooze from very part of their flesh, beaten to the edge of death, beaten into submission. Yet, unnuh descendants of suga cane peasants are debasing your fellow country man because of his inability to speaky spoken smdh no wander Sean Paul wey undo worship because him look like d pickney dem unnu mumma usedto ten care off pon har daywuck, same picky dem who unnu used to glad fi get dem poop-eena, d same pickney dem wey force unnu fi raise unnu self because unnu mumma busy raising them for two nanny a week, dis unna pon national TV when him seh he couldnt bring home a blck gyal to him molato mumma. Its a f000ing shame but I am a shamed to call mi seh Jamaican, a bunch of wuckless pussieshole who vote in duncehead Portia n den she come tax lasso, quick fi kill dem fren ova nutten and evry day police kill anada yute and all dem do a complain, rapist who f000 13yr girl and kill har, shoot 4 year old dead, have dem whole family a sufa a yard yet dem dash way champagne inna dance. Low bomboclaat Movado mek him bill and stop tear dung yuh own… unnuh just frighten because unnu neva expect a real looking blk ghetto yute fi mek it so far. A di same ting unnu seh bout shabba and how buju fi shave unnu lub coolie to much, dats why unnu f000 fi remy and lacefront, unnu wah look like di gyal dem pon royal pawn so unnu bleach and twang. yow met gwan bill babes but f000ry a f000ry!

  • Real says:

    I got louis here louis here and louis here…..u start worship di tings dem u sign up wid did biggest evil dem inna di buisness ……………………………so u start move like dem …..500000 a nuh nutten….gettA A FUXIN TUTOR

  • Anonymous says:

    lmaooooooo how much time him nuh wear that 1 sweater pun shows hahahahah oh plz vado learn to speak proper english plz n tonx

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Interview was the absolute worst need fi go read some book it’s a pity money can’t buy knowledge kmt

  • Anonymous says:

    If unuh think him chat f..ry ya so check out onstage!!!

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Clif Twang a mind is a terrible thing to waste u actually type all that to say Wat where did his look or color come in u r n asshole matter of fact ur over flowing shithouse on legs. Get lost n learn to read understand n not confused truth with racism cause I’m sure when u collecting shit ur to biased to where its coming from. Be gone man damn rambling idiot

  • Lol. Be gone man damn rambling idiot. Too funny.

  • Real says:

    Worship Sean Paul??? WHEN…Sean Paul could not even get airplay in Jamaica…..and isn’t Sean Paul considered a black man? His Mother is a black woman even if she is mixed. Many times people who are have no idea create ideas without facts and speak broadly. I will let you know that my Black Great Grandmother was more independent and had much more than my “White” Grandmother did. You should understand that many of the black women had skills and trades that were not taught to white women. White females were not allowed to go to school they learnt to sew and such from black women who had no choice but to learn. I see nothing factual or wise about your statement especially when you start off by using the word nigger. You have no excuse now you should be able to write and spell. Nigger has never ended with “GG”. Many black Jamaican men were making it before Mavado and they will make it even when he is no longer able to.

  • cliff twang bruck fi true but him neva did get no money lol says:

    Woi but a could not me dem a style! Really Real! yuh f000ing buffoon why yuh come ana show off bout yuh got “white grandmother” don’t you know her existence is irrefutable evidence that white spaniards and british slave masters run battery pan yuh great great gran den? But den again yuh no business bout dat because yuh inherit “good-hair” Bitch Sean paul anno black man! If yuh tink a lie go back inna 1513 and go look if any of the staving, defeated, diseased and naked West Africans who had survived rape (mostly the women and children who were used for personal gratification of the ships crew members), stowed tight like sardine ( so tight they couldn’t change position; they had to lay in their excrement) and branded wid red hot iron like cow fi show slave masters mark look like yuh sean paul. All because the white reject unnu mix high hello ass unnu want to claim black. Btw Real the GG stands for Gully God damn jackass lol Real yuh worship Sean Paul! d same way yuh worship yuh blond hair blue eyesJesus and all of the white actors on the soaps that caused yuh to bunnup d pickney dem food countless times because yuh cyah tek yuh eyes off yuh dallas… Bad breed Real go back go tend to your bank teller and airline desk position and don’t f000 wid me caw mi no fright fi yuh shit color. Tawkchuet yuh sound one of those self despiser, self loathing bleaching cream queen with quick fi gimme a lashing with your shit soiled, piss and semen some tongue because mi talk di chute lol “throw stone inna hog pen and d swine called tawchuet squeal out. its is said that those who give the best advice and usually those that need most so, I suggest you take your own advice ” tech wey yuhself as I can tell by the rubbish you wrote that all you did at Jamal was suck cock. f000ing dunce bat!

  • LOL says:

    Cmon ppl it was a simple mistake…. he’s done hundreds of interviews over the years and his work schedule seems to be hectic…. the man cant be perfect like all you bloggers here. And as far as his Louis.. it was a “SWAGG CHECK” interview and she asked what he was wearing… then she said tell us about your Jewelry.. so why would u say he worshiping material things…. DWL you ppl are sad

  • T says:

    u have to give movado ratings where it is due , he made it out of the ghetto with that wonderful voice that god gave him. All jamaican people should know that most of the jamaican ghetto youths don’t know how to read and write and that is all the goverments fault , parents and also the kid not wanting to go school . Although u cant blame them if the dont have luch money and money to help them in school. The guy is just trying to make a happy life for his family and make jamaica proud. I know the acceptance was not suppose to be in that sentence but unno need to give him the thumps up for trying. Dont put him down help lift him up please.

  • Pookie says:

    I loveeeeee me some movado. I have nothing negative to say because even though his grammar isn’t of the standard we hope it was, he is trying. Furthermore God-given talents are not based on “intelligence” etc. Most definitely it would do him no harm to perhaps undertake some English lessons BUT I’m sure it’s not top of his list whilst he is getting by fine just the way he is. His “riches” are no excuse for incorrect/poor grammar BUT if Portia Simpson can hardly construct a proper sentence, and she IS leading a nation, why should we tear down an artist who has come from “nothing to something” by his own admission? #My2Cents

  • Real says:

    Yu are really intelligent….because up to know mi neva discuss if mi colour low or high or if mi hair “pretty” or not…and how u tan weh u deh and know if mi a Christian?
    and no mi nuh frighten fi blue yeye……..,mi nah nuh boss and mi nuh wok fi nobody mi wok fi mi self ………………mi a dunce bat …but all now mi nah nuh term fi discribe yu…..u feel accomplish typing things on your computer that you have no facts on …and mi wah u know seh mi neva tell u seh nobody run battery pon mi granny…but to di seems a it a it u have a grudge fah….sorry it neva happened…and me realize from your comments about sucking and the way u applaud the negatives of slavery that were delivered on blacks u r a terrible human beings….Africans were trading with the Native Indians long before British and French were thinking of the slave trade. That is how they got the knowledge of trading and discovered the earth was not flat. There is no way I can style yu because u r an empty plastic bag with two holes in the bottom…. I prefer to be a bafoon than u any day

  • Tawkchuet says:

    See Wat I mean terrible thing to waste the little that ur jaded brain could pick up on slavery u have taken it n turned into a reason to spew hatred n disdain in situations that does not call for it. Yes our ancestors are slaves n yes we are the products of rape n many other unspeakable things but the difference between me n u Cliff Twang is I have forgiven but not forgot and I do my ancestors proud each n every day by living my life in away that shows their spirit that is “we can be beaten but not broken” The greatest justices for the fallen is for the survivors to not stay down but rise.

    So sit on ur ass everyday n turn every thing into a racial issue n see how far u will get in life. My Jamal education suits me just fine n the tongue that u r quick to describe I’m quite sure has not seen the corner n holes that urs is stuck in. I really pity u cause its obvious that u are mentally challenged n in need of help, if u were to let go n live in this here life u would b surprised how far we have come since slavery but u have chosen to remain on the ship lying in ur own excrement hush

  • ‘Pretty hair’, what the hell is that? Then again, everything is relative–with that being said, the masses of the people are still brainwashed…

    I have an issue with those who think that if they are of a mix racial background that such affords them a degree of pedigree…

    Though most of us are of a mixed background, it would be prudent if we were to reconcile that such is the antithesis of pure [which usually connotes pedigree]…

  • a diff me says:

    big up vado

    from nothing to something

    from cassava piece to BET

    not everyone has done that or can

    literally from sun hot and belly hungry to first class and vip suites

    proud of u anytime i see u doin your thing

    people love judge people too much

    – an old friend

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